Week #63 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi y’all! (I still somehow don’t finish getting the American custom of southerners when starting a conversation with that little phrase but I’m trying to be spontaneous.) Anyways, I thought this was gonna be a hard week but it ended up being so easy in university, as always manipulating the strings of classmates to do what I want. It sounds mischievous and cocky but I know it will be useful when my fears overcome me in the near future, specially my fear of getting out at night or just talking to people I think are superior in some kind of way. It’s complicated, though I’m not here to discuss my life as an ambiguous individual but as a fangirling YA fan so here they are, the four books I managed to read this week.

First of all we have the highly anticipated (at least by us hardcore fans) Blood Kiss by J. R. Ward. The first book in her new steamy spin-off series Black Dagger Legacy.


giphy (3)unnamed (7)In this new series there are two main plots that connect each other, and also two couples with similarities and differences but that anyhow complemented the other. I refer to this story: Paradise the daughter of Wrath’s first advisor has just entered to the experimental training classes to belong to the Brotherhood and stop begin a seemingly weak lady to become a rather strong and self motivated independent young woman. Forgetting about her beauty, category in the Glymera but still counting with the support of her loving father. Even though her only true friend doesn’t believe she’ll even make it, and technically she doesn’t either but now she wants to prove everyone wrong. She does in the first task when only seven survive and she proves to be a though cookie to beat. Paradise doesn’t want to be treated differently because of her place in the vampire society, she wants to earned that place in people’s hearts with her skills as a fighter and good person, not as a damsel in distress neither as a baby caring vassal. Specially since “The Shadows”, where she met this handsome pledge named Craeg who also wants to become a brother but he is so much different than her, not only in the economic range but also in the way of seeing life. After the last bloody lesser attacks she leans on hope whereas he does on his thirsty revenge on the Glymera for not helping his middle class family survive because of their ridiculous beliefs. He wants to become indestructible and his desire and feelings for her are making him forget about it, he looses control for this beautiful and brave female of value but will it be the same if he knew the truth? That she’s part of the same institution he wants to hunt down? Next storyline stays with our known andgiphy (4)unnamed (33) warm Butch and Marissa. Living a mated life is not as easy as it looks, it requires commitment, love and honesty, that last one being the only one they seem to lack in many ways. While Marissa finds a female dying at the doors of the Safe Place, nobody knows a thing about her and she dies but that scars our poor sweet Marissa. As she handles a probable reunion with her estranged brother, the fact she wants to know and kill the very killer of the female; she needs answers about not only he murder but also on her own nightmare and secret desires. And who’s better than her hellren to answer this, but he doesn’t want to since he still sees her as this captive, innocent and pure not touched by sin child-woman that by the grace of God chose him to be her partner, although he’s hiding his own secrets from her that could cause a huge cataclysm in their relationship. However is up to them only to find a way of healing and sharing.

So, it’s pretty obvious I fell in love with the characters, with the writing style, the ships and the beautiful plotline again. And that’s why I’ll only discuss SPOILERS now, ok well Paradise has become my new favourite kick-ass lead in the series, cause she is not only capable of kicking some ass but also maintains her lady like features, is not resentful neither unfair; she remains calm and gentle with a strong determination that many other characters lack! J’adore elle no matter what!! (+_+)

unnamed (10)giphy (5)
While talking about the two ships, I’m excited and glad that these two managed to solve their issues and went through the communication drama and secrecy, thanks JR Ward.

unnamed (11)

Second is the new adult perfection known as Wrong by Jana Aston.


So let me introduce you the main characters and the plot itself. The Fi_cutefemale lead is Sophie a young woman in her early twenties who has only had two boyfriends (from whom one turned out being totally gay and the other seems to be straight) and is about to graduate from College. She’s a down to earth girl who doesn’t want much in life but to become an accountant, work at a coffee shop until she graduates, not ending up like her teenage mother who gave her up to her grandparents and then died, maybe stop her bff from telling to stop being a virgin and see more of her hot older regular client: Luke Miller. She knows nothing more than he surely is important since he always wears expensive suits and is more than just gorgeous, she thinks this is just an innocent fantasy that has less possibilities of occurring than a pig flying in a hello kitty outfit while singing JT’s Suit&Tie. So you unnamed (4)can only imagine her surprise, when going to the gynecological surgery to have some pill prescriptions for he first time with her boyfriend, Luke ends up being her gynecologist who drives her to have a tiny but embarrassingly obvious orgarm. Not much time passes for her to ditch her perverted boyfriend to be in an oblivious relationship with Luke, who despite everything telling him not to want her still takes her virginity and sexual inexperience. Anyhow, he’s not only an rich doctor who one day will inherit the hospital but has a secret past which could cause some fractures in his new relationship if he doesn’t handle to cut them from the roots.

I felt like I read a NY fairy tale and I just didn’t want to abandon it. The author is so good and kind on making the end for this Beauty of a book, it was like my dreams… well the dreams I always had for ships came true in this occasion and I’m thrilled, thankful and bubbly. I’m literally on air. Or maybe I need air, whatever.

The couple was on fleek, almost nothing wrong happened and maybe some people would feel bored but I felt lovely while I read pages and pages of Sophie and Luke falling all over heals for each other, they were cute and so adorable. And I like her personality, She’s like this girl you better not mess with, but she’s not into teenage drama besides she sets her feminist side pretty up in her own standards not in what society has forced her to decide. And I’m so happy she has decided without looking at other’s mistakes but forging her own future.

I recommend this for the tragically unwanted hopelessly and old school romantics.


Third is the sweet innocent classic tale of ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ by Lewis Carroll.


So here I’ll explain the character appreciation because seriously this has no logical plot, like Alice’s sudden change of aptitude from a Victorian well-behaved young child to this wondered by discovery adventurous girl.

I surely must name the flowers, male and females. All of them bitches, but he male. Really like the old bragging ladies of court gossiping and inventing rumors about others despite their own beauty, not caring for feelings and just trying to hurt others for the minimum flaw.


Then Tweedledee and Tweedledum being the quirky twins the world always seems to expect when they wear the same outfit, finish each other’s phrases and fight over incoherent things.

unnamed (5)

Then was Humpty Dumpty as a total brat. Equal to the kings, Princes and lords, his head and ego grew so much as an egg talking about himself, and how right he always was. And at the moment Alice left, he forgot the blonde little girl.


In the end, there’s a White Knight so dumb, and inexperienced that you can see him as a buffoon more than a sword willing heroe. I interpreted it as the characterisation of the Prince Charming that only held in the hopes and tales told to children as Alice, because without them that concept would have been away until today.


Finally there was another highly anticipated by many and I mean many fans, I’m talking about ‘Queen of Shadows’ by Sarah J. Maas.


Ok, so the plot is too damn big to speak so I’ll divide this into character’s paragraphs to make it easy.

Aelin she is. Caelena no more. Even though she wants to betumblr_mwm97ww9qr1qbflbeo7_r1_250.gif the Heir and everything, she’s still the killer not fair ruler. She goes back to Andarlan and no matter how ruined things are, bitch still only has Rowan on her mind at least on a 70% of her time like a teenager. Embarrassingly awful, she’s no longer a classic badass but also a flirty dumbass. I liked her before, but now not so much. I mean, she even wanted to kill Dorian with such normality like it was perfect from the start, God! I just think she’s going to her old book two version when she did Chaol and fucked things over, she doesn’t learn from her mistakes but commits them again.

unnamed (6)Dorian. My sweet baby as gone through a lot, first Sorscha died (am I seriously the only one who liked her?!) and now he’s a fucking slave of his crazy wicked father that to that gross dark necklace, he’s constantly being hurt by the Demon Prince and even forgets his name. However if it wasn’t for Manon, her wit and beauty I know he would have never been back at all. And Chaol and their impenetrable long lasting friendship, my babe would have been more lost. Thank God he’s back!

Chaol and his bipolar disorder. First, he wants to set Dorian free and blames everything on CealenAelin when it was his obvious fault, I mean he abandoned him, but he wanted to rescue him and that’s all that matters to me. But then he wanted to kill him cause he was *lost* in darkness, and trusted Aelin on everything. Ugh! And then he had his respectable side with the last talk he gave to his former kick ass lover Nesryn and her bow&arrows before leaving for war and facing almost ultimate death if it wasn’t for the faery spit fire Queen bitch.

Lysandra: She’s perfect. She’s a ghost leopard, a courtesan and now a skilled murderer. Love her!


Finally but definitely not least important there were the witches! Manon and her thirteen, with Abraxos and the other dragons and her bitch face. Love her. Ok so she found more of her humanity in this book, she started so loyal to her godforsaken cruel grandmother despite all shit she was requesting but ultimately offer her loyalty and warmth to her true family, her thirteen that is to Asterin and her tear bringing tragic love story, and Elide with her inability to be fucking brave. Oh, and she might develop some platonic feelings for Dorian, and what better way to end things than like this. My two favorite characters being together! Stay away from him Aelin, the new King of Andarlan is taken by the courageous Blackbeack heir!


Let’s be honest from the start, if it hadn’t been for the Manon parts and the badass war going on I would have qualified this on four stars only because of the redeeming second part because that first part was a disaster, a walking wild (in the wrong way) mess. First of all, there was Celaena embracing her Aelin identity but only thinking as a teenage fifteen year old desperate to see her crush again instead of acting like a queen, when she actually wants to be treated like that. She’s constantly longing for Rowan and then he appears being a total womanizer completely destroying the image I had of these two in a relationship, it wasn’t passionate, it was cheesy and messy, in other words: I wasn’t pleased, neither impressed. Second, Chaol acting like an idiot blaming everyone for his abandonment, but I gave him a go when he forbid bitch-spitting-fire Queen of touching Dorian, who reacted at no shit.

But going to the good aspects, I loved the incorporation of Lysandra she was marvelous and just needed in a situation with so little main female characters that aren’t mechanical murderous, I love her storyline and her aptitude. Then Manon, as always she keeps surprising me and has become my favorite character in the series even before mon cher Dorian! She has grown so human and respected for her good done to her coven and race, besides I fell in love with Asterin as well such a powerful message, finally my sweet Elide was just a precious shining pearl.

As I said before, the second part was the best and I would prefer the next book to have the same pace and entertaining moments, no more Aelin&Rowan cheesiness please.

Ps: I’ve found a new sailing ship in Dorian (he deserves a happy romance) and Manon (she deserves love as well). Don’t you dare separating them, Sarah J. Maas! Don’t you dare!

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