Week #59 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hello, goody goodies! This week was fine though yesterday and the day before I went nuts with my group’s monograph for university, such a mess. But anyways, I’m here to tell you about the book I read which was good BTW and I hope you like this review. 🙂

I’m talking about Invitation Only by Kate Brian, the second installment in the teen flick/mean girls/More intense Gossip Girl known as the Private series.


tumblr_n4rrtpSjJD1rhwo9co5_250(SPOILERS AHEAD) So the last time we left off, Reed was finally admitted into the Billings buildin in a serious but peculiar small ceremony with creepy candles, oh and her alcoholic mistake boyfriend Thomas runs away with cero explanations. And now, the world was supposed to be at her feet but no! The Billing Girls (I’ll be referring to them as BGs from now on) are forcing her to do their chores like cleaning their rooms and stuff which turns her into heir own Cinderella. But she refuses to not do as thetumblr_mmvynrOxYV1rrzmi2o1_250tumblr_mbcnilHUhB1qi0dkuo4_r2_500 please since they are her “friends” and she needs to be there to become someone and forge herself a better future away from her family. She wants this so much that she accepts their advances, like Noelle setting her up with a guy they call Whitt who seems to know everything and tumblr_mtuok4xfmE1rhajm2o9_250be really polite, who also talks about the Legacy party, a celebration of high society that Thomas could probably attend to. She’s intrigued so she goes withtumblr_mlwekyCKWB1rhajm2o1_r1_250 him and finds out his name is actually Walt Whittaker is grandmother is a very important lady in Easton, and has lots of influences. And as the BGs tell her to get over Thomas, she gets closer to Whitt and unexpectedly to Josh (Thomas’s bff and roommate); but things hit rock bottom when Natasha (her new roomie) starts blackmailing her to expose some photos of her making out with Whitt to get her to be expelled so Reed has to accept find unnamed (2)evidences on how the BGs planted the info about Leanne to get her out of their way. She starts getting more and more stressed as her former rommie Constance reveals she has always liked Whitt and is so hurt that despite knowing this, Reed kept on accepting his advances instead of helping her with him like she promised she would do, only to be closer to those wicked girls when Reed is technically selling herself to get an invitation to that glamorous party to see if she can see Thomas, after finding out he actually left her a letter explaining that he left trying to get to rehab and that she needed to move forward.

So after she discovers some juicy secrets of the BGs, like Noelle having nude pics of her boy toy Dash right behind her closet in strange positions with delicate stuffed animals, or Korean having a body shame habit of counting her calories and keeping food with lots of sugar on them locked next to the eating diary to be perfect, or Taylor and her psychotic desire to be good enough for everyone and everything, and finally Ariana with her as secret laptop with all the evidence of their fraudulent activities, she has no idea what to to and there’s  when all her efforts are rewarded unnamed (3)with an invite from her fat new friend who likes her more than in a friendly way (Whitt), she’s excited and together with her “friends” (who now know she was sneaking into their things) she goes to New York to this infamous Legacy party where all important, rich and spoiled people go to get lost and like in Las Vegas, what happens in the Legacy stays in the Legacy till next year. But unnamed (7)unfortunately she can’t find Thomas but  traps Natasha and Leanne kissing and revealing  that Natasha was been blackmailed by the actual BGs into making Reed believe all this mess, and she only did it so they wouldn’t expose Leanne as a lesbian in fron of her stuck up parents. No doubt Reed feels ultimately betrayed and confronts them in a deathly wrath even intimidating Noelle a tiny little bit, but understands they were doing in it in order to “prove her loyalty to them” and not to laugh at her when they totally LOL like maniacs. And that’s it for Reed, she goes as a final tumblr_my8hmpPTVK1qlv5vbo1_400and legal BG approved and tested, thinking that maybe is time for her to get over the mistake Thomas and finally begin something with Josh whom she has come to call a worried friend and a guilty pleasure after telling Josh the truth of her not wanting more than a friendship and guiding him to Constance. Reed wants to move on, sleeping on Josh’s lap while on their journey by train until they arrive Easton almost by the early morning when all people’s supposed to be sleeping but they find police cars and even ambulances making noisy sounds, and that’s when they discover that Thomas has been found, at least his corpse.

Ok, things started super slow and as always a little boring. But when I thought I couldn’t think Reed wasn’t as much as a moronic little nonsense, I waa wrong because she could. Actually, still believing these girls were her true friends and totally giving up on sweet Constance who gave her an awesome talk BTW. Because yeah, technically was selling herself to Whitt to get what she wanted without being interested in other’s feelings, with the exception of the BGs and Thomas. I still don’t get this girl, such an idiot who loved another idiot only because he kissed her and took her v card. Idiot, no matter how old she is.

unnamed (4)

Then when those bitches were lying and backstabbing her! Specially, Ariana being a freaking ego maniac, despising everything that doesn’t agree with her, I mean that bitch is literally crazy. I don’t trust any of those bitches and I’ll never be able to trus in their wicked ways of planning stuff, thought I have to admit that was a clever move.

Lastly, was the crazy twist at the end. I was suspecting that when they all suddenly stopped and the police was present in that place. Wicked place to be found I must tell. Now the question is and remains in, who did it? Were the BGs getting a deathly revenge? Was her drug dealer a murderer? He killed himself? What happened?!!

I would definitely give this a four out of five stars, as I rated in Goodreads.


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