Week #48 of Reading Like A Maniac

Well, this week has been quite interesting. My computer classes suck, my teacher is Captain Angry Pants, and I have a feeling my classmates are idiots. But that’s just on the academics, right? Not everything can be so wrong. Think again! My favorite TV couple ever, I mean the first I’ve ever shipped as been screwed over by the Cw’s The Originals’ writers again! But at least, I was able to read great trilogies and and amazing start of a saga, so let’s talk books.

The first trilogy I read was the fairy fantasy coming of age known as Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston. It’s composed by (obviously) Wondrous Strange (duh!), Dark Light and Tempestuous.

We are introduced to Kelley. A recently newbie in NYC, trying to succeed emIxn7was a seventeen year old actress. Till now she just got the part of faery Queen Titania in the low budget production of A Midsummer Night’s dream, but only because the main actress got injured. Besides this she’s now living with a high top model, who cares for her but not for her manners. After leaving her only remaining family, her aunt Emma to pursue her acting dreams. So now, she’s extremely nervous about her stage debut so she goes to relax and practice her lines a little, specially after she forgot them while a rehearsal with the most demanding director ever. There’sunnamed (1) where she meets Sonny, a strange guy who sees her beauty and words like a siren’s call, and for that he gives her a rose. She thinks he’s just another weird guy but he’s not what it seems. And after a dangerous encounter in a lake where she saw a horse drowning, this ones followed her and decided to remain in her tub. She ultimately finds out that her life has been a lie, that the world is and that she wasn’t right about Sonny: he is so much more. Sonny was born a human living in the 1800’s as a little baby with his loving mother and father, until one night where the King of the faeries Auberon kidnapped him and raised him to be a soldier. An abandoned child living in the time of the faeries world, so different from humans’. He grew up kindly, and now he keeps the doors of the human world guarded, so no supernatural creature can go hurt people. He looks like he was seventeen, and he never doubted his duty neither his “family”, until he met Kelley. He saw the beauty, and was amazed by her glow, she wasn’t a normal human, but a long lost Princess. There’s where she finds out, her deceased parents where adoptive, they felt compassion of a young woman with a little baby girl in her arms crying out of confusion. This girl was her dear aunt: the aching mother of Sonny who enraged for her son’s kidnapping, left her world after her husband abandoned her and ventured looking for revenge. She never expected to find a baby girl alone, cherished like gold but never loved by her powerful father so she had mercy to take the girl to a new world. It was a brand new one, another century to be exact. Kelly was the daughter of Auberon and Queen Mabh. A child out of marriage, but a princess still. Taken from her mother by a neglecting father who loved a human boy more than his own flesh and blood. She rejects her parents, but still feels something for Sonny. He wants to protect her from the danger that are coming to get her, the Wild Hunt left their horse in her care and are looking for a new leader. And he thinks they want her, but actually him is the answer. As new enemies approach them both (Kelley and Sonny), will have to find themselves and, earn the right.. Of never going to be normal but choosing to forgive and move on.

On the news, this are literal thoughts after reading the trikogy Mabh wants her daughter back after years and years of solitude and confinement, also Sonny’s father was not a human, Sonny’s acolyte is a selfish vyking dude who’s name I cannot recall, anyways leprechauns suck and are little green beans jumping while killing you on the inside, faeries are awesome and have more marital issues than commitment ones, trolls are badassses, never trust crazy kidnapped children, white horses always save the day, cheated queens want revenge as well as tricked King’s are not as nice as they look, Auberon might have had Mabh imprisioned for her wickedness but not even him can deny the growing sexual tension when she nurses him, and I felt no connection between the main couple until the last book. !

The second trilogy I read was another fantastic one, filled with dragon like creatures and so much angst known as Firelight by Sophie Jordan. Composed of the one named after the trilogy, Vanish, and Hidden.

There’s a little world built up in here. A dragon hasn’t been seen on Earth for a more than a thousand years, but their descendants are still here. They are known as the Drakis, half human half dragon, able to turn themselves into one or the other at command. Living in packs in the middle of forests, away from civilisation and the danger that comes for them. They can have powers, like breathing under the water, creating mist to make people forget about them and never see what’s beyond the woods, being the strongest, camouflaging like it was real invisibility, healing with exact plants as well as cooking, and weirdest and furthest power is the one of breathing fire. These are some of the main causes why they are so desired by hunters and their technology to be sold to humans to experiment with them or just get their precious skin.

Faith_gifThis is set when our main character Jacinda (a strange breathing fire draki) faces death after being caught in full dragon form next to her bff, she tried to scape and ended up in a wet cave in front of a hunter. But he never hurts her, calling her ‘beautiful’ letting her go. After this she’s faced by her pack’s leader who always has wanted to marry off his son (Cassian) to her to have her power on his bloodline, so when they find out of her almost catching they start making plans. Not soo after that, hee mother decides to runway from the pack to the human society disguising as one of them, Jacinda refuses  as her twinn sister Tamra is delighted since she never devolped her inner draki and feels better trying to be human. Ultimately, the 3 of them leave to the worst place ever: a house next to the desert with no place for flying which would kill Jacinda’s draki; but she deals with it after seeing her mother so desperate to be like this since their father’s passing, as well as her sister finally been recognised. In high school, she an angry loner until she sees the hunter who spared her life. His name is Will, he’s a hunter who unnamed (15)never wanted to be one and only helps his terrible family because of his power to locate the drakis thanks to a draki blood transfusion he got when he was dying of cancer, but now he has no idea she was the dragon he saved but is so infatuated with her that is like he met her before. She knows venturing with him would be the most hateful betrayal but Jacinda’s cannot deny her feelings any longer, no matter her sister or mother, or Cassian wanting her back by lying, as she discovers the heaven she thought her pack was it’s a lie: they not only wanted to marry her to Cassian but to cut her wings as a punishment for risking the drakis secret. She’ll learn that Will loves her and her draki, no matter what, and that he will never give up on her no matter how many times she chooses others in spite of his offers. And that she’s in heaven, better than flying when he kisses her.

Here comes the literal spoilers: I adored Tamra’s growth and her time with huge grey dragon whose name I don’t remember, I hated Cassian being so possessive and selfish to the woman he claims he loves (he’s a moron!), I fell in love with Will and his efforts and his draki blood (he’s just so perfect), most of the part I wanted to kick the crap out Jacinda specially when she kissed Cassian, but no matter what I felt it all with the main couple. So so meant to be, a such a great trilogy! ♥

Then the first book on a new series I’ll be finishing next week, is the psychological and supernatural thriller known as Dollhouse by Anya Allyn.


originaltumblr_inline_mqzhzz3hV41qz4rgptumblr_inline_nokh9lyfX61rerlyv_500It has been weeks since the last time Cassie saw her best friend, Aisha. She disappeared in the forest, and people suspect her boyfriend Ethan. But Cassie refuses to accept it. Let’s start by clarifying, that Cassie starts more like a antiheroine since she’s into Ethan, and constantly remarks all of Aisha’s flaws only in her head but still. She has moved on since Aisha’s depart, but it is not until her mother talks to her about stop making childish decisions and maturing for her daughter taking them back to the US; Cassie refuses claiming she wants to know what happened that day in the forest, after she was fun flirting with Ethan as Aisha watched them and went missing. So she goes to see her other friend Lacey (also Aisha’s friend), and as the unloved daughter of the chief of police she gets information about a house right in the forest that belonged to a circus family and now is the property of a single young hermit (Henry). So they both venturetumblr_mfkaq9oz461s13jbto3_500unnamed (29) near the forest to find their friend, together with Ethan they go inside the house discovering its wickedness, once they are trapped in the undergrounds after going through an old scary carrousel finding lots of human sized dolls which terrify Lacey so much she goes missing. Only Ethan and Cassie see Aisha in one of the doll’s faces: those were never dolls, those were the girls Henry took. From a misunderstood 18year old foster child to a five year old motherless girl. They are force to stay since the carrousel doesn’t work anymore, and are guided by Jessamine. A mysterious young girl, with such possessiveness of these girls and their ways to manage to subdue them to her vain childish desires, as she’s guarded by a huge clown toy and an enormous Rabiddy doll. But things are not as simple as they look, they are worst as Cassie will be left with a decision to make: shall she save the girls when everything seems impossible, or just remain dead in insanity?

Literal thoughts with spoilers: I liked Cassie’s character development, since I said before she was bitch and ended up being the heorine who thinks of her friends right before mischievous boys, a brave young girl of only fifteen or sixteen. On the other hand, there are the lying bastards: Ethan andLacey, he took the gold before his girlfriend as he knew of that underground but never told the police, and she the lawful friend… The lawful traitor, thinking of her own selfishness besides the innocents she wronged. However, it was all marvellously damaging for my mental state and I loved it! I want more, I wanna kno w what the hell goes on there with Jessamine the unfriendly ghost and Henry the creepy but sexy gothic bastard, and their link to Cassie.


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