Week #50 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi! This was actually I good week. I had some doubts about the books I was reading but ended up loving them, at least the last parts of each. It has definitely help me with my stress and new hellish computer classes (I hate those things). Anyways let’s start!

I started with the following books in the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter. Composed by Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover, Only the Good Spy Young, and Out of Sight Out of Time (I haven’t read the actual last, yet).

Overall I always heard good things about this series, how fun it was and how easy to read people found it. I was excited ’cause I always love this kind of girly but badass books, so teenagery and predictably lovely.  So you can guess now shocked I was when I found out I didn’t like it much, I felt slightly bored and it maybe has to deal with the fact I’m not a teen anymore, and that I was never able to understand young girls even though they are a lot like me without been in a relationship since like ever. So by the time she was all getting on with everyone lying to her, from her mom, to her teacher and then her sort of boyfriend. I left it on her naiveness as an inexperienced girl but now I’m thinking it mostly had to be because of her being a spy and thinking that was right. For her to never have the truth.

So now I’ll go through with the characters that caused some impact while I read this 3 books.

Hunnamed (1) First, obviously our torned main leading lady: Cammie. She went through a lot, while trying to find out about her status with Zach and feeling some things for Josh. She knows her mother and teacher (Solomon) are hiding things from her, and as usual she needs to know what the hell is going on as being a a wannabe baddas spy. So when she finally does, her world clumbles and she gets a hard time trusting the ones she cherishes and handling the truth about why this bad guys organisation wants her alive or dead, just like they did her father. Even her sanity gets her, but she proves that the fucking truth would have been more helpful if her family had told her from the fucking very start so she could have had more time to think things over instead of screwing her mind up so much worse. But thanks to her friends, now official boyfriend, and adults sorounding her; she’s waiting prepared for everything that is to come.

tumblr_inline_mp38efByal1qz4rgpThen there’s Macey. My fave character of this series, she’s life! As always her storyline kept me going, because I loved her been on the spotlight but felt so bad for her parents technically forcing her to act all goodie-two-shoes and fake she actually likes the clingy ‘almost’ president’s son. But she resolved it with class, and I still felt bad for her having this post traumatic stress disorder after that seriously frightening atack from the bad guys organisation. And how she was always on Cammie’s side no matter what, and help her with other stuff and I would even dare to say she became her BFF during these years. And I’m actually hopeful about her now interest in the clingy goody-goody boy.

Third I would love to mention the two packed friends of Cammie’s: Bex and Liz. I feel so much different about each one of them. Bex is not my girl, she’s too much on her parents’ side even when she knows there are some shady stuff, and when is required for her to be on Cammie’s side she just doesn’t and acts so selfishly that really makes me question if she’s a good friend to her. While Liz is too naive and trusting despite having that huge brain of hers, but I guess I like her that way for her to keep her innocence and see the bright side forever!

Finally, the adults: Joseph Solomon, Rachel Morgan and Abigail Cameron. Sometimes I thinks the students should run the academy, most of the times. How on Earth can they figure out that one of their own is not working for the enemy? Or that these girls are spys already on their own? Or that actually one of their faculty was a fucked up guy poisoning Cammie’s mind? Seriously, these adults are way more screwed up that the teenagers should.

Anyways, I grew to like these books because each one of them showed the progress in each chapter. Demonstrating that number five was just unbelievably beautiful and shocking as hell. And I just hope that Zach keeps telling Cammie about himself and his life, no more secrets at all.


Next book I read was the highly anticipated novel known as Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.


We are introduced to a sort of soon to be dystopian society if not already one. Where literally the world is going to shit and to not get suicidal there is this new Second Life sort of game named OASIS. It’s a virtual reality one where you can do everything you want by your avatar, go wherever you desire in and outside our galaxy, be whoever or whatever you think proper, and be away from the drama in the world as famine, wars, diseases, or the fact human life is now a luxury thing to own. All until the creator of this precious game named James Halliday dies. He was known as a hermit kind of geek who invented this with his best teen years friend Ogden Morrow. And now has prepare his will, with nothing more than an adventurous treasure quest, where the avatars will have to find 3 keys in order to enter 3 doors to find an Egg that will allow the winner to inhered all his fortune and the ownership of OASIS, but it’s not as easy as it seems because there’s even a manual with some hard to find clues relating Holliday’s love for the 80’s popular culture.

tumblr_mhxb1eXmh41r88esho5_r2_250unnamed (8)giphy (1)

unnamed (18)There’s where we meet our hero. Wade (avatar: Parzival), he’s a young guy living with his neglecting aut and her boyfriend, and her entire gang of neighbours in her caravan on top of other caravans in this sort of buildings of steal that the government gave the homeless. Since his parents died, his life change as he discovered why people loved OASIS, but he handles it as he goes to virtual school and constantly chats with his best friend. Of course, things change when he figures out where the damned first key is and succeeds at getting it to open the door and he gets chased, almost murdered, homeless and hopeless as always but this time by really powerful and dangerous people known as the Oology department in IOI corporations, because they also want the Egg to rule the world with a capitalist system. But he’s not the only one on the quest after years of searching, his loyal bff ‘H’ whom he has never met in person but his avatar is as hot as a model/football player, Art3mis who’s Wade’s ido because of her blog and her use of words and the brothers Daito & Shoto. He’ll have to figure the game out before IOI takes over the world!

These were sincerely hard to forget characters, like ‘H’ and his shocking revelation of identity, then the true reason of why Art3mis didn’t give Wade a shot to love her, and the fucked up assassination of Daito while Shoto swears to take revenge on his virtual brother.

I must admit that when I started reading I was bored for the first quarter of the book but then something interesting took place and I refuse to put the book down as I finished it. And I loved it’s edgy 80’s vibe, and the whole arcade games just gave life!

The final one I read was Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined by Stephenie Meyer.


As most people who know me would say, I’m completely a sure as fuck fan of the book series, the movies and I followed the fan pages for years declaring myself a TwiHard out and proud as it should be. So when this unnamed (9)tumblr_o0pc7zJ9vk1r9nsx6o1_540came out I immediately started reading it, but first adding it to my TBR list in order. Here we meet Beaufort Swan, the son of chief police and our hero lead who has blue eyes and unknowingly atracts lots of girls when he moves to Forks to live with his dad, he doesn’t know he’s quite appealing but he’s not interested in anything related to them or his dad, or the small town he has to live in until his mother has found peace. He’s not as polite neither poetic as Bella but has his own vibe, and still awkward and humorous behavior. While there’s also Edythe, the Cullen gorgeous vamp with deep inner pain and reluctance to act upon her feelings for newcomer Beau but definitely goes to the extreme of technically stalk him, but soo they will find so much love for the other to go beyond repair and sorrow to live happily ever after. And then when horror strikes he does become a vamp which was sad but relieving at least. Now I’m beginning to understand fans, saying this was unexpected!

unnamed (12)tumblr_mw408zzbul1qd5601o1_500unnamed (11)

As my love for tragic beautiful female vampires, I obviously fell for Edythe and her bedroom, and worry for her! She accomplished to be happy after years with her own dangerous but perfect personality. Anyways I loved it.

unnamed (13)tumblr_nxd7pzhpvh1ufuj7no1_1280


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