Week #64 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi! Sorry for my absence, if anyone here noticed it. My internet connection got ruined and the company was too lazy to fix it since last week, so you can imagine how out of this world I was. I couldn’t go to an internet café since there are lots of annoying and loud children playing computer games, then I had not enough time to use the WiFi connection of my University so I was trapped but I still managed to read as many books as I possibly could.

I really don’t remember how many I read but it’s like a matter of two weeks, so there will be no review on Saturday. Anyways, let’s begin.

First, I read the late 70’s classic that most people were forbidden to read, and others just refuse to do it because they considered the author was not good. I’m talking about Flowers In The Attic by V. C. Andrews.


I’ll start by saying I felt attracted to this book while I was searching for gifs for a review I was writing, then Rose McIver’s role in the 2014 sequel’s adaptation came to me and I was so interested in the whole cinematography that I did my proper research, spoiling the main plotlines of the five books series and I couldn’t help but to feel besotted and attracted to the idea of the main topic on it. So I immediately put only the first book in my TBR list since I know I won’t be ready for more, and maybe in a near future I could actually feel prepared enough to resist the amount of unfairness and pain I’ve been told these books can cause.


Without further ado, here goes my review:


So, I was expecting the worst thought I had already seen the movie adaptations, and I liked the second one better. But I was expecting the worst from the book because of many people criticising VC Andrews writing and how everything she wrote was crap, however I found myself amused that her writing style wasn’t poetic or even metaphorical but realistic in the mind of a 12 to 14 year old, describing emotions and raw situations in a few understandable tumblr_n5u4rcli0I1tcs1nuo1_250.gifwords. The story itself is just brilliant because it transports you to the world of injustice and savagery that the sweet little Dresden Dolls are forced to live in, where they discover forbidden feelings, the lost of childhood and a remarkable lost of trust in their remaining parental figure. And all because of ambition, not entirely because of starvation or the constant beatings but because of the lack of love in their young lives. I fell in love with Cathy and most of her notions, I grew to hate Corrine like a hell hound and even though I’m not planning on reading the following I must admit this has been a great reading experience.

Second book was the new adult-ish named The Opposite of Nothing by Shari Slade.
Well, this is really simple. Pretty kind girl lives with trust and social issues, she’s fallen in love with her best male friend, she has started to sext with him using the alias of her cousin’s pic and a different name besides a naughty personality that even surprises herself but she once she starts living with her hot friend, she’ll have to decide if she Rather’s telling the truth at risk or living a lie that could make her own an eternity. Her name is Callisto, or Callie to abbreviate. She’s in love with Taybor. He has secret hidden feelings for his best female friend, he feels he would never deserve her so he screws everything that moves and even has an online sex relationship with a mysterious girl he has come to want so bad, his past hurts him and his future is unknown but after giving up to his feelings for Callie, he will know if it’s better to tell the truth or living the sweet illusion of romance.
giphy (1)
My only comment here must be the followin: I WISH IT HAD BEEN LONGER AND WITH MORE CHARACTER development.
 Third book was the super teenage heroine in Being Jamie Baker by my beloved Kelly Oram.
Omg! This was unbelievably badass. When I came across this one, I was terrified of how wrong this could end up being since I’ve never read super hero kind of stuff more than Rebel Belle and that wasn’t something to be amazed by so I was expecting this to be ok. However, it was magnificent.


The story itself was magnificent, it had a good pace and rightfully structured plotline which gave me the chills! Its characters were consistent and reliable, but as nobody can trick me anymore in betrayal matters to the point of making me a paranoid reader, I figured it out like since he said the word “power”. But overall, the emotions it transferred me were welcomed and wanted, I got to feel depression because of her sadness, laughter because of his hilarious lines, and badassery thanks to her own amount of kick-ass lightening scenes!

I mean, Ryan is so cute and cocky, almost like a Herondale just that this time we don’tonly rely on his sad back story but on his current tenderness, funny remarks and memorable actions! #HisInsistence
Then Jamie was my type of badass, abnegated but still willing to do some justice! She’s a heroine whether she wants to see it or not.


Next one was the lovely though shocking sequel More Than Jamie Baker.


This was a rollercoaster of feelings, suspicion and again badassery. And here are my uncommon thoughts:


I’ll start this review by giving my opinion overall the book. I felt the pace was perfect, not too fast neither too slow and somehow everything fell into place, and I love playing detective in these books and I also love that I’m always right with my guesses; except for that epilogue. I mean, wtf Kelly Oram?! Wtf?!! Nice move, I mean I’m in my angst mode but still, even a hardcore shipper and supporter of Jamie must admit that was a clever and unexpectedly nice move.
Ok, no going to the SPOILERY SECTION, wow I saw Teddy’s betrayal from the moment he said that some people had adopted him and used his powers! I knew it had to be that, I mean he never mentioned names and he’s so crazy obssesed with Jamie! That little bitch! And that ending, I hope the author somehow kills him in a poetic but anyways awful way!

Now, my sweet ship! My heroine and the cutie who gets the super-kisses! Now she doesn’t remember! Damn!!!! I need the next one! I need it!

Then came the two first books in the Half Bad trilogy by Sally Green.

And since I can hardly remember the plotline without giving to much away, I’ll just post my two reviews.

Half bad:


When you think of witches, the first thing that comes to your mind, or to my mind at least is that they are a coven made in trust, goodwill and camaraderie but here that’s not entirely true. It’s a bad mess, because when you’re a half blood in the witch society your life becomes a living hell specially for Nathan, because he’s part bad and part good. He’s been mistreated and neglected by people who drove him away from his family, even his bitchy oldest sister (seriously what a bitch!).
I slowly fell in love with the platonic couples and rough characters without even realising of it. How surprising it was for me to find that out. I mean, first I was thinking well… This another maze runner experience with boys and tough times, and perspectives but then I found myself fangirling over this manly and rhetoric point of view.
Like for example, for a moment, I thought omfg what if Annalise married Clay, I mean Gabriel said pretty young wife and well. So I’m so fucking glad that she was the girl in the house, and not married to that cruel bitch.
My love for the characters and innovative love triangle only grew more than what I expected.

Half wild:


tumblr_mdcbuqZ9Zy1qd2fmao2_500In my mins there were going to be such awful things to my ship (Nathan&Annalise), but now there’s a huge hole on it and I’m in tears for that last moment where he blames her for everything and it is insufferable, such a heartbreaking moment. So painful.
And I must admit that I was torned about the entire Gabriel and Nathan scenes, ’cause I wish he wasn’t so needy or open about his distrust of Mon dear Annalise.
The comes the melancholic side of life when Marcus tells Nathan, they are the same and I was like No!! You can have a life with your little white witch, and with kids and in the prairie.


Finally, there were the teenagery, girly and strange first two books in the Gossip Girl series by Cecily von Ziegesar.

So, I always wanted to see the TV adaptation of GG on the CW but I was never able, blame it on my lack of knowledge of the channel though me being a twelve year old Southampton girl kind of explains it all. But I as interested in the characters and the wholetumblr_inline_mjxwe7ewcv1qz4rgp intrigue, backstabbing and comfy topics. But I was amazed to see characters unlike no other I have never seen ; for example there was cold-blooded but somehow cheerful Serena who didn’t care that she slept with her bff’s boyfriend while he was away in Scotland, who sees nothing wrong in reminding him the good memories of their first time. She was no innocent and I don’t know if she was just naively stupid as a child of seven playing with friends or just too liberated to care abouttumblr_msraz0fhLx1qc8jh0o1_500 people’s feelings rather than her own selfish desires. The other side of the coin was Serena’s former BFF, Blair whose low self-confidence has chained her to a guy who’ll ever understand her love, neither her weaknesses nor her inner goodness. She’s no innocent but wants all that has been denied to her so Blair needs perfection, all is demanded from her but she never gets what she wants: not the guy she thinks is the One, not the friend she thoughttumblr_llbg28kBCC1qbp7ebo1_500_1 was Forever, not the family she once cherished. And finally comes Nate Archibald, God! This dude is so cruel, manipulative and such a slut! I don’t like him, he’s childish and immature and a jackass so he’s not even worth it to talk about. No matter how hot people say he is!

This books let me thinking about the lack of codes, or moral, or even friendship senses these people have. They don’t know in what a relationship or a normal friendship are based on; it becomes desperate and apocalyptic in a certain way. They are children learning ? Or future elders with a kid inside? IDK.


Anyways, this was it. See you next Saturday.


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