Week #47 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hello, well I just watch my favorite character, that I didn’t know was my favourite character on TV being screwed over and I’m not feeling very well, I need to relax so I’m writing here some reviews, and another story on my phone. But I’ll clarify that these are seven book I really enjoyed reading.

The first was the retelling of Beauty and the Beast known as ‘Cruel Beauty‘ by Rosamund Hodge.

images (6)

Here we have a town that has being imprisioned for decades or centuries unnamed (4)byby the evil Good Lord, a devil who left Tartarus to torment bringing his shadow demons with him. And now he’s to marry, a girl named Nyx that was the payment of her own father for a wish he requested from Good Lord. She’s not a lovely flower, she’s badass and cruel with the ones that never took an interest in her like her devilish father who chose her to die, her naive twin sister who doesn’t have the courage to die for her, and her whorish aunt who’s being her father’s mistress since her mother died. She wasn’t given an option to live her life as she wanted, she never got the hope to love and be happy. So she’s angry at the world and would rather see it burned tumblr_mkql9u8vY51qba8yvo1_500unnamed (3)than to marry that Good Lord. But she finally does and plans on murdering him before their first night, and if that doesn’t work she’ll find 4 keys to bring down his castle into the ground. She finally meets him and realises that he’s not that bad, he’s gorgeous and cruel but honest with his victims. He gives her a way out of their marriage, if she guesses his name then so she shall have her freedom. While in her time she meets a slave (I don’t remember his name), his appearance is only available in the night just like his voice, cause in the morning he’s just a shape of mute light. She discovers that he was in fact the last Prince her town ever had who was supposedly killed by the Good Lord. She slowly starts to fall for both, but somehow loves the Good Lord even more mixed with the lust she only finds with him as she discovers that he’s not the one to blame for her town’s imprisonment and the guilty ones have also locked him in unable to help. When she’s decided to love him and stay with him forever, her former sweet sister becomes a manipulative little bitch convincing her to kill the Good Lord as she promise. But when Nyx does it, she understand that the slave and her Lord where the same person whose soul was divided, and now she lost them both when he wishes that he had sacrifice himself before all this occurred to save his town. A whole new world gets develop with no knowledge of this Good Lord, except for one night when Nyx remembers and guesses his name (Lux) promising that no matter if she dies, she’ll do it to get her lover free! And so they both become free to love each other.

Ok, so I really like this one. So different and not so dirty as other retelling I read on the matter; it had mysteries that I already guessed. Well I guessed the fact that they were the same person. And how their love was legendary even in the alternative world, she loved him more than nothing cause he understood her  and never judge her. (I know Lux is not a blonde but I pictured him like that way before the author decided to mention he was a brunette).


Ps: I wasn’t expecting the dumbass twin sister was to become a bitch! God! I wanted to kill her for messing with my OTP!!

The second was a companion story of the same universe named ‘Gilded Ashes‘ by the same author.


This is a Cinderella retelling, btw. We are introduced to Maia, an orphan tumblr_mgvmeiqJpd1qb64kco6_250tormented by her stepmother and her actual dead mother’s ghost. It turns out that her mother made a bargain with Good Lord to protect her child as a ghost controlling the shadow demons to hurt the ones that caused her harm, so Maia already saw what happens to those who hurt her like her now insane nanny so she’s determined not to let this happen again. Now she takes all the abuse of her wicked stepmother with a smile to not upset her mother, and now that a ball to choose a bride for the future Duke Anax. She is obligated byjulian-morris-kissing-beauty her oldest stepsister (Koré) sends him letters to make him fall for her. When Maia meets the Prince she knows he’s handsome but doesn’t enjoy him, while he slowly falls for her when she spends time with him, but she knows that if Koré marries him then she’ll take the stepmother away to never return so she doesn’t pursue this love. And the night a the ball, since Koré cannot attend then Maia does it making Anax promise to marry the owner of the mask she wore, then the next day she claims that one belonged to Koré breaking Anax’s heart while he takes off. The stepmother goes crazy enough to lock Maia and Koré while she gets a wish granted, that her youngest daughter Thea gets the appearance of Maia with the mask stuck in her face ( so so gross), when she finally goes insane, the stepmother jumps off the window dying immediately. But not before Koré taking the side of her little sister carrying the mask while Thea forgets about her family and gets lost. When both Maia and Koré leave that he’ll of a house, Maia burns the tree where her mother’s ghost was and asks her to leave; when Anax finally returns saying how much he loves her and brings back Thea for her.

I really enjoyed this retelling. Because even it was so dark and had some gore, the magical OTP succeeded without the need of insta-love neither a Romeo and Juliet ending. They are gonna get married and have babies, descendants of Lux and Nyx (since I’m ultimately sure they are the parents of Anax).

Third book I read was the contemporary ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before‘ by Jenny Han.

images (1)

unnamed (13)We are introduced to introverted Lara Jean, a half Korean seventeen year old with lots of former crushes. Every time she finishes her time with a crush, she writes a goodbye letter explaining the whole deal but never sends it since she was a small kid, she just keeps them in her hat box hidden for all eternity. Now she’s dealing with her life changing since her older sister Margo leaves to Scotland for college and has just broke up with the boyfriend everyone in the family loved, besides now Lara has to take full responsibility for her widowed dad and little sister. Until one day, her letters go missing and she realises they have beentumblr_lnsv1pPcmv1qgik7zunnamed (10) sent to their individual destinations. She freaks out when one of her classmates receives a letter, it’s her cliché elementary school crush Peter the now hot popular jock in high school who just broke up with his girlfriend, and Lara decides to take advantage of this to save herself from more humiliation when her sister’s exboyfriend (Josh) gets his letter from when she was twelve and she wanted him for herself before her sister. She decides to pretend she’s dating Peter so both of them get rid of their suitors: Josh, and Genevieve (Peter’s ex, and Lara’s ex best childhood friend AKA the top bitch at school ). They go together in his car, he invites her to parties, he bonds with her little sister and keeps Josh away, while they become good friends until slowly Lara understands she’s falling from his fake boyfriend and tries to avoid it. But he also starts develop some feelings, despite always choosing his ex over Lara disappointing her wishes for a good love. And when a kiss they shared unnamed (11)becomes a Gossip for everyone to call her slutty names, and he does nothing. Lara has had enough, breaking up the fake relationship by the time Josh kisses her. After her sister returns home for Christmas, the 3 (Peter, Lara and Josh) have a fight which involves Peter calling out Josh for kissing Lara, and Josh calling out Peter for not defending Lara. All of this is heard by Margot who leaves to her room crying and disappointed on her sister’s behavior and betrayal. Lara’s world crumbles, and she has to pick up the pieces of her sister’s heart and her own. She forgives Peter and is ready to finally write a letter, not a goodbye one but a Hello.

This was better than I expected cause it wasn’t entirely about romantic love, but about family bonds and friendship. How you always have to be honest, never lie and take some risks. How family love cannot be broken, it can be hurt but that can heal with kindness and understanding from both sides. I just loved how wonderful it all was.

PS: God! I want to kill Genevieve, that fucking bitch!

The fourth one I read was the sequel to the previous named ‘P. S: I still Love You‘ by the same author.


We start like two weeks or just one after the events of the first book. It’s tumblr_mby5adhVkT1rynxj1new years eve and Lara is still thinking on a way to mend things up with Peter whom he hasn’t talked since he tenderly brought up some home made cookies for Lara to the Christmas party where everything went to hell. They fix things and he gives her the necklace she wanted so much, they are back together when a video of them making out in the hot tub goes viral! Everything points to Genevieve but Peter refuses to believe this, which upsets Lara since it’s her future that in trouble if any colleges see this. While Peter (stupidly) keeps reuniting with Genevieve with no apparent reason, and Lara keeps catching them on and gets to unnamed (17)know more of the last letter that was sent at: the receiver is not other than her real crush of her childhood and puberty years, John (I don’t remember his middle name) McLaren. He’s the perfect guy that any girl would want to date, he’s sweet and charming, honest and playful, a true gentleman/knight in shinning armour but no matter what or how perfect he is Lara still sees him as a good friend. So when she gets that Peter will always pick up bitch Genevieve over Lara, she just breaks up to forget the unnamed (19)pain that it causes her and he even has the balls to demand the necklace he gave her. (What a moron!) She tries to forget him with perfect Johnny in some fun romantic moments in the Elders Shelter she works on. While she finds out why Genevieve needed so much care coming from the only person knew her heart, or at least part of it: her dad was cheating on her family with a girl just a year older than her, so… Peter gets Lara Jean again, agreeing to stop with the secrets and childish behavior, and gives her  the necklace back after apologising for his neglect.

Now I’m writing this review, I keep getting hints that this is such a toxic relationship for someone so nice and lovely as Lara Jean. I mean Peter keeps been such a not fun dick to her, and never comunicates knowing how much it hurt her to see him with his ex bitch, but he keeps going and breaking her heart. She deserves better than to just be the second choice, but whatever I really like this book again cause of the funny remarks, the great friendship between Lara and gracious Chris, the lovely Johnny, his fun step grandma, the Sang sisters bonding with their father, and trying to get him with their coffee spilling neighbour.


PS 1: No matter what I  want to kill Genevieve, that bitch deserves hell for being such an inmature piece of trash.✖

PS 2: If Lara wants to be with Petter, let me have Johnny goody two shoes! ♥

unnamed (21)

The fifth, sixth and seventh books belong to a sci-fi dystopian trilogy: Under The Never Sky, Through Ever Night, and Into The Still Blue by Veronica Rossi.

Ok, I’ll sum the premise of the universe. Earth has been under the attack of Aether (a toxic fume that burns, mutates and ultimately kills every living thing), so a part of humanity (Dwellers) decided to stay under these domes of virtual reality where nothing is real and there is presumedly no danger, while the other part (Outsiders) stayed outside living on Groups counting with a leader per group named Blood Lord and developing new mutant abilities like enhanced senses.

images (2)

So in UTNS, this uptown girl named Aria gets trapped in a broke Dome tumblr_m9vpq7tMTd1ra00m3o2_r1_500with her friend, the boy she’s using to get some answers or the whereabouts of her missing mother, and his lackeys/friends. The guy named, Soren (the pompous son of their Leader) gets psychotic trying to hunt Aria and her friend down as well as building a huge pire of fire where he burns involuntarily his friends and her friend. And when Soren is about to hurt Aria, he’s attacked by a wilding Outsider who breaks his jaw as he takes her into a cottage where he steals the device she was using to record all that Soren was doing hoping someone could help her. There’s where we divide and get to know this Outsider, his name is Perry (I seriously cannot remember how tumblr_n4x6f7To2Q1sgw0bjo1_250-1to spell his full name) and he has the power of great smell sense as well as other that I don’t remember. He’s the younger brother of a Blood Lord of their tribe (The Tides), he has innovative ideas that his brother never counts not even the ones that could save the tribe from the inevitable Aether and his orphan sick  little son. Perry resents his brother Vale, thinking he could do a much better work as a leader than Vale ever was. While Aria wakes up in a hospital, revealing the insanity of Soren to his father (Hess) who clamis he will take her to see her mother, but instead leaves her to roth in the dessert near the beach without food neither water. She thinks she might die, as she thinks on her mother who send her a message before she black out on the fire. On the other side, Perry gets attacked by the Dwellers who demand the device that could prove Soren’s insanity but when he refuses they kidnap his sick nephew and as a response he gets kicked out of the tribe by his brother. So In his way to rescue his nephew, Perry finds a dying Aria and blames her for his Misery, they spend time together in which they hate each other’s customs. She tells him that if they find her mother, she could help him to find his little nephew. With the exposure to the outside world, Aria has her first period and develops some feelings for a newly soft spot Perry, they also meet with a friend of his named Roar who also was the lover of his long lost older sister (Liv) and his super powerful little stalker named Cinder who can ultimately shoot and control the Aether. He takes care of her, as they arrive to Deph a town leaded by Marron a man who can fix anything of the Dwellers. So he fixes her recording device, and gets to see her mother’s message discovering that she’s half Outsider, and that when normal Dwellers get in contact with Aether they tend to react like maniacs or just get sick since their defenses are just being developed. Aria talks to Soren who she discovers wasn’t in his right mind, and feels guilty for all he did so to pay her he helps to connect Perry to his nephew, where he discovers the kid has been healed as Vale visists him and there’s also another girl of their tribe (the little sister of Perry’s old flame, Brooke). So when each of them take their separate ways, she goes for her mom as he goes to his tribe thinking is his duty since now Vale is with his son. Aria discovers her mom is dead, and Hess plans on using her to get to a Aether free destination commonly known as the Still Blue. While Perry discovers that his brother set him up, Vale sold his own son to the Dwellers and previously his sister to other tribe to get more food and respect from the tribe he lied to. He also sold Brooke’s sister, and was planning on get Perry killed. So with the support of the tribe, Perry crowns himself Blood Lord as he sentences his brother to die.

The book was great. Though it had some things to grow more, like world building and more character’s interaction but went right with the main pairing. So good, it wasn’t insta-love and it gave me the chills that they actually got it on in the first book, such a wall breaker. I felt like they were the Ying and Yang of each other, he was violent but with a sad past that made him vulnerable as she was a little weak with some awesome development into her super hearing power and the manage of the knife.

In TTEN, our characters meet again. Aria has been found by Perry, and unnamed (26)now enters his tribe’s land being constantly look down by her status as half Dweller. She tries to bond with others getting friends with a kind old nurse named Molly, a kid going teen girl named Willow with her dog, the six security members of Perry and obviously her old friend Roar. Perry, Roar and her make a deal to go to the other tribe in the North so they can rescue his sister Liv and gettumblr_na062wLbHl1qch5bxo9_250 information of the Still Blue to save his nephew, Brooke’s sister and humanity itself. But things get awful, when Aria is poisoned in her ceremony to become a member of the tribe for her hearing power; as Perry almost kills the one who did it a 25% of the tribe leaves and the resources stay little, as Marron arrives asking for shelter for what’s left of his town since they were attacked. Aria decides to leave with Roar so she won’t interfere with Perry’s rule and reputation to go save Liv. In the eyes of the tribe he’s a reckless tumblr_inline_nq42llqH2r1rifr4k_500tumblr_n938p6F78Q1qch5bxo1_500leader but he’s actually a saviour, taking the hard decisions for the welfare of the tribe like moving to a cave and saving the ones in danger. He won’t leave aa man behind if he can save a life. As Aria and Roar arrive the other tribe leaded by Sable, the betrothed of Liv. They find her happy to marry him, which leaves Roar heartbroken but soon they find out that she still loves him and is only doing this to fix his brother’s tribe problems finding food and resources. Then Perry is also heartbroken for Aria’s abandonment, and receives a group sent by Sable to give them food and man to work. He meets Kirra, a slutty redhead who has a thing for him and makes him almost cheat on Aria when that bitch makes it look as if Aria and Roar have and affair (God! I wanted to kick the bitch’s ass). On the other hand, there’s their plan to scape with Liv turning for the worst when she’s killed by effing Sable in front of poor Roar and shocked Aria as they scape knowing Sable made a deal with Hess to get together to the Still Blue with the Outsiders directions and the Dwellers planes, leaving the rest behind. As Perry finds out Kirra’s true intentions when she takes off with her gang but with little Cinder because he’s the only key to enter the Still Blue without dying out of Aether burns. Finally, Aria and zombie Roar arrive the tribe as it’s moving to the huge cave. She and Perry make a deal with Soren that he’ll get her friends, Perry’s nephew, Brooke’s sister, and as much people as he possibly can and they will rescue them from the dome Hess is leaving the great quantity of his people behind to die and save his own ass. They save them by stealing a little plane, which Soren drives to the Tides as zombie Roar goes to try save Cinder.

I was refusing to keep reading when that bitch Kirra appeared, immediately I knew she was after something. Just like Aria never bought anything Sable said of Liv. Those bitches were shady, but is girls always know when they have plans and try ruining things. But still love succeeded, and Perry is with Aria again. And somehow, Liv died knowing Roar loved her.

PS: I was like WTF?! When Liv died and Cinder got kidnapped. not fair!

unnamed (30)

images (3)

In ITSB, we are like days from when we left off. Aria is still hurt from the bullet that screw her arm and now she feels nothing there, she’s been inunnamed (31)tumblr_n5fh8ujgQj1qch5bxo1_500 Perry’s bed for the whole time inside the cave. As Perry makes their relationship public by kissing her in his meetings room while planning the attack to rescue Cinder. Now zombie Roar is still depressed and constantly angry at Perry, for not looking after Cinder well and not crying over Liv’s passing. To a point where involuntarily he hurts Aria’s damaged arm, but together they decide to go and steal some useful planes from Hess and Sable to find Cinder. The group is made of Soren as a driver, Brooke, Soren’s friend whose name I can’t recall at all, Roar, Perry and Aria; they get the awesome plane but Soren goes mental an starts shooting the guards earning some hurt in Brook and his friend. They both stay while the rest goes for Cinder, they were about to accomplish that when suddenly zombie Roar becomes vengeful Roar trying to go to kill Sable and they all get caught. And as Aria, Soren snd Roar  are in a sucky cell without knowledge of Perry, a guard they met on the latest book named Laren starts slightly giving them information. Perry is kept tired in a bed next to Cinder who also suffers from the same condition, Sable does this so Perry will convince Cinder to give up his life to get to the Still Blue but P refuses, and is tortured. Aria discovers Karen is her long lost father, and that he and her mother decided it would be better for her to not live outside so she bonds with him after a while; in between those moments the group scapes after making a failed deal with Hess to work with him or just wait for Sable to end him. Hess accepts but he’s killed by Sable just as the other guards who stay against it; Cinder is saved and together they go to the cave to wait for Sable or an imminent death. So finally, they make a deal that Cinder accepts only if his tribe gets entirely rescued; he and Perry go on the same plane as Sable has Perry’s most important people on his own plane to make sure he keeps his word. Cinder kills himself in the process but they all arrive safe and sound to the Still Blue, as Sable let’s Perry die in the ocean and betrays the Tides by killing two of Perry’s most trusted guards and jails Roar and Soren, as he keeps Aria for himself trying to convince her to rule with him but Perry is alive and kills Sable with the help of Laren who takes control on the bitch’s tribe. Time passes and they are ready to built their first city, and a group to rule helping their people.

This was a happy ending, despite Cinder’s melancholic end. But the tribes got their problems resolved and now Perry and Aria will be together forever, and will be able to have kids and live with his nephew, and help Roar heal his heart, as well as reconnecting with Karen, and seeing Soren and Brooke maybe falling from each other. ♥

unnamed (2)

PS: I was so happy when Kirra died. I mean when she tried to be with Perry while he was unable to get away from her! Ugh! I even hate her more that bitch Sable, I loved when Perry kicked the life out of him.


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