Week #53 of Reading Like A Maniac

Well, this has been hell week for me. I technically had a little nervous breakdown when I was reconsidering my career after my first French and Spanish classes in University, so you can only imagine how stressed I was. To the point where I read only two books, and I achieved to feel so unsuccessful, as I tried to figure out how did I manage to read from 3 to 4 books per week with all the responsibilities.

But anyways, let’s go with the reviews/gif fest. First book I read was Last Breath by Rachel Caine as I keep getting closer to the ultimate conclusion of the Morganville Vampires. So exciting.


And omfg!

unnamed (5)

As things are getting nasty and ready for Eve and Michael’s nuptials. tumblr_inline_n29bknvQ9b1rfx82junnamed (8)unnamedSince they are getting bullied by the vamps and human community as Amelie is torned between giving her permission or not. We find out our dear Mike was having some secret sneaky chats with Naomi, one of the female blonde vamps we saw getting healed in Myrnin’s lab. She claimed she was Amelie’s sister not biological but by bloodlines. And everything heads to them having an affair and that that’s why he has been so unhappy about marrying Eve, or at least that’s what Shane and Claire think. Thank God that was not the truth and the blondie was super super gay and only wanted to help the couple with their issues before they get married. So everyone calms down at least until Amelie gives an speech in their Engagement Party, refusing to give them any kind of permission to keep on going with that “insanity”. Things go to hell when Eve slaps the crap out of the ancient vamp, so the crew runs to the little Chapel trying to get rapidly married but they are soon foundunnamed (6)giphy (2)unnamed (7) and given a warning.

All this madness takes place right when Claire starts seeing an unknown person or at least she thinks it is that. Only on random occasions, when the thing drives Oliver under the sewer and his never see again; Claire remembers an encounter she witnessed between Myrnin and Amelie where he received a letter from the other vamp town quoting ‘RUN’. After more disappearances she comes face to face with said thing, and it kills her. (I had red the SPOILERS accidentally, damn you wikia) She becomes a ghost in the Glass House as Shane starts to loose it to the point of trying to kill himself, she stops him gladly. As they look for ingredients to bring her back under Myrnin’s lead, a downpour strikes drowning Morganville like a bad omen that leads Amelie to reveal what the hell is going on: The enemy of vamps has arrived, they are called the Draug. They feed on vampires and tumblr_n5udj9B8So1sgw0bjo5_r1_250transport through water and liquids, when they capture their victims they drained them alive to the point of consumption and torture. So the coward vamps including the elders are planning the get the heck out of there and leave the humans as an gift to those creatures. They are not easily killed and have a leader with an unknown face for many except for apparently Claire who sees his wickedness and disgusting looks. So when they achieved to bring Claire back, after she chose to stay a human and not becoming a vamp; they manage to kill some Draugs and rescue Naomi, Mike and Oliver thanks to Shane swimming skills and the crew’s ‘fighting with silver’ status; and of course Amelie gaining back her senses when she doesn’t scape like a scared child. But they soon are forced to flee and keptd hidden knowing nothing about how to defeat Magnus and get back their town, specially since Amelie has been fatally bitten. BTW, Mike also forcedly bites Eve on a hunger angst.

I NEED TO clarify how embarrassed I felt when I thought Naomi was getting it on with my sweet Mike. How did I dare to distrust him?! How was I so stupid?! Somehow this is all Claire’s fault! LOL. But seriously, I genuinely believed he was cheating, and then she was so into girls! 

And when my dear Claire was murdered and treated like crap by Mike’s ancestor, I seriously wanted to kick some ass! Poor deary, she was loosing it just as Shane!. That damn dummie!♥

unnamed (15)6358316574129242691824391829_tumblr_nl4wykzR9z1so6u8jo1_500

PS: that bitch slap was legit! Good job, Eve!! LMFO!

unnamed (1).gif

Finally there was Black Dawn, or as I call it the Water People Strikes.


So our badass crew gets all the Rambo vibes as they find out how to lock tumblr_inline_nrgq8gRrRW1s1umjj_500some of the Draugs in a special place suggested by Myrnin, so together with Mike, Shane and Claire, he goes. As Eve tries to deal with the fact she has no goth make-up and she still loves Mike despite him bitting her, she doesn’t want to fear him and decides to clear her mind by going to hunt down some Draugs with some silver knives. All while Amelie is been tumblr_n5udj9B8So1sgw0bjo9_r1_250reclused by Oliver since they all know she’ll eventually turn into a Chief Draug just like Magnus but still refuse to let her go so easily, specially when she’s fighting so hard to resist the pain of turning into a melting mole. Anyways, the crew succeeds in locking up some of those monsters but Shane gets captured in a bubble made by the things and left by Mike and Myrnin (who is convinced that our sweet dumbass hottie is gone for good) as Claire fights to get to him. Then we are straight into Shane’s unnamed (13)thoughts where he dreams that his friends don’t let him go and save him, Myrnin dies saving Morganville from all the draugs, Monica works as a hairdresser until she dies in a cat crash, Eve and Mike get married, him and Claire get married and have a beautiful daughter; and that’s when he starts to realise this is not reality but a dream given by the cruel Draugs as he’s suffering inside the bubble (so so cruel, Rachel!). As Eve tries to protect her little brother Jason in a beat of regret and melancholy, because of the guilt she feels after not helping him when he was a young boy.

But once he’s rescued by Claire, Eve and Mike because bitch Myrnin was fucking lying all the time since there was a chance of Mr hottie being alive, they find him almost dying AND with serious traumas about how giphy (4)unnamed (12)to face what’s real or not. And as he’s comforted by Claire, they discover in a fatal accident that there’s a dust that works just as cat rocks that suck every peace of liquor it finds in Morganville High; when Richard Morrell unexpectedly dies saving Hannah and she ends up numb blaming it all in Claire as the Draugs wanted her not him. So Miranda warns Claire about not going to the Glass House where Myrnin and Hannah kidnapped her and tied her up as a bait to drag the Draugs to the house to kill it as Oliver brings Amelie to her special secret room, while things go to hell. There’s Myranda dying and transforming into a ghost to save Claire, then the Magnus vs Amelie face off when she kills him, and she finally kills the Draug in her. But the Queen is hungry and tries to turn Claire when Jason is offered and he accepts it with pleasure. Anyways, Eve and Mike manage to resolve their differences and get married in secret/ Amelie knows but she tells nothing IDK.

Wow! This was such a life changing book for most characters. I hated Myrnin and Hannah, thought I semi understand the second one because of the trauma of never accepting her love for Richard until his final minute but taking all her rage and anger on a teen was so immature and just mean. Though I love those two.

Damn! I forgot to mention Naomi! The little trampire took the sacred place Ysandra left when she was turn into ash. She was a Gold-digger of thrones, she was so desperate to become the Queen she still thinks she can be that she try killing Amelie, blackmailed Eve, threatened everyone and thanks everyone she didn’t succeeded with her crazzy-ass aspirations!

PS: After thinking and rethinking, I keep picturing the Draugs besides Magnus so those Amebas from the Powerpuff Girls. LOL.

Ok, so you guys. There’s a huge chance of me reading two books again, or if there’s luck 3. So keep your and my own fingers crossed. ✴♥❇♣


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