Week #51 of Reading Like A Maniac

HI, Y’ALL! Today we have terrible sunny day here in Peru, and for me it sucks. There’s nothing like a comfy winter morning but what the hell. I’m posting this today because this is my last week free before University starts and from next week I’ll be reading two book, and if there’s luck 3 per week which is kinda of a bummer but today I’ll post about six precious books.

I unexpectedly drive myself into the Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine, and I read the first 6 ones. I wasn’t expecting for me to adore them the way I do but I has been a pleasure to read them and I want more!

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I’ll start with the first one, obviously: Glass Houses.

We are introduced to Claire a sixteen year old new girl at Morganville College. She’s super smart and jumped off many years of school, but not giphyeven her lovely brain can save her from bullies like her self proclaimed archenemy, Monica and her minions. She’s constantly abused and now is terrified for her life, after being reluctantly pushed off the stairs so instead of staying at her College dorm she decides to go looking for an apartment or a room for rent. A what does she find? The Glass House. An ancient mansion with some creepy interiors and shadowy exterior, it is after all one of the eldest houses in the small town. This is inhabited by 3 peculiar residents: Eve, a goth girl tumblr_nq3zm9EXkR1spa26ao1_500James500unnamedwith too much sass and cheer to give to the entire world who immediately befriends and helps Claire with her bruises like no other person would, she genuinely cares and acts out of heart. Then there’s Shane, he looks like a bad boy and he might be, despite being too hot to live he’s mostly a warrior with a hard as nails past involving mean girl Monica and that’s why he doesn’t care if Claire stays no matter if she’s under age according to the state of Texas. And finally, there’s Michael Glass the owner, this has been his family house for decades and remains so with his cryptic personality and the fact he disappears at mornings should be a warning; everything points at him being a vamp but he’s not. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any out there, right? Well this small town is technically run by them all, vampires are real and offer protection to certain families for Blood and other pleasures because at tumblr_nm8wkv0Pes1tb8iyko1_500night it is hunt season. And unfortunately for Claire, bitch Monica has offered her to her guardian vamp and she’s not safe at all. But there’s a way to control them or at least that’s what she thinks: she’ll find an old book with an inscription vamps can’t read that the inmortal residents have been trying to find for years. There’s where she also meets two dangerous vampires: the eldest in town. First there’s Oliver, he’s the owner of the cafeteria where Eve works, no bitch had idea he was and ancient bad vamp till it was too late. He’s selfish and egocentric, such a power hungry character. Then there’s Amelie, she actual oldest vampire walking she’s cold hearted and really manipulative, treating every person (human or vamp) as a pawn in her chess game, she’s and honest neutral in the battle field and gets the book where others failed. So you can only imagine how fucked up is this teen’s life going to go upside down.

unnamed (16)

So from here on I’ll be describing the character development from 1 to 6, only because I remember most of the plotline of some book more than others and I don’t want to mess with your vamp loving mind. I let the warning the everything goes with the always charming ✴SPOILERS✴.

giphy (7)First, we have Claire. This girl grows so fast, just kidding she’s still awesome but actually grew like a smartass and badass at the same time in a slow process. She sets off like a scared little girl who practically was home schooled cause she only had one friend, the other kids didn’t like her for her brain and her parents were too over protective. But after the reveals and dangers a town full with scary Blade vampires, she had to mature and accept herself while taking care of the humans, her friendsgiphy (4) and the boy she likes. Most people still see her as this small child, but when individuals look at her facing with courage the most deadly vampire in the world, or fighting for the freedom of her crush, or trying to protect her innocent parents, or even stabbing the most bitchy vamp ever, they don’t see a child but a grown woman hardened by her life in Morganville. I liked her from day one, because she reminded me a lot of Clary Fray from the TMI series; such a stubborn with a kick-ass intelligence who has an impulsive nature, and fire running through her veins. Who wants to trust dangerous creatures for the welfare of those she loves. She’s one of the most realistic and just best female leads I’ve read in a long time! ♥

unnamed (13)Second there’s Shane. He can be assume to be the typical angry young fella who has many dates, but never will stay with someone. The stray dog who returned Morganville after his sister was burned in a fire initiated by vampires. This was also a maturing and coming of age process, because first you think he’s this independent young man but then his father shows up and he becomes this scared teen who’s constantly humiliated and tormented by his family memories, and the guilt he carries. So Shane really changes passing from his father wannabe to a loyal and loving friend, who wouldn’t mind to leave everything for what’s right. And are his friends the ones who help him change for the best, they question him but never give up on him, they give him this sense of love and family he needed since his sis died. Then his lazy ass is no more, he’s even working now. ✴

unnamed (4)Third is Eve. She’s one of the most fun loving and sassy characters I’ve read in a long time, she shows you don’t have to be angry to the world to be a goth. It can be a fashion statement, you can be the life of the party wearing a black wardrobe. She was this girl who came up from one of the worst families ever: neglecting parents offering their son and daughter to the perverted intentions of a sick vampire for more joy and protect their own shit. She hated them for it but still is a good human being, ‘CAUSE she  has the balls and respect to go to her father’s last hours on the hospital. She also is quite an aggressive human threatening vamps like nobody’s business; she’s definitely gained a special place in my fictional heart. ♥

unnamed (3)Fourth there’s Michael, or as I called him before the book said it: Mike. He’s an always good person, even when he was a ghost he was a protective father figure to his friends and shall always be remembered as such. He goes from been a closeted ghost to a vigilante+vampire to take care of his friends and lovely Eve. She has some messed up family background but he doesn’t allow that to change him at all, no even the blood sucking deal. He’s just such a good lad, the sweetheart every parent could trust and any girl would want for a husband. ❇

Commande02The last 4 humans I’ll talk about couldn’t be more different. 1) Monica: what a bitch, no matter what happens to her even if she’s been chased and bullied by being a fucked up chick she’s still the same annoying slut! This girl never learns, she never matures she stays the same sick mean girl/psychopath/sociopath; she thinks murdering someone is normal and her parents still think she’s an innocent little princess. God! I want to slap some sense into this girl, she’s not a teen anymore but a girl whose brain wasn’t good enough for Colleges outside her tiny town so she only stayed to bully the students as unnamed (10)she pleases. 2) Jason: what a sick man, all this time he made me believe he was the murderer and rapist when he actually was just an attention hungry damaged boy. As the brother of Eve he was molested and drank from by Brandon, with his parents permission and drove his sister to believe he had gone insane and sadistic when she saw a guy who resembled him next to a girls dead tumblr_inline_n09tc9JsHw1r0ly11body. He’s just really damaged but never a killer, he preferred to be called that than not be taken seriously. Such a complex persona. 3) Hannah: she could have had the world on her military feet but decided to become a cop in her hometown Morganville. Fighting the vamp oppressors when needed, and kicking some undead’s ass like a pro! She shows that she’s the normal one of her family, including her grandma but still she has the balls to accept when a vamp is required to rule and when humans just should back off and let the ones with fangs andtumblr_inline_nihx9tmq621t3vco0 strength to deal with the supernatural apocalypse. 4) Shane’s Dad: what an ass, an abusive moron who hurt his own family way before the tragedy stroke. He was a drunk who constantly hit his son blaming him on the deaths of his wife and daughter, he’s a vampire hunter who thinks too much of himself when he has only killed like two or one vampire in his lifetime, and who got turned into what he hated the most and showed compassion towards Claire out of his inner love for his son. He decided to end his own existence in honor of his lost family.

giphy (2)Let’s go with the vampires, there a re good bad sick twisted and neutral: 1) Amelie: the founder and technical owner of Morganville. She’s such a cold blooded person through out the first six books, she sees others as her pawns and everything is a game she has to win. She’s obviously not my favorite person but the most distinctive, she’s refined and elegant but depending on what other vampires would think of her even if it means to give up love for the sake of her image. She somehow thinks in her mind that she’s doing the right unnamed (5)thing, that she’s the savior of the poor humans living in Morganville when she’s been their tormentor all their lives. 2) Oliver: he’s honest about been a monster, he never calls himself a saint and wants to rule Morganville no matter what. He’s a tricker and a traitor but nobody should have ever trust him which reminds me of GoT’s Littlefinger, so snoopy and sneaky for such a bastard vampire willing to hurt anyone for his purpose of filling the unnamed (29)vamp community as well as the humans, he does everything for the power and position among his kind. 3) Sam Glass: nice but making lots of mistakes for the sake of his love for Amelie. He gave up to his own mortality to be with her, giving up his family and she abandoned him for decades leaving him desperate for affection. So he made the mistake of helping and selling himself out to Jason, so so tumblr_mzpbuk0PkR1rrwwbao4_250stupid. Anyways a remarkable good character with lots of love and cherish for the human community. 4) Bishop: the eldest vampire in existence. He calls himself the father of Amelie, but actually hates her and her kind to the point of looking to take her off the ruling position in her town to destroy everything she holds dear. He’s sick, ego maniac, selfish and a true monster willing to kill his entire tumblr_inline_mxcg0wx5IB1srlvpwkind only to feel he won. 5) Ysandra: God! I hate the bitch, so slutty and really inappropriate towards dear Shane but so stupidly trusting of her own abilities to never suspect that Claire can kick her skinny ass by stabbing and burning her flesh. I just couldn’t help but to ask anyone to slap her and teach her a lesson like Monica! 6) Myrnin: crazy but cool vamp? I mean literally mentallyunnamed (9) unhealthy with Parkinson attacks never consient of the human kind actually having some value to his eternity, but as simple catle. I really liked him at times but then he became a little snobbish with all the troubles and his weird wify vamp-computer Ada (I didn’t know if I should feel the frights or LOL my way out). He’s good but not so much, I’m seriously oblivious towards him so neutral? So bad? No fucking clue?

This was so pleasing to read. All the action, all the sass, all the romance and evil moments! God!! So so good! This is one of those series when you actually expect for the next one! And the clifhangers… Well, we had a love/hate relationship with them I was expecting them and then I was so like WTF?!!! every time it happened, so so perfect. It was like watching an episode of TVD back in the day when it was cool, crazy vamps with crazy storyline all in a small town where a post apocalyptic scenario took place and nobody outside the borders found out. I seriously can’t wait for the next ones! There are like nine or ten left, and I want more.


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