Week #60 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hello! It’s me, Alex and… This has been a hellish week again, and I’m sure the next one shall be worst when it comes to University which if you haven’t notice I have come to despise with a terrible passion. But let’s talk about books, and the first thing in my mind is “Damn I read a ‘The Last Star’ spoiler and I hate myself and the author for it“, anyways I’ll start talking about the book I read.

This was the third book in the Private series by Kate Brian, named Untouchable.


It starts with Reed questioning how Thomas died, and how the worldtumblr_mu4234jGpQ1so76tso7_400 keeps feeling sorry for her, with the exception that are Thomas’s parents when they decided to bury him privately without telling anyone where his body lies. She even sees a bit of the wary older brother of his named Blake, who everyone seems to hate since he slept with a teacher and was even worse than Thomas himself. She keeps feeling guilty for not telling the police about the letter he wrote to her, because now the investigators think have concluded wasn’t an overdose but a cold-blooded murder, and after having some words with Josh, they both decide to tell about their last contact with him informing he police investigators to allow them to find the criminal. They tell about his “job” and own addiction, so his dealer is found with an alibi, whereas the murderer hasn’t been.  While all this goes on, Reed realises how thisunnamed (9) doesn’t only affect her but the BGs too: for example, Taylor who is constantly breaking into tears and a depressed mode on to point where Reed even considers that maybe the cleverly obsessive girl might have had a crush on him and that would explain her cathartic and melancholic behaviour, then there’s Kiran (who’s partying harder than anyone) and Noelle that unnamedare in the need of finding the killer so their lives can go back to normal, they always hated Thomas but knew of his addiction so they weren’t too confused with his passing and come up with the deadliest of theories that for Reed could be right to even accept next to Josh to tell all they know to the police. All this ends with Ariana because she still doesn’t care at all about what happened in her campus and says it out loud without feeling sorry about anything or even noticing the effect of most of her words in readers, it even comes nearer tumblr_inline_miuutorqsU1qz4rgpto a sociopath style however she genuinely is interested in how Reed feels and avoids all people from making awful and “not on time commentaries” about Thomas in front of her, respecting her mourning but for other things she still holds herself up and carries that Ice Queen eyes not even failing in her studies to the edge of beating Noelle up in her grades in front o the entire Easton Academy by wining an award that the actual Queen N  (I tried to play with the concept but it hasn’t worked out, right?) has been wining next to her boy toy Dash for years.

tumblr_mhtqf2OgEk1qlv5vbo1_400After that, there’s the whole little affair going on between Josh and Reed who feels awful for technically using him to stop the pain from spreading all over her life. But she comes to realise she’s way more happjer than when she was in this short term relationship with fueling Thomas because he takes good care of her, sets her free with art and kindness, and makes her feel worthy and loved. He also has issues with his life no longer being his, since his room has become the centre of police investigators lare where he cannot longer be around and had been transferred to the closet of the huge room. And as things are on air, Reed sees many things changing around her but after Taylor just vanishes she starts wondering what’s truly going on because right before herunnamed (1) departure she was in a party tearing up while Noelle yelled at her violently; and that’s the first she tries to screw up since then Noelle  intends to ruin stuff by telling him about Josh’s former mysterious crime involvement with his former roommate found dead in another school, and his supposed drug problem. She cruelly plants the seed of mistrust in Reed’s mind till she finds the multicolor pills noticing that it is impossible that these could be vitamins and starts suspecting Josh for Thomas’s murder since he likes her before Thomas and he started going out together and could just have removed him out largeof his way; even though Natasha tries to calm her down she goes seeing Josh to confront him still trusting his innocence. He tells her that his not guilty and that he’s sort of bipolar and that’s why he needs those prescription drugs to be himself again and not become angry. That’s when she sees unmedicated Josh being violent and a little aggressive towards her, fearing him while he yells that is all the fault of the BGs brain washing over her, that for Noelle everyone is her puppet to torment and handle as she pleases. There’s where the police arrives to take Josh into custody as a suspect for Thomas’s death after a phone call made by Noelle.

Reed is heartbroken and relies only in Natasha, and things change for good when she gets a message from MIA Taylor after a long time, it sayss that she mustn’t trust the BGs and that they are all Liars. Somehow she connects this to what Josh told her.

First, things I love: the whole mistery even though I had already shamelessly spoiled myself, I was still at he edge of my sit making up my predictions cause all was too suspicious. And I was a little annoyed, by how Reed’s first clue is that her friends or IDK Noelle! could have done it since they all hated him, or maybe just Taylor saw what happened and Noelle only tried to shut her up.

Another thing I loved was my sweet lovely and adorable artsy pantsy Josh! I mean he’s so cute and nice and tenderly kind, I want him all for myself to cuddle and pet as an stuffed animal. How could any living creature be able of not loving him?! He’s so damn perfect for this world! Too pure and calm!

And there was only one thing I hated. Which is called Cage. I don’t get his ridiculous sense of humour and only have a wish to end him in a heartbeat.


Anyhow, I loved the book better than the previous one. I hope the mystery is resolved and we get more of my poor and subtle little Josh. Oh, and that Reed finally realises this bitches are not her true friends!

Pointing this out I would like to leave a note. I will be reading 2 books per week now, one on Mondays and other in Fridays to balance my meaningless life studying with my meaningful existence cohabiting with books.


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