Week #55 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hello! So as I said last week that I wouldn’t be able to read more than one book per year till July, then I’m keeping my word technically… I read two short books because of University, an adaptation of a classic story and a French beginners one. But those are not important compared to the one I actually read because I desired to do so.

So I read this last Sunday, it’s a fantasy/dying/incredible story. According to some sources there’s going to be a series to this, so it’s a first book then. Its name is Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley.


Soooo. Yeah, it starts like a little story called TFIOS or at least that’s what you think. We are introduced to this sickly 15 year old teenage girl named unnamedAza Rey, she has deal with a strange condition that keeps her from being able to breath the air normally and has lived a hospital life since she had only one year of age. Thanks to this she didn’t developed normally, still doesn’t have her period, is crazy skinny, and is not particularly attractive; all this combined with the fact her mother keeps researching cures for her deceased which is literally called Azarei after her own named since she’s the only known case. All this causes her to develop a pessimist and sarcastic way of seeing the world, herself and humanity, but she’s quite clever and still has the feelings of any other girl her age. Like the hidden crush she has on her only best friend of allunnamed (1) times: Jason. A boy her age or a year older who had the guts of arriving uninvited and wearing a dinosaur costume to her birthday party when they were both little; since then they had being inseparable, he’s an inventor and has been expending most of the time he’s supposed to be at school, trying to find a way of keeping Aza alive, since he’s also in love with her and refuses to loose her. And lately, Aza has being hearing voices whispering to her the same name: Magonia, besides believing she saw a ship up in the clouds before a big storm.

So this is when things go crazy, first a long feather is found in Aza’s
lung, then she almost kisses Jason, and right after a flock of different birds waits for her outside her room, on her yard. When suddenly a bird goes down her throat until she feels it on her lung and she passes out. The next things she sees are her dad, younger sister and Jason in an ambulance with her whole her mom’s on the phone, when she tragically unnamed (2)unnamed (3)unnamed (4)passes away. But she wakes up in a whole insanely beautiful and frightening world, where she’s cured by a half owls half woman, then she’s received by lots of different half birds half humans, until one of them named Zal tells her that shes the captain on board and her birth mother, they are all in her ship and that this world is Magonia: the place above the clouds that humans refuse to acknowledge, besides all that Aza can now breathbreath, is beautiful and finally fits in but is initially reluctant to forget her loved ones. Like Jason, who hasn’t given up on her dying and strongly believes she’s still out there and is desperate to bring her back to him. But the more time Aza spends with the magonians the most she needs them, like her song bird right in her lung, and an orphan with a tragic past named Dai whom her birth mother Zal adopted technically. But things get tricky when she’s warned by a former ally and current foe of Zal, who was the one who defeated Zal unnamed (5)in the past and left Aza with the humans as a ways of saving her life as a probable Runaway with her criminal mother, and before dying tells Aza to take care of herself and never leaves her guard down in front of her mother or she’ll regret it. But all this when she discovers that her voice song is one of the most powerful weapons in history as her mother sets a plan to get revenge on humanity for her own selfish desires, deceiving Aza into stealing all humanity’s seed supply from the ice cages in the north. While Jason is encountered by the first Aza, the one that was taken away when she was a newborn by the magonians after leaving little second Aza with the humans; she tricks him to tell her about how he found out about the flying ships and later threatens second Aza before she’s murdered forever with her crew named the breaths. But our broken Aza now thinks Jason was killed and is all her fault, then her mother takes advantage of her instability and leads her to sing later forcedly to open the ice cage but only get the magonian roots out of it for herlself and later drown every person, animal and seed in the area as Aza tearfully refuses specially when she sees Jason is in fact alive.

In the end, all thanks to the song eagle of her mother (Aza previously saved him from a painful jail Zal kept the bird in), Aza has him in her heart to be able of defeating her own mother and stay with Jason in a safe Earth wearing a skin disguise to breath naturally, and meet her human family again.

No need to say how much I loved this book? I mean, I literally created a ‘birds’ shelf in my Goodreads for this. Where do I even start? Ok, so the damn half bird bitching magonians in the bad way! First Dai and then that little Tweety bird being Zal’s bitches following her every move no matter what, and the first Aza Ray whose name was Hawney or something, but whom was a mean little bitch lying to poor Jason and deceiving e with the feels. Those 3 were the ones I hated the most of them all! God! Someone make them a bucket of KFC! No joke, effing Liars!

Then the meant to be businesses. First Jason and lovely Aza, and then Aza and the lovely brave eagle whose name I seriously cannot recall at all. Those were matches I was totally expecting but I was definitely not ready to overcome the feels of!! So many feels! ♥

So I can’t wait for the sequel coming out this year.

PS: I know Mr. Grimm hides something, my theory is that he’s obviously a magonian! He hRight be one! Right?! Right?.


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