Week #56 of Reading Like A Maniac

Well, well, well. So this week wasn’t as rushed as others but still my French class was an inferno since my printer became a little messier and I run all over the place trying to find the copies I needed for that class. Literally, an inferno. And now I’m entering partial exams and I don’t know how to feel about that but what the hell, lets get down to business.

The book I read this week was a psychological thriller/mystery/crime one that begins a new series with book one named Dead Jealous by Sharon Jones.


unnamedOk, so we are introduced to this girl living in the UK named Poppy Sinclair, who is currently installed in her old home in the campsite right in the Lake District to celebrate her mother’s spiritual wedding with her own psychologist in a pagan ceremony. Which couldn’t sound worse for her since she has given up her former beliefs and just stays there because she needs to be away from her best friend/crush named Michael. They had been in a complicated relationship since he started going around and dating a blonde girlunnamed (4) whose name I seriously cannot recall (this is embarrassing), and they both don’t really get along. There’s where she meets this other guy named Tariq, who sells burgers in this sacred place of vegans, so outrageous! Anyways, she likes him because he’s older and makes her feel different but never stops the thoughts of Michael. So when Poppy meets this girl Beth, who’s also broken-hearted they immediately bond with a bottle of alcohol, while she tells her about what exactly brought her to this camp: her crush Maya is missing and the person she distrusts more works in this place where Maya also used to live for the holidays. So she’s planning to find her.

unnamed (1)unnamed (6)unnamed (3)No need to say poor Beth didn’t made it out alive. And the next morning Poppy finds her dead body in the lake, near the shore they both are hanging out last night. Immediately, after hearing the news Michael goes with his huge dog on the run to look for Poppy thinking she was the one dead. But she’s only traumatized and totally scarred by the lost of her shortly lived friendship with this young woman, because she wants answers and the cops believe this was a suicide or an accident since Beth had drink and was near a bottle. But she feels something was not OK, because Beth wasn’t drinking much and someone could have drowned her. Which leads her to Kane a former patient of her new stepdad, and who also was the unstable boyfriend of Maya, who now is still unstable reading the tarot cards in the camp. He tells her that Maya was wicked: an evil force of nature that now hunts him, and that now if she doesn’t run away from the campside Maya will take over her life the same way she’s slowly killing him. Poppy believes he must be really crazy but her roots tell her otherwise, thinking this might be true. And as she digs those graves deeper and deeper she discovers things like the following: Michael actually has loved her since they were kids but lost hope when she never showed any interest, that hot Tariq guy is a dealer who sold the drugs Beth took that night and actually believed he could have killed her to pay his university. So to find out the truth behind both disappearances and a death in the campsite, ended up being more twisted and urgent than she ever imagined.

(✴SPOILERS✴) The sweet and kind owners of the campsite: Pet and his pregnant wife had some mentally insane trust issues. All because, Maya was his half sister and wanted her part of the litter going as far as any other dared, to seducing her much older and married brother into her without clearyfing what joined them later threatening him to go to the police if he didn’t give her what was rightfully hers. He is desperate but his wife is jealous with rage, and kills the girl burying her in their backyard. She does the same to Beth, to shut up her questions. And they both try to silence Poppy too (because of initial jealousy and then fear of her telling them on)

but gladly they are caught by Michael, Tariq and the police. Michael kills Pete as his wife goes into labor. And finally, the two love birds admit they want a relationship between them.♥

Ok. I have to admit there were some parts that were too boring, but only in the middle like her constant contact with Tariq and her talks with the strange old lady, or Michael’s sexy time with his girlfriend and his not knowing if he still had feelings for Poppy or actually is in love with his current girlfriend. So so annoying. But the entertainment came from whether Maya was an evil spirit killing people or there was a real murderer out there. Besides, the whole fact that I thought the killer was Tariq and then I had a no idea, but then just minutes before she landed near Pete I guessed it. Specially when his wife stayed in shock when she saw them together, so weird but everything clicked. Still as a semi professional finding out about crimes in books, this was pretty shocking and I liked feeling impressed. #WifeyWasGoneGirlGoneWild I totally recommend it, qnd I’m glad it’s now a series that I definitely will be reading.


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