Week #49 of Reading Like A Maniac

So… I didn’t read as many books as I normally would, maybe because after having a hangover on a great series with little feedback, my week ended with the first books on a huge feedback series that still hasn’t captivated me. At all. But I’ll keep reading, don’t worry. I have to finish it because my TBR list demands it from me.

But anyways, let’s start off with the reviews!

First book I read was the psychological and pretty screwed up thriller known as Paper Dolls by Anya Allyn.


This is a two narrative book. First we have what’s left of Cassie unnamed (1)unnamed (2)remembering how she got out this tunnels to the surface but her story gets pretty confusing since she describes snow and somehow being inside the serpent’s skin which is not at all how the story ended. Anyways, Cassie tries to move on with her friend Aisha despite the other girls’ parting separate ways and Ethan and Lacey’s betrayal. We find out he’s in jail with his grandfather awaiting trial after the girls’ confessions, and she is in a mental asylum ’cause nobody believes in her story. Our main girls undercover with their parents meettumblr_inline_n383akyQYD1spodrdunnamed (3) two boys at an island, they are Zach and Emerson (a pair of well behaved and flirty brothers). There’s an obvious instant crush between them, but after discovering that Molly (aka Missouri) is in fact alive and Cassie decides that she would be much more protected with her and her psychologist mother. So the three of them move back to Miami, and surprisingly find Zach’s family there. Molly is introduced to his kind cousin Parker, whike Cassie wants to trust Zach because he actually takes care of her and is never lying her. But on her way to find the truth about where on Earth in a book that could bring the death back to life and transport others to other worlds, Cassie never believed that but after being stalked by the now Henry Fiveash she decides to look out.

On the second PoV which is of Jessamine in her living years, we tumblr_mzaztqPEDM1sk79sxo1_500submerged ourselves in a world of pain, misery and cruelty where an innocent girl only wants her grandfather to return to her. Jess was a fourteen year old girl living on her family’s circus where her loving father worked till he died in an exhibition to the sight of the public while her mother lost her ability to walk and the one to be a mother, but she never was that though. There’s also her cousin Henry, atumblr_nxdfg4xlaT1r2cxioo1_500giphy vain womanizer with a clingy flame known as Audette; they both pressure her to accept the desires of an old man who secretly works for her grandfather’s most longing wish. So after an accident where only Jess, her grandpa and the wicked cousins survive. She suffered a mental shock, and now believes she’s still five before her dad died and her mother went through the same path; her grandpa leaves her a fortune in precious rocks and gold under the care of her cousins while he goes to find his lost ones with a supernatural book that he later tries to destroy. As time passes, she’s 15 but still a child, and she unexpectedly kisses the gardener (Ethan’s ancestor) and is forced to accept the previous old man’s proposal of marriage. She discovers the secrets of her cousins society and darkness, as they murder the married gardener, and practically give her to the old man. But before her life is ruined forever she remembers all her sad life as a fifteen year old, then a giant snake kills the Beast and the poor girl. She wakes up as a ghost finding her cousins shot to dead by the old man’s family, but they also become ghosts. She still waits for grandpa, but after sleeping for a century her cousins decide to give her a hobby by bringing the dolls tumblr_nlks0j6jXD1shxqh0o3_250(girls) to her care. There’s when we return to Cassie’s storyline, where we find out (✴SPOILERS✴) Zach’s family are actually part of the Fiveash descendants only named originally Batiste who are all looking for the other book at all costs, and even manage to force Molly and Cassie into a parallel world that seems to familiar to her, and is Ethan who reveals her the truth. The Cassie who survive and live to tell the truth was the Cassie of that parallel universe, with snow and caves made of snake’s skin. Where the world has gone to hell.

The shocking ending still has me. I was confused when I read it the first time, but then I kinda got it. I felt like in Twilight zone. I trust Zach and Aisha, and those shady bitches betrayed me! Well, Cassie!!

Ps: All I have to say is that I grew to care for poor little Jessamine for all the damage and hurt she went through.

The next ones I’ll be reviewing together because I still think they should have made a great alone book, LIKE a bible. I’m talking about Marionette and Music Box by the same author.

Cassie and Molly feel betrayed and alone with those nutcases of a family, who only kepts them with their help, slaves and family ghosts to find the damned book hide by Jess’ grandpa. We find out many things like the fact  that snow Ethan actually loves Cassie forever and Aisha was a bitch from the start! And of course that Zach is a pussy and has a messed up family who put the damned alien snakes into the snow world! And after a forced marriage where Cassie was ready to give up on Ethan to secure his safety by marrying pussy Zach the worst happened: Balthazar, the creppy dead first ancestor of the Batiste family marries her promising to consummate the marriage by summer.

Final book talk: things get even more messed up. We find out Balthazar unnamed (17)unnamed (14)kept his former wives in glass closets inside some wooden doll shaped caskets. And not only for exhibition as Cassie understood when she discovered the remaining Batiste are not of the cruel ghost bloodline but of Ethan’s and Cassie’s since their ancestors (Balthazar’s wife and her lover) were the reason. The Ghost dolls allow Cassie to scape as she reunites with her friends of the snow world now merges with the normal ones, they go to the dollhouse looking for Jessamine to tell them where the book is through a poem her granpa wrote years ago. She sort of does but is not until he appears asking for forgiveness that she truly desires to move on with him for good. And as a big battle against the Batiste and Balthazar 1e0e35a6e44665b3c23f9b1e20d7ce3bcomes, Cassie finds out you can eat a snake’s shadow and her long lost unborn sister is doll Prudence contained by the Empress snake. Who (when everything and everyone goes straight to hell) reveals that she has been in this world repeating it over and over again to hurt the snakes, by forgetting and desiring so she drowns her in a memory lake. In the end, we are back when Cassie was fourteen when she just moved but this time she has her living sister Prudence and her parents together. Her sis is sort of like a psychic, guessing that no matter what Cassie will die at 17 again. And in her first day at school, she meets cocky Aisha and compelling Ethan.

Ok. First..WTF?!! I mean that was not a right ending at all, I understand it’s a a scary book but c’mon! I was expecting levels of THG but not this! Not fair! Not fair! So not fair!! I don’t want the world to go back to what it stsrted, I want all the problems fixed or at least give me a little hope but not this! Damn it! Everything would have been fine if it all had been a fucking dream!

The other books I read were of the youngsters, kick-ass Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter.

I'd tell you I love yoy but then I'd have to kill you

unnamed (22)First book, we meet Cammie (Cameron the Chameleon). A fourteen year old girl, she’s he daughter of The principal of her private school for only girls. But this one is not you girly one, because it’s one of spies. These girls a trained to survive and succedd I’m their missions, and Cammie is not the exception after dealing with her father’s disappearance in action, and her new hot but annyoing teacher who seems to want something more with her mom. Her life couldn’t be more normal, well… For a spy! Anyways, tumblr_ma0icfch391qmgkn7o1_250things get messy when she ventures near a admiring guy named Josh when she’s on a practice mission; so with her friends and a new unlikely Allie. She risks it all to be with him, though he doesn’t really know the real her. She knows he’s sweet, and kind, and loyal besides his bravery. But she’ll find out that there’s no place for normal guys in her life no matter how much IT hurts.

It was OK, but not fantastic. What I liked the most was the Masey McHenry character, she was just hilarious and so on point in her jokes even though she started of as the bitch. It was a good transition.unnamed (26)

Second book,

Gallagher Girls 2

Well, we find out Josh’s mind was actually erased unlike what we all guessed. (Sniff, I was team Josh) So now, Cammie is sad but still going through her stuend life of a baby spy while next to her friends they get swamped into a secret conserning the Blackthorn Academy of only exceptional boys. Those boys move in the school for a semester and she meets sassy Zach, a clever but annoying young man. He has some secrets and she wants to get them out of the closet where he keeps them under lock, and not only for the repercussions it could bring to her school but for her recent intrigue on him.

This one was definitely an improvement, not completely but a right one. With the fast pace and interesting twists, it helped a lot to understand more of the world if not confused me a little. We understand girls kick asess on a daily basis and Cammie is not the exception!


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