Week #52 of Reading Like A Maniac

WELL WELL WELL. This has been an interesting week for me since I returned to University for my second year (life goals wut wut!), and it started so boring and easy, then it went a little stressful and finally the class I feared the most happened. I’m studying to be a translator so I have to learn French and I had no idea of it, so you can be surprised as I was to find out that I actually liked it and my pronunciation is lovely! Yey Yey! ♥ But the top of cherry of this crazy week was the fact I managed to read four books this week so let’s begin with the review/reaction/GifFest.

I did continued with the Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine. This time I kept going with Fate Out, Kiss of Death, Ghost Town, & Bite Club.

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I felt kinda torned with the first two, mainly because of the lack of clifhangers which is the thing I adore the most about this damm beside the badass characters! So I’ll sum up some ✴SPOILERS✴ to make a huge plot of what happened here with my fangirling point of view/ GifFest.

So in Fade Out, a new girl pops up: the atypical It girl who behaves a lot like Monica but nobody seems to notice it and think she’s so good and caring besides being like so cool. As you can pressume Claire is more than just jealous she’s suspicious of this Kim girl, and the crew finds out this bitch wanted to make her own reality show based in Morganville vampires by recording everyone’s single move like a voyeuristic perverted brute, and now bitch is lost but later is found and given to Amelie to decide what’s best to do with her.  Second in Kiss of Death, Mike has this recording deal with a wealthy company so Amelie gives him permission to go on to do that in Austin I think, uhm well it unnamed (10)was the good day part of Texas. Anyways she lets Claire, Eve and Shane go with him too under the condition of returning and be accompanied by a chaperone that turns out being Oliver. What a bummer, but the thing is they go and get into a lot of trouble on track as they got separated of Oliver and are not even able to buy Eve an ice cream since people from a small town treat them worst than scumbags, so they loose Eve’s car by a fire, are force to stay in a lonelyBeautiful-and-bloody-Nicklaus-Michaelson-flashback-klaus-35712338-300-169 motel waiting for the old vamp, and are chased by an old foe of the founder herself named Mordin or something who has a huge army of vamps. The crew is taken then drive to a serious scary ghost town governed by savage newborn vamps while humans stay hidden in a barricade inside the public library, the gang and Mordin himself help the humans understand the truth and these vamps to go back to their sense discovering that old Bishop made them transferring his fucked up decease so that’s why they are cray cray. In the end, Mordin is adviced by Clair to become a Founder just like Amelie to live in peace with the humans and give back this town its life and spirit. Then in unnamed (3)Ghost Town, things get shady when trying to construct a new ADA for Morganville. One without a living brain, that drives Myrnin to his edge as he tries to make people in town forget their present and go back their memories three years from now, so Michael looses his mind, so does Shane, Eve, Amelie and pretty much everyone but Claire and Oliver; and strangely thanks to Frank (Shane’s shitty dad). So as town turns to hell they need a new brain and who else though Wtf when the new one was revealed to be Frank fucking Collins’.!?! Finally in Bite Club, things turned angsty since Shane was like a drug addict with this vamp blood and boxing like a mad person, and being flirty and addicted to this bitch Gloriana just like every other penis owner, until not only Claire but Eve and Mike refuse to let him go screw himself with those crazy vamps and their Bitter allegiance to now dead Bishop. Thanks Rachel for their reunion!! ♥

Now characters’ talk has started.

unnamed (11)Claire grew a lot because she became more badass than just the girl who lost it and stabbed Ysandra, cause our sweetie just killed vamp, proved she can survive Myrnin’s rage and the torture that is to work with him by force for more than a couple of days non stop. She showed she had so many more balls than any other living right there, she also got into MIT and rejected them to stay in her home with her friends and Shane. She was kind enough with weak Miranda and even Jason, she also was the voice of reason to Amelie against Oliver and her own SELF-ABSORBED aptitude. She kick Ada’s virtual ass, as well as she kepts fighting to recover Shane no matter how self-destructive he behaved; she stayed by her friends to prove that having hope is no weaknesses but a strength that not many can keep.

Shane proved to me he’s a weak lovely guy. He said it himself, the onlyunnamed (12) thing that made him right was his love for Claire and his friends. And he lost it in Bite Club, at least in the beginning. He was still hot as warm hell with his kisses but totally cold with his jealousy, like seriously mad! when his emotions where so heightened by the vamp blood I really didn’t like him, his hateful envy for Mike, his macho crap of making Claire be the damsel for once, and the fact he felt like he was cheating on her with bitch trampire numero dos. But one thing I didn’t like was how he allowed that peck on the lips from Kim, even if it last two seconds you should have let things straight that you were with Claire Bear! But somehow I still love his cutesy moments with the ring and the love declarations, that was shipping life.

tumblr_mwfhwgRX7x1sb3zi2o2_250unnamed (5)Eve and Mike! My baes are engage to be married. Eve has a new coffin funeral car and she loves it, but I felt totally left out when she ditched Claire to go with bitch Kim and still defended her despite her recording of the vamps. No me gusta! But I’m currently living her more stable and mature look without so much make-up! Then we have Mike, my sweet vamp who according to Shane also wants Claire! Ok, I know believing a stoned moron is not cool, but Mike didn’t seem to like the idea of marrying Eve and is getting too much closer to Claire so I could definitely see that happening. I would hate it, but love it. I would cry for Eve but I would feel that’s my effing guilty pleasure! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for it to or not to happen, whatever comes first! What I saw in their relationship was that they were working out their issues from Fade Out when he saw no future with a mortal since she was so good with kids and he would never be able of giving that to them, and now she even allows him to bite her neck. Ooh, sexy.♥

Amelie, Oliver and Myrnin. Strange little trio, well she was mostly a twat who had to be advised by Claire. She almost lost her throne damn it, vamps shouldn’t let emotions erase their determined gold! She was a teenage mess by failing in being a ruler, so let’s just hope she grows up a little in the next ones. Oli as always quite a prick, an annoyed vamp with some anger management and ‘failing at ruling as well’ issues. He’s sometimes cool but other’s I just want to strangle him, to get a little rest from his bastardry behavior! And then there’s Myrnin, the cray cray child. Another confused teenager with some bipolar disorder going on up there. BTW, I see no romance implication of him a his protege Claire. That’s just ugh! No. I feel like all vamps are just children who don’t know when to fucking act and when to just keep their asses shut! (Sorry for my language but c’mon!).

Then there are the lunatic sort of humans. Jason grew a lot on me, he’s not longer this careless idiot with some pervy nonsense but a light headed young man trying to recover his sister, and showing that he’s not bad without even playing games neither wanting people to think he’s some sort of benevolent Saint hardened by life mistreating him. Love him now. Then there’s fucking Kim, can I kill her? Not only she did filmed Claire’s first time and the action in the Glass House but she still had the balls to think Shane cares for her! I would say let her roth instead of saving her and keeping her on a cage, another of Amelie’s mistakes was letting this sick bitch alive and kicking to go through with her shade. Now let’s talks about my dear Miranda, who started as a unreliable unstable girl, and she’s still unstable but much more truthful than ever to the point where I want her to for and live with the crew. Finally I would like to talk about ADA the computer wife, seriously when I first heard about her the first thing that popped up was Karen Plankton LOL! But this vamputer is bitch crazy, she plays no game, she only wants whoever tries to take away her power over Myrnin to die screaming even if means torturing a poor spider to dead with her circuits. A truly dangerous Victorian lady.

Finally here come the bitch vamps: Bishop being back was a bummer, and another of Amelie’s childish mistakes. This beast was going insane and his dead scene was such a badass way to avenge Smelly Doug! Then there’s still time for the ultimate trampire after Ysandra: her name is Gloriana, and I wanted her dead. I think the only one who could resist her besides Amelie was Eve, cause us girls know when another girl is shady! There’s a shade-ar in all of our brains, some men call it paranoia but who says something when were end up being right?!

Anyways that’s it for today. And let’s hope I can read 3 books for next week’s post.



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