Week #58 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hello to anyone, if there’s anyone who’s currently reading this. It’s me again, Alex. And this week I read a small book that I was anticipating but then I realised it was gonna be a strange one for me. Later I’ll explain why.

I’m talking about the teen flick/mean girls/contemporary series of Private or the Billing Girls by Kate Brian. Last week I only read the first one (Private), so let’s start reviewing.


It all starts with teenager Reed Brennan and her desire to be in Easton tumblr_my50y4p73v1t5ji30o5_250Academy, where everyone pretty, rich and with a bright future assured goes to study. She wants to go so bad that when she gets her acceptance letter, she already broke up with her boyfriend and definitely doesn’t want to see her passive father and alcoholic mother ever again. She wants to leave as fast as she can of her middle class boring town just like her brother did when he got to college. But once she arrives, it doesn’t matter how high her grades were or how focus she is ’cause suddenly she finds herself failing for unfair reasons like the narcissistic teachers, and the idea of everyone that a scholarship student won’t make it in this wolf hall. And when she’s ready to give up this new opportunity, fortunetumblr_mx010j6nwx1ruw8rpo4_250 switches to the ‘apparent’ best: the Billing Girls are caught by Reed’s sight when they were having fun in their dorm, drinking vodka, reading or wearing provocative so called sleeping gowns. Reed is definitely mesmerised by them, cause apparently they get the best grades no matter what and also the best job and university offers, go to the hottest parties and are literally perfect. Especially with a fairy looking girl with light blonde hair and a passion for poetry. And it is that girl who introduces her to their world. Her name is Ariana, and something about her seems nice but mysterious and a little tricky; and she possiblyunnamed wanted something with the guy that was interested in Reed. She let’s her know her Clique’s leader: Noelle, a beautiful senior who frightens anyone who gets in her way. She’s not your typical mean girl since she takes it all to an extreme (calling Reed ‘glass licker’), she controls everything and everyone and is definitely an heiress with a hot pet boyfriend named Dash (he tumblr_mbi7keuAAg1r82rzqo7_250tumblr_mltl4k3B5h1so76tso5_400even has Queen Victoria’s dog name). Next we have bitchy Kiran who’s the tanned mean girl and when it comes to status she’s second in fear inducing standards, she’s a high fashion wealthy model with a sarcastic and cruel sense of humor that makes people question of she isn’t the hotter version of one Evil Stepsister. And finally, there’s Taylor. She’s the brain of the group doing every homework of her friends and having some control issues, and despite looking and being so frail and kind she is still one of them and has some wicked blonde tactics right under her sleeve as well.

Reed is excited when things seem to take a turn for the greatest: she’s invited to join the Billing Girls for lunch and breakfast, only working asgiphy their maid obviously, and the guy she likes (Thomas) claims her as his girlfriend after only one kiss, and she looses her v card to him. She couldn’t be happier but secrets never stay burried, and shit goes down when Taylor leads her to watch Thomas working as a drug dealer which breaks Reed’s heart since she confessed him that her mother had a drug problem and that was one of the detonates for their wary relationship. She eventually breaks up with him, and the Billing Girls start asking her things like stealing tests or doing some essays, or even cleaning stuff for them which irritates her but she keeps doing it in order to be one of them and finally have a shot in life. Anyways, she gets back together (technicaly) with Thomas after he apologises for lying to her, but in a bonfire party he gets extremely drunk and even physically hurts Reed by pushing her to the ground, but weirdly Noelle and her crew help her and make her promise to never see that ass again. Reed doesn’t keep the promise and gets back together with Thomas trying to figure out how to manage his addiction issue without it being known by his alcoholic parents. And the book ends up with a surprise, Thomas goes missing and Reed is accepted into the Billing Dorms with a creepy and candle loving initiation.

work bitch

Ok, where do I even start? Well, let’s begin with the reason after me an almost 20year old Translation student would want to read a Teen Clique Preppy Flick, and it is because I had never read these kind of books when I was a teenager myself. I always look at Gossip Girl or PLL or even the puberesent The Clique, but never got to read them as I grew up and I was really interested to see how much of it reflected in my teenage years and unnamed (1)the discovery was alarming. First, I was totally like Reed. Desperate to get any attention of the popular girls and would mentally minimise others for my superficial believes, and snobbish nature; and I even was stupid enough to dismiss my BFF to be one of them but thank goodness that we got back together and I accepted my flaws. Second, I totally hate the Reed character, her choices and thoughts but I definitely understand her since she hasn’t received the kind of love or advises from her mom that any girl should have, and her home is such a hellish place that she would do anything to get away forever. She obviously doesn’t have a high self-esteem, and that influences her relationship with Thomas to the point of allowing him to treat her like that and justify his actions by not forgetting how nice he was to her. Finally, I would like to say how hypocritical many reviewers are towards these books criticising a character for her choices when she’s only what? 15? And we all had the bad decisions going on while being inexperienced children thinking we knew it all in high school, anyways that’s why I’m gonna keep reading this series till the last effing book. (*Drops mic*)


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