Week #61 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi! It’s me, Alex, I’m here again to show you my thoughts about books I’m excited about or just happened to be in my TBR list. This week was good, was practically the best I’ve had in a long time cause I don’t feel much pressure thanks to developing a new way of balancing my a bit depressed moods and challenging studies. I decided to read more books per book, using my free times on Mondays, Thursdays and Tuesdays to read more and more books. Therefore, I’m happier than ever and I currently feel so good to tell you that I was able to read four books! And here come their reviews…

First book I read was Confessions by Kate Brian, the fourth installment in the breathtaking and astonishing Private series.


tumblr_n5e083jtjg1ruw8rpo3_250So we start like a week or two after Josh’s incarceration thanks to Noelle; now Reed feels like crap cause she knows shit of her boyfriend and people can’t stop talking about how her boyfriend killed her ex to get to her, so that’s quite a bummer. Specially, after she feels that she cannot longer trust people around her, as Taylor was pretty specific telling not to trust in the BGs at all, but she hasn’t got any news onlarge (1)tumblr_m63anzF1yB1qj2qnr Taylor and apparently her email account has been erased as she was never there. So she couldn’t feel more lonely, all while Noelle keeps keeping secrets from the world, Kiran drinks more and more, and Ariana totally is the most normal of the trio. BUT Reed won’t give up, she even tries to talk to Josh by sneaking out of Easton to the police station and he only tells her to talk to Ms. Lewis-Hanneman and Blake (Thomas’ elder brother), because they saw him that night therefore he has an alibi. She does everything a good girl does to get him out of jail sends messages to both of them and even tries to blackmail one of them; finally Reed even asks help from Dash to try get information from Blake and is shocked to discover he  doesn’t give a damn about what happened or who killed his brother, and later just vanishes. There’s where Reed gets a confession from Ms. Lewis-Hanneman and she tells the police that she was hooking up with Blake when they saw Josh just at the moment Thomas was killed, so out sweet Josh gets out. And it’s time for Reed to clear things out and find out who could have possibly done this.

But there’s a civil war in Billings as Cheyenne gains more political power tumblr_n6jpdd8wOP1qbteklo1_500with her shining smile and perfect plans to get what she wants which includes a party in her huge mansion, while Noelle currently looses more power and the girls start not trusting her with the management of the house and her ideas just give them troubles with the administration. But in Cheyenne’s celebration she and her friends have some fun with her stepmother’s dashing couture dresses, as Reed meets a new possible friend named Astrid and gives up Josh to go after the BGs. There’s when things start getting messy, as Kiran accidentally allows Reed to see a photo in her phone: it’s Thomas and he’s being bandaged and looks so high, as one of those kidnapping 70’s pictures. The truth is out, and Noelle explains a tearful Reed how things happened, that they were so angry at Thomas totumblr_mu4234jGpQ1so76tso5_400 the point of deciding to tie him up and make fun of him while he was higher than a kite. But then decided to leave him there, they didn’t kill him. But Reed can’t just forget what she heard, how these girls hurt a vulnerable teen and tries to call the police once they are all home, but Ariana surprises her hitting her right on the rooftop, and reveals that she killed Thomas. The fact is that Ariana was Thomas’s secret girlfriend and that he had hurt her with his cheating and lies so when he made his relationship with Reed public, she just lost it and hit him with Josh’s bat till he couldn’t move. Then after Ariana tries to kill Reed, Noelle sees this and hits her friend. Finally, the police arrives and even Noelle gives herlsef up to them because of her guilt.

Reed feels she doesn’t belong to that infernal place called Easton anymore, so after a sad goodbye to Josh she leaves. But is not until Christmas that she gets a call from Noelle telling her to not give up on Billings and that if someone could make a change there, it would be her. She accepts to return.

Ok, so I love the conclusion for the whole Thomas mystery, I must say that I saw it coming a little. And then a lot cause of some unfortunate spoilers. But still, finding out that crazy Ariana did it gave me comfort cause I seriously thought I was just paranoid about her but no! She was really cray cray!

Then Reed and Josh, God! They were so cute and perfect for each other. And he only wants what’s best for her, which doesn’t include the BGs.!


Second book I read was Inner Circle.

Campbell_Q Road2

It all starts with the fact Reed is back, she sees that Constance is hopeful tumblr_n6bvlmD9vD1rt14ako1_250to get to Billings this year, a new principal has arrived and apparently hates the world, Cheyenne has become a common bitch in charge as the president of the house, and Josh remains being mean about her being part of the BGs. In other news, Reed has being emailing Dash a lot lately, specially since they shamefully almost kissed in the holidays. Reed wants to be a different person and change the house for good, that nobody should be bullied neither go through ridiculous initiations as she becomes more likeable towards others. Like for example, the new pledges that the new principal Cromwell has assigned to the house giphy (4)despite all Cheyenne argued; she doesn’t want these nobodies in Her house and will do anything to get them out, which infuriates Reed. Who warmly accepts her friend Constance, a new French freshman named Sabine who btw is now Reed’s protege, Lorna (Sissypignose best slave forever), Astrid (the British asian that Reed met in Cheyenne’s last year), and unfortunately Sissy PigNose. But the thing is that a new girl in campus arrives too, and everyone seems to know her but Reed: her name is Ivy and apparently used to have an invitation to join the house a couple of years ago, but now is a cold-blooded bitch who hates the BGs.

And things get worst when Cheyenne and Reed enter in a feud after she tumblr_n6umd9sceu1rt14ako3_250refused to force Constance, Sabine and Lorna to leave in order for Sissy and Astrid to stay since they won an arranged competition to stay, and the losers must want to abandon Billings. Cheyenne goes after naive Josh, and even gets him so high that manages to get into the Cemetery of tumblr_ndhl0lrBxs1tc3kuoo2_250Art and make out with him to get even at Reed. Which makes my dear Reed lose it, when she slaps bitch Cheyenne  and breaks up with Josh before finding out the truth. Which wages her wrath even more, but decides to be the grown up there and when things get heated is the own Cheyenne who solidifies her own downfall instead of Reed. Things end when the bitch is expelled by the mean principal and in the next morning her body is found dead. She committed suicide. But he worst and most creepy thing is that Dash send her an email, saying all things happened for a reason, and then she and Noelle meet unexpectedly while she’s on a week off with Josh and she tells her the exact same about it.

So, okay. Like for the first fifteen pages I was digging this little online affair take place but then I wanted to slap Reed to make her stop. Just as much as I needed to kick the crap out of Cheyenne for drugging Josh and breaking up my ship! That bitch!

But then of course, she died. My money is on Ivy or Noelle and Dash.


Next one is called Legacy, and was pretty fucked up.


tumblr_lz7dhvYcrf1rppf4ro2_250Ok, I think it’s being like a weekend since Cheyenne’s body has being found, and the remaining BGs have already chosen Reed as their new president. She’s having the life she wanted, except for the fact that she had to go to Cheyenne’s funeral and feel bad for her melancholic parents who knew nothing of their bitchy daughter and decide to give a thing to each one of the BGs including Reed who receives a portrait of her and the deceased former president. But everything would be just fine if she wasn’t going nuts after some things are left all for her that represent the bitch, specially some emails that keep arriving at her mail box from Cheyenne blaming her for her death and then there’s Dash with his dashing messages that she shouldn’t be responding to specially since she has a boyfriend who loves her and doesn’t get her toxic love for Billings as Noelle arrives in school with atumblr_mji8yq4ZkN1qc3y4wo1_250 new aptitude towards Reed. Apparently her father warned Cromwell with millions of suits if he didn’t accept his daughter, but she doesn’t have the secure place as a head bitch anymore since that now belongs to Reed but she deals with it.

In other business, the Legacy party was cancelled after Cheyenne’s death. But rumor has it that a secret tumblr_mst7dqrWzV1qlzcovo2_250person is orchestrating a new one where every person is invited but Easton residents and former students of it, which is scandalous. So the girls reunite under Reed’s demands and try to find out who’s cutting them out of the party next to nice Sabine, Noelle and the Twin Cities in New York where they find out where the invitations where printed and even what alias the person used to get the place. Noelle gets them all invites and the party goes on, as Josh’s relationship with Reed deteriorates when she keeps writing  to Dash in look for comfort and for someone largeto tell her she isn’t becoming a bitch which she totally is. They need to go the party and with the help of some ex BGs shee gets them all out of Easton without Cromwell knowing using the most ancient building in school. But she hits rock bottom, after discovering who did the new Legacy as they attend to the party: it was cold-blooded Ivy. Reed exposes her and her Machiavellian plans to exclude them all, so she starts to have fun until Josh asks them to leave and makes Reed uncomfortable. They technically broke up. Then she finds Ivy’s room as she looks for nothing, she ends up encountering a picture that shows she and Cheyenne used tounnamed (6) be bffs.

She somehow manages to get a note that tells her to go upstairs and she expects to see Josh, but it is a half conscious Dash and the two of them begin a hot make out session when suddenly Josh catches them when he was going to ask for her forgiveness. He leaves her, as Noelle approaches her to tell her that she and Dash got back together. And Reed couldn’t feel any worse, except that when they return to Easton shit gets real: they accidentally burned the eldest building in Easton and could be literally expelled for it.

Can I like kill Reed? Because, c’mon! She destroyed the perfect match for a little flirt, she spit on my ship and run over it with a truck! I was like ok, just be good and end this up…


But then she just said “screw it, I’m gonna fuck things over a little”.

Finally, in Ambition things go way worse.


Reed thinks she can handle things, when she gets to stop Cromwelltumblr_n4rrtpSjJD1rhwo9co6_250 from closing Billings forever by promising to make a fund-raising of 5 or 6 billion of millions (I’m not sure) dollars to help Easton with no help from parents or former BGs. The girls couldn’t be more proud of their new president, but Reed keeps thinking on Josh and how it is all not her responsibility and how she has got all she ever wanted but at the highest of costs: her relationship with her love Josh. As the BGs not knowing how things ended so suddenly between them, they try to find her a new man in different guys, for example there was Weston Wright but she just couldn’t do it, but after seeing Josh moving on so fast and painfully with her archenemy Ivy; she decides to go on dates with SELF-ABSORBED Hunter, nice but not enough Jason Darlington, a moronic Italian Prince and normal bff type Marc Alberro but she just can’t move on. But that’s not it because now she’s receiving more than just emails from “Cheyenne” and it has got worse with her trashed picture, her perfume all over the place, her clothes on her closet, and the black marble balls the bitch used to use when eliminating girls from the house. She cannot longer be normal and feel secure, specially when the same investigator that did his research on Thomas murder is back in Easton. This time under he request of Cheyenne’s parent, who consider his daughter could have been murdered and the first suspect is Reed after the dead girl’s laptop had the wicked message to Reed blaming her for everything but she gets out clean.

saoirse-ronan-oThere’s when she starts planing the fund-raising with the intermission of Noelle every five seconds, trying to get Reed out of the spotlight or that’s what Sabine feels and tells her new friend. Until the new president gets her shit together and confronts Noelle, discovering she knew about the emails between them and is ready to move on from that and just forget it if Reed decides to forget their struggle for power and start over without any issues. Reed takes it feeling guilty and in the infamous party she gets unnamed (12)ruined by Ivy who tells the world how the BGs really are and how much of a bitches they can be, Reed can’t hold it and Noelle helps her get on stage and dismisses Ivy. But no secret ever gets kept specially not for Noelle, when a clip of Reed and Dash making out passionately goes viral and sent to every student in Easton. She gets shamed by Noelle and all the girls, even sweet Constance so she runs away managing to tell Dash that their unfortunate secret is public now.tumblr_static_4mb4yhgqv9k40oggo00kgoo0g

Then she crashes on Ivy who tells her why she hates the BGs, in her initiation rituals they asked her and Cheyenne to steal a relic from Ivy’s grandmother and they broke into the house but unfortunately the alarm turned on itself, and the elderly lady got a heart attack; Ivy begged the others to help her help her grandma but they (including her so called bff) run away abandoning her and her dying relative alone. After a year, the poor woman died and her family still blames her for it; then she just  leaves with Josh by the hand and Reed walks away in the freezing streets.

In the beginning with her blaming everyone else but herself for her breakup had me kicking my head with a pillow for like ten minutes, this girl took no responsibilities. And keeps thinking that Josh was guilty too.

I couldn’t help but to feel bad for Reed. In the end, she’s still a teen a doing that to her was just so low. So mean, and unfortunately cruel. I don’t like her particularly but I can’t hate a child, she’s become like this immature cousin you keep trying to help no matter how many times she fucks things up.


So, overall I’m really keen on this series. It’s like watching a CW show, pretty entertaining! Besides, the mysterious aspects are to die for. (+_+)  It has become my new guilty pleasure.


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