Week #62 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hello!, it has been a normal week with the exception of Thursday because I have all the next 3 weeks filled with assignments of my French class. I’ll even attend”La Fête de la Musique” because of it, so I guess not everything shall be tiring, anyways I will still have enough time to read. Which drives us to the four books I was able to read this week, with its different genres, ups and downs.

The first book I read was Vengeance by Kate Brian, the fourteenth and final installment of the astonishing Private Series.


tumblr_mb58pgjQkZ1r82rzqo1_500tumblr_m06mbnYRjq1qaq4ego1_250It starts like some weeks or maybe days after Noelle’s father passing, and his funeral, besides the reading of his will in which he left some of his enormous amount of money to Reed. Now she has decided to use the billions of dollars to rebuild Billings House after giving a generous donation to Headmaster Hathaway for allowing to do this uninterested work. But it seems as only her and few of the girls want to do this since Noelle, doesn’t care and wants to have nothing to do with it. She alleges that her father hated the house and would have had a huge wrath towards the rebuilding of it all as she tries to have a rather calm couple of months until she moves to College with Dash. But no matter what, Reed wants to do this even when many accidents happen while she tries to build the more renovated structure with the help of a famous FORMER Billings GIRL that has a TV show where this things are done. Many obstacles get on her way like the destruction of some floors, also the negative of the estate to have a place like this, she even almost gets kidnapped, but everytime something like this occurs she receives a text warning her of what could go wrong. She doesn’t know who writes them, but she starts suspecting people of doing her wrong specially Graham and Sissy, but also for a while she mistrusts Josh!

It is not until the very end, where she gets tired of it all and faces thetumblr_nl5uv09XDm1slgpylo1_250 unknown with her friends and half sister only to find out the worst of lies she ever saw: Cheyenne is being alive this entire time, she pretended her death obligating Sabine in some aspects, because just as her mother she believes Reed is poisonous and must be cut out of the way to prevent more damage from being done. She has been making people do her dirty work, like Graham, Sissy and this other with the cougar mother who appeared in ‘Paradise Lost’ whose name I cannot remember. And the only who has been helping Reed, has being sweet and innocent Sawyer by his secretive texts. However, she gets reunited with her friends and family to see her sister, and boyfriend graduate.

It wasn’t the best conclusion in history of teen flicks but it was good enough. Anyways, I seriously was upset that even though this was the fucking last book we still didn’t see any sex scene between Reed and Josh. I’m just saying that we got some with Thomas in book one, but for some reason we can’t have some tender and artsy Joshua! Not fair.

PS: Sawyer is sweet and cute as a pony, and I want him for my B-Day! (+_+)


Book number two was the first in a duology written by PLL’s author Sara Shepard, it’s called The Perfectionists.


unnamedFive girls who had nothing in common (apparently), who weren’t even friends planned a murder deciding it would only be a joke to a relentless man whore who somehow fucked their lives. Nolan Hotchkiss was his name, he was handsome, rich, popular, feared, spoiled, respected and not very known for the cruel brat/bitch/bully he really was in a Washington town where nothing but perfection was expected, yeah I’m saying he was because after the girls started the joke he appeared dead in his own animal party. Nobody know who would o something like that to a “pillar of the community”, but weirdly the girls who planned it repeat they unnamed (3)aren’t guilty. First, Caitlin a soccer jock who pretty much owns a more than happy life with her beloved adoptive mothers, her soccer playing boyfriend Josh and a brilliant future ahold with a sport’s scholarship waiting for her in college. However, she’s resentful since Nolan bullied her younger brother to he point of practically force him to commit suicide, she hates him for that and wanted him dead. But now he’s gone her life changes, she doesn’t know who she is and if what is expected for her is enough specially when her boyfriend’s brother (Jeremy) comes in the picture to show giphyher the world besides soccer. Then there’s Ava, a young halftime model with an intelligence expected from a nerd. She’s gorgeous living with her loving father and wicked stepmother, having a perfect relationship with her more than kind boyfriend Alex but some time ago she committed the worst mistake in her life: she dated Nolan for a while and when she dumped him after finding some sexy pictures of his other current girlfriends in his phone he chose to declare her a teacher fucker, he said that was he reason he suddenly got those straight A’s and her rep was ruined. She had a reason to kill him, and after his death a teacher has being instigating her with his desires that she feels she might be what Nolan wanted her to be.unnamed (2) After her, comes Mackenzie “Mac”, a phenomenal cello player with a destiny in Julliard, but she also has her secrets like the fact she has always been in love with her competitive bff’s boyfriend who himself was a friend of her before anything happened between them. In her way of forgetting about him, she found comfort in a surprisingly interested Nola only to give him some sexed up pics and him to reveal he was only a bet and keeping the photos. Her too had a reason to murder the little bastard but now she has worst things to worry about since she has started a hidden affair with her bff’s unnamed (1)tumblr_mkknk0ZeYm1r0re1to3_250boyfriend despite all odds. Finally, there are Julie and Parker. The first is the new It girl with a secret that her whole apparent life is a lie, she lives in the worst house with her nasty mother and her gross and unsanitary cats with a constant fear of being discovered, whom know is developing some feelings for the new Aussie guy in school. Second, there’s Parker (Julie’s BFF, the only one who knows her secret), she was betrayed by Nolan since he was her best friend when she was the most popular girl and despite that he gave her drugs knowing her aggressive father would hurt her because of that, that night he hit her enough to leave her with lots of pretty visible scars in her whole face and body that the cops got him into jail. Now she hides behind a hoodie to cover her imperfections from the rest, and definitely wanted Nolan dead, in the later days she’s dealing with her blackouts and her anxiety issues with a psychologist recommended 687474703a2f2f646174612e77686963646e2e636f6d2f696d616765732f36313235313131312f6c617267652e676966by Julie.

The girls had nothing to do with the case of Nola Hotchkiss until they find something in their young teacher’s (Mr. Granger) phone that could give him the reason of being the real killer or at least a sick man having disgusting sexual desires for his teenage students. But right when they are about to give the police what they found, he’s found dead just when they left his house.

I was by far entertained like I haven’t been in a long time. I even cried of impotence because of Mac’s story and the whole Blake lying to her because of her greedy friend, pretending to love her was just he thing that drove me insane. Because of the cruelty of the thing, that was just one of those things that deeply damages a person’s confidence and self-esteem.

The third one was the second and conclusive book in the duology, entitled The Good Girls.


It starts like a day after the first book. Now people suspect that whoever killed Mr. Granger also murdered Nolan, as the girls grow more confused as to who could have been a person who had hated them enough to copy their plan of innocent murderous thoughts, tumblr_inline_npy5quaQxg1szaa83_500specially since people is still dying around them. With Caitlin, things are weird between her and Jeremy as they sealed with the fact they are way more different than they ever expected, she loves him but also cares for his brother and her soccer team so she’s torned. Then there’s Ava dealing with the fact Alex betrayed her and now has being taken into custody for the likelyunnamed (4) murder of Mr. Granger, she gets even worst when his trouble violent past is revealed and she starts questioning if her life is just meant to be loveless to the point of driving her insane. Specially since her hateful stepmother is driven into a coma after 406df7720aea5374334428fafb434cebbeing pushed from the balcony by the killer, Ava remembers that she wrote that exact same thing next the other girls. Then Mac is still dealing with Blake and Claire’s sick betrayal but is pending on getting safe into Julliard no matter what, even if she had to prove Claire that if she wants anything she’ll take it even when it is an extremely hot pianist, even when she still holds feelings for Blake after receiving some real apologies and a truthful love confession after actuallylargeunnamed (5) breaking up with Claire, she genuinely doesn’t know what to. Finally, there’s Julie and Parker. The first is enjoying a calm relationship with Aussie Carson Wells after her dirty secrets are unveiled and she hardly gets out of her house because of the fear of being mocked thanks to bitch Ashley who ultimately gets killed as she said out loud in front of the others. Then there’s Parker still secretively going to some appointments with the psychologist who apparently was stalking her, because now her dad has just being killed in prison just as she wished and her blackouts reveal lots of nasty actions.

The ultimate twist is revealed and thanks to a couple of fucking YouTube Spoilery bitches, (sorry for my language but who the does that?! Apparently these bitches do!)…


…I kinda figured some things out. Like the fact Parker was actually dead, but what was shocking for me was that it was Julie he entire time going nuts because of Parker’s death that she killed  plan for her, then Ashley for herself, then tried to do the same to Ava’s stepmother for her new friend and was definitely on her way of doing the same for Mac as well. It was twisted and well done, so polished and with a cliffhanger that makes you want to hang the author for not writing another book.

Finally, we have the ancient fashion directed that is The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger.

unnamed (12)giphy (6)Ok, we are introduced to Andrea ‘Andy’ Sachs who just returned from a gap year between finishing college and getting an actual job as all adults must do. She wants to work for the New Yorker but knows that she will have to wait a huge amount of time before seeing her dream come true, so he gets an interview win a fashion magazine she hardly recognises with her disastrous unmatched outfit, and surprisingly gets the job as the second assistant of the editor in chief of Runway, the infamous Mrs. Miranda Priestly. Apparently millions of girls would give their eyeballs for her job, according to her new coworker Emily, Miranda’s new first puppy assistant. She’s revealed a world of lies, cheating and self-interest that is the fashion industry commanded by her devilish, wicked and demanding boss. She sees a other girls loose themselves, their families, friends and relationships thanks to their jobs and how much she can become like them… until she actually does.

First, of all I had already seen the movie years ago and I fell in love with every single aspect of it so you can only dare to imagine how excited I was when I download the ebook version of it. Now, after finishing it all I have to say is that IT SUCKED! The characters were plain, the whole plotline was plain and boring, it had no spirit neither substance. It was such an empty work.

giphy (7)

And the only thing that I can rescue was the boldness of the author to try making us readers believe this was totally not Anna Wintour by adding her in some scenes as well, so childishly funny. THAT’S ALL.

unnamed (13).gif


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