Week #54 of Reading Like A Maniac

Well, this was a so so week. I gave up my right as an amateur writer to read on Friday the last book in The Morganville Vampires series, I just couldn’t wait so yeah… Anyways here it goes, my final short but honest reviews on this badass series! With a serious load of SPOILERS.


First, there was Bitter Blood. It was like everyone got their minds tumblr_n5udj9B8So1sgw0bjo6_r1_250screwed up by trampire Naomi. From having Oliver as her main pawn, using him as a man whore convincing Amelie through his kisses and other caresses that what he says is the only right thing to do: which is giving humans some cards to recognize their blood type and their protector for a future allowed hunt on blood sacks. To torturously turn sweet Michael against his friends and wife; but first since all the Draugs were eliminated and tumblr_mjnhby2o2k1ql6xr4o2_500mujer1RICHARD Morrell was killed, Hannah Day hasn’t been the same thus leaving her side as the human’s Mayor to be almost out of the picture. Then was the raise of Mr. Obvious and the human faction who kept calling Eve names to a point where they almost kill her on a beat up which drives Shane and Mike mad while trying to get revenge on her wounds, they face the unlikely ally of this mysterious figure (now Hannah), but it’s not just a friend but the actual puppeteer of this fucked up world: no other than bitch Naomi, trying to gain her sister’s throne and she almost gets it if it hadn’t be for her cocky, uptown, and idiot way of treating stuff like this one. She immediately though the vamps and humans were going to follow her instead of Amelie but she was obviously wrong. But things affected our dear mains, thanks to the awful things Mike said and did while subdued by bitch Naomi. So if Shane didn’t trust Claire, maybe things could go differently in her life if she goes to MIT?.

When trampire Naomi was doing her thing I was upset and annoyed but when she messed with Michael, I lost it!!  I mean, it’s not like I have never considered the idea of Mike and Claire but when it happened I wasn’t pleased, I was horrified. I mean they are buddies, not that!! Ught, not okay! Effing Naomi!

And no matter how much it hurt for my shipping heart. I felt nothing more than pride over Claire’s statement that she needs someone who trusts her enough as she has trust in Shane all this time. And that she needed a break from Morganville and Shane for a while.

Second was Fall of Night.


Which leaves us with Claire leaving to Dallas to attend an MIT program which is advertised by Amelie, and her teachergiphy (4) shall be a former human student of Myrnin, named Dr. Anderson. Claire is hurt by leaving but now she’s moving in with a childhood friend named Elizabeth to rethink her status in Morganville and her relationship with Shane. She meets powerful people that she thinks can trust in with the most dangerous weapon she could have possibly develop, the V.L.A.D. a thing so damaging for vamps that could seriously kill them of pain. So things get screwed up when Elizabeth gets kidnapped by the wicked people thinking of using her as a bait for Claire, while Shane has being following her and make a newtumblr_mmyff7RzLa1s7hrc1o2_r1_250 friend of a hot vamp girl named Jesse who apparently works for Amelie. So Claire goes really upset that her friends and boyfriend are now in town but nothing can prepare her for discovering that her dear ally Dr. Anderson is working with an organisation to get rid of vampires using her own weapon to hurt Oliver, Myrnin and Michael in the process. But thanks to her brain, the crew screwed up her Evil plans and are on their way to Morganville where Claire has found out that she belongs to no matter what.

Ok. When Elizabeth started acting all control freak, and went sleeping with her middle aged teacher, I wanted to puke. I mean, she wanted to be trophy wife but performed like a simple streetwalker. Not good. ✖✖

So can you only imagine my reaction when Dr. Anderson was working wit that perv, to gain control of Claire’s weapons using them on my fav vamps and Oliver! Not good!

Omg. And the invention of the Jesse character, and Myrnin being totally into her. And the fact that she’s the only new female vampires that isn’t a control freak or a trampire makes it even more wonderful, I love her!!

BTW: I only could imagine V. L. A. D. As the ghostbusters guns. LOL.

giphy (7)

Finally there was Daylighters.


tumblr_n5zxj9tHtd1ttx0y9o1_500unnamed (13)unnamed (11)unnamed (14)I must admit I didn’t know any spoilers on this so I had no idea of how this was gonna turn out. So things get messy when the vamps got captured and subdued so easily by some cops ordered by Hannah. While humans only looked in shock how they were impaled and transport to where the other vamps were. Cause in the little time of Claire’s absense things in Morganville are pretty changed, since the organisation that was paying Dr. Anderson has arrived to set free the small town of the Darkness that is vampirism, all lead by a former vampire who has the cure for the “infection ” that has killed most of the subjects but him: his name is Rhys Fallon, a failed progeny of Myrnin that loves to claim himself a saint when the only thing he wants are things to be done his way to hurt his maker for abandoning him when he was a baby vamp. While Morganville turns into happy Stepford, while vamps are locked in the old mall with pain inducting collars around their necks, Shane is transforming into a deadly hell hound bound to kill Amelie next to others like him, Eve got taken and transfered to an asylum for loving an undead receiving some sort of shock therapy but with torturous bites, and Michael next to Oliver are receiving the cure by force. So recently runaways Amelie now in Black is getting help from Morley, as Claire fights like hell to get her friends and Oliver out of town, giving her blood to Oliver during the time in which Michael has just become human again. In Black together with there’s people, they defeat Fallon as some fall like Morley and others raise like Amelie with the acceptance of her vamps and the humans. In the end, there’s this lovely double wedding! ♥♥♥♥

God! When people start talking about a cure, I was thinking about TVD and its own. Seriously

unnamed (2)

Then how Morley died. And how his thing with Mrs.Blacke Librarian totally ended there, for me to cry a freaking river! So not right. 😥

All I could think was how to end the Fallon bastard, for ruining a ship!! Him and his followers, and selfish fanatic ideas!!

Then the double wedding had me fangirling ian embarrassingly awkward way, no joke. I literally cried out of joy, and just pretended the epilogue was not even there. ♥♥

unnamed (10).gif

BTW: The whole Hell Hound aspect was pretty appreciated by me. We needed more creatures and what more than the mythical creature who naturally wants to end vamps.



Just to let all of you know, I’ll be reading one book per week since next week till probably June or the start of July. For matters of university, it gets messy and unorganised, and I just can’t live like that so I’ll start to set up my read for Sunday’s so I’ll still do my reviews on Saturday.

Thanks for Understanding. ♥❇✴♣


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