Week #65 of Reading Like A Maniac

Ok, I know I said I would post this on Saturday but I just realised I’m hosting a pajamas party that night, and yeah I’m 20 and I’m still doing that stuff. But anyways, I have to arrange many things that day like making my house habitable and wholesome again, oh and baking some strawberry cupcakes ! I love those things…. In the meantime I will post my thoughts and feelings I had while reading these eight books, yeah I managed to read this amount in finals week in university. I’m That awesome! Goodreads should be proud of me.

First things first, there was the penultimate book in the annoying yet compelling Selection series by Keira Kass, I’m talking about “The Heir”.


There has being twenty years or something since the last book (The One) ended, when America singer finally chose Maxon and married him as Queen Consort, while Aspen went away with one of her maids. But that’s so not important now, here we are introduced to tumblr_inline_nnqn6uzItW1siunq9_500Eadlyn Schreave (or however her last name is spelled, there has being years and I still can’t pronounce neither write it). She’s the crown princess of Eillea (there goes another, it must be Illegal, right ?), future Queen Regent once her father decides it’s time for him to abdicate because no a woman can rule and there are no numbers anymore so everything seems perfect but it is not like that at all. And Eadlyn knows it but she has more trouble than she thought she did, not only she carries the responsibility of managing a country but also because of those riots and trembling danger the royals are facing, her parents have decided to to summit her on her own personal Selection. There she’ll meet friends, allies, old frenemies, crazy sociopaths and maybe the unexpected love she so refuses to admit in her heart.



Again. Keira did it again, I fell in live with characters in many different ways from the little brother characteristics of Henri to this slowly burning flame that Eikko and Kile brought into the picture. And this is the first time I’m actually relating with this main character since before I just wanted America to choose Aspen and bitch didn’t, now I’m as torned as Eadlyn. Besides her whole self-esteem issues and that she doesn’t know a thing about the people she’s to rule, then Erhan leaving when America has her heart attack! I’m dying, I mean I cried till I lost it when she read his letter.


No need to say, I can’t wait for the conclusion.

Ps: I also like Eikko a lot and Kile, but Eikko more but Kile is so hot! God! This is hard!

Next one was the so called NA stand alone that I honestly think it’sjust YA with some upbeat of sexyness known as “When Summer Ends” by Isabelle Rae.


This story is about a genuine strong meant to be love, like there is tumblr_mkqs98bt8u1rbrg5uo1_500unnamed (2)no other in real life. When seventeen year old Chloe enters a nightclub and helps the poor but hot bartender Will Morris. She tells him she’s still in school and he just smiles as they soon get in a steamy yet tender relationship during the summer, she feels ready to say I love you when he has already said it. But once her senior year starts she sees him there, but he’s not her classmate… he’s her maths teacher and she hates math! Her once sweet older and gentle boyfriend, immediately calls her off cause she didn’t specify she was still a minor and that could drive him to lose his job, his reputation and freedom so he ends the relationship. She’s heartbroken, but no matter how much they try to be away from each other, sometimes it’s amazingly impossible.


Ok, so the story itself was unexpectedly magnificent. I thought it would be boring and too long, or just the classic sexy story but this brought me to the world of contemporary romance at its finest, so polished, tremendously kind, lovingly crafted and perfectly structured. Besides wonderfully unexpected in everyway, I mean when you thought I cliché would pop up it took a different direction, so out of the ordinary, original and innovative.
The characters were nicely designed and pretty defined from day one, they weren’t plain but distinctive and with its individual characteristics.

I hadn’t read a book like this in a long time, and I cannot even consider this as a cheesy one.

And that epilogue!

Next was the ok YA technical stand alone but actually first one in a series known as “Awkward” by Marni Bates.


Her life is over! Well  her social life has always been the most awful unnamed (8)series of accidents and uncomfortable situations an anxious girl can possibly handle. For Mackenzie, her life is a race of awkward memories which started with her outing her own father as a gross cheater when she was just a toddler and she accidentally discovered him with her ballet teacher in a public recital. But now things have gone way further, she’s a YouTube star that never intended it when a clip of her kicking that crap out of an athlete as trying to CPR him correctly and obviously failing goes viral. She will discover that being a cool kid might not be that bad, and that no matter what you find yourself with friends, a rock band, Ellen’s show and the hot jock you’ve been tutoring cause they’ll help her realise how great and admired she can be.


Well, I must start by saying how much Mackenzie is like me, we’re both low confident and super awkward, with many unlikely habits and hobbies most young people have; we know the hierarchy of school despite the world doesn’t. And we’ve probably have seen too many American teen-flicks that guide our lives. Besides we both don’t get Boy language. And despite it all, I didn’t hate her but learned to deal with her and accompany her in this ride as a friend.

unnamed (10)

Then I also feel obligated to highlight that I love the fact the author didn’t push the romance, she made it slightly consistent with her own smooth scenes. And that last kiss was everything, I wasn’t expecting to FANGIRL but I did. And I liked it. ❤

unnamed (11)

The following book is the Adult/menage-a-trois fest known as “Blush” by Opal Carew.

1207 blush - new

Hannah is totally frustrated. This young woman owns her own coffee shop, she’s gorgeous but she has a huge issue; she has never had an orgasm. Never, not even by her own, neither by her dreamy ex-boyfriend Grey (interesting name, huh?). She’s been taught not to say her desires out loud so when her older and wilder sister advices her to have a one night stand with a hot Kamasutra tantric teacher , she immediately refuses but when she meets J. M. in a hot night when she forgets of her own inhibitions and she accepts him to teach her how to reach her highest point of pleasure. But as she’s falling for this kind man, Grey comes back with an “I love you” and a proposal she can’t refuse. Who will she choose ?


To be quite honest, I’ve never read something like that in a book, but definitely one fanfiction that was lovely so I was afraid and biased about it. The whole menage thing going on with the romance, I was afraid that I might not like it but my enthusiasm kept me reading and I’m glad I was not disappointed by it. The romance was in a medium state of good, but the innovation of the topic and feelings mixed with tantric studies was the true key that absorbs the reader to go through this adventure.

unnamed (17)

Right after we have the final installment in the Gallagher Girls Series by Ally Carter, “United We Spy”.


Ok. So I’ll just go ahead with my review, no plot needed since this is the end of a series that I love and I started this year, so funny, so innovative for me at least, and perfect.


OVERALL, the story itself was pretty consistent and still fun as f. I enjoyed the whole wtf moments and was pleased by the end, it was a little bittersweet but realistic enough to give me the feels. Specially with that valedictorian speech, seriously I almost cried.

unnamed (21)
Ok, going to SPOILERS. I need to have a prequel on Catherine’s PoV from the time she entered Gallagher to know what happened to drive her insane, to make her miserable enough to actually take her own life. There has to be some back story to it and I need to know!!!

Next is the YA mystery standalone known as Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas.


Anna can’t believe this is happening to her. Her bff has been murdered, her boyfriend is a suspect and she’s in jail under that same charge. All because they were together in a holiday island for Spring Break with some friends, in Anna’s eyes only two guys can be the killers but the authorities don’t believe her and her friends fade away. She’s alone, she’ll come to understand that she must prove her innocence by finding out how wicked her bff Elise really was and all that friendship really meant for both, how the meaning was totally different than she thought.


So… ok… the plot was well settled, for many moments I thought I knew who the killer was, even though I had already accidentally spoiled myself in a frightening rage but anyways, I considered sticky Mel had reasons just as useless Tate so you can imagine my wtf expression when I found out the truth the way the author did; supper fucking clever. I repeat, super fucking clever! Claps to Ms. Haas on that move.


Ok, from now on I’ll talk SPOILERS.
Dude! I feel torned towards Anna’s entire act. It was so smart and smooth that you can actually tell when she’s play-acting but only if you take an special and specific attention to her rage moments, like not to her words or lack of tears but towards the tiny seconds she feels trapped by what she thought was Mel probably hearing the murder or the weakness she portrays when she faces Tate, you know she’ll get revenge. But I love something the most, and that was that the author managed to feel the agony that is being in a prosecution trial that goes for a year I think while she slowly looses it all. She understands that only with her act she’s loosing those around her, friends and little family she had left, but with her tiny moments of true she has gained the heart of admirer Lee, though.

However, it makes you think. You sided with a murderer, she stabbed her traitorous bff 13 times and the bitch tried to stop her. That’s sick but I found myself siding with Anna, I mean right after my wtf face when I read the “I won” part, I was gigging while saying “the bitch had it coming”. Wicked, but true.

Ps: I cried during her stay in jail.


Then came the NA/YA romancy first novel I a new series by K. A. Tucker, named “Ten Tiny Breaths”.


tumblr_inline_mqp2sbZ7ym1qz4rgpcarrie-diariesKacey not always was a hardcore though as nails woman, but after turned out as the only survivor in a car crashed provokes by a drunk driver where her boyfriend, bff and parents died, it is understandable. Her only worry is her little fifteen year old sister who was almost molested by her gambling addict uncle, they both runaway and find a new sort of home in a room in Miami. Kacey has promised to not care about herself, not going to college neither finishing high school neither, not even think about a boyfriend: just so her sister Livie gets a shot of getting a life after this. But everything comes as she wasn’t expecting it when she finds a job, finds friends and a guy who only wants to make her smile. What could go wrong? Well, everything.


Now I love K. A. Tucker cause of this. The book was brilliant, a path of self healing and wonder, the main character’s way all around her mental illness, dealing with forgiveness, traumas and love. How it all matches, how it all finds its own way. Tender and tasthere’.

Ok. So going SPOILERS:
So the moment Kacey mentioned that one of the drunken drivers had survived I thought of Trent, but then she said she knew their names so I backed off a little but then when it was revealed that he actually was the same guy… omfg I went mad, Sofia Vergara kind of crazy! Cause I knew it.

After my whole ‘I knew it’ moment, I realised this meant the end of this kind and loving ship so I lost it. I needed them together, cause they could heal each other no matter how stalker-ish Trent/Cole could have been.

Anyways, how awesome is that they ended up together no matter what! Whoop!


Finally, there was the sequel, “One Tiny Lie” by the same author.



There has being 3 years since he end of the previous one. Kacey is still dating and in love with Trent/Cole, but what about Livie? She just got to Princeton as an 18year-old and has taken her therapist and sister’s advice to live a little since people say she’s always been repressed and it’s kind of true since she’s never had a boyfriend, neither a bff, neither her first kiss neither anything of that. So I her first day she goes to a wild party where a hot yet bitchy guy steals away her first tumblr_nq9j4aEtrX1u25k7to5_250kiss and Jell-O shots of her mouth, and when her sister gives her more the Beast is set free. Next morning, she’s with a tattoo, naked and with swift memories of many kisses, touches and sexyness with the same annoying guy who she now knows as Ashton, he’s a womanizer and has a girlfriend of his own but makes her promise not to tell anything. She accepts if he promises the same so his bff that she’s interested in doesn’t find out; this pact is kept but the feelings… the urges and tension, could them be stopped?


Now I’m in charge of reviewing this and I’m dividing it in two crucial parts with tons of spoilers, so for my non Spoilery section I’ll said that this has been a satisfying read and I’m glad I took part in this beautiful experience, I found myself in Livie and that was harsh but ultimately right.

Anyways, here goes the SPOILERS warning:
I was dropping some tiny tears when Ashton talked about his father beating him up to the point of leaving scars all around his back and partially in the rest of his body, cause I had hate him or at least consider him a ANNOYING foolish asshole (who he still is but U know…) for such a long time that it was hard for me seeing him as a poor little boy suffering abuse. Then it came the moment when he didn’t told her about his engagement in that rage of a love triangle that took place the day after Livie and Ashton’s first time: there I lost it, my heart was broken and I cried but like I ugly cried with Kleenex all over my floor as I kept reading in my mobile. I was cursing and drinking some lemonade cause that’s like ice cream for me; I thought no! My shipping heart is on hot hurting ashes but then they got back together and he told her the story of his childhood and recent life all fucked up because of his mean father. And I lost it again. I was swimming in a pool of my own ugly tears.

Going to section two that I will name “Shipping Heart”, when he first told her she was his forever girl! Awwww! So fucking unusually sweet! Then when he said she was his freedom, that all his tattoos meant freedom including her name on his butt, :3 and let’s not forget their first time when she took off his leather bracelet to represent her setting him free of his father’s abuse. There I lost it in the feels. And finally, that moment with his mom and him practically begging her forgiveness and she giving into him, so called! So right! Too perfect for me to handle! And all thanks to the crazy psychiatrist. Love him ❤

See y’all next week on the same day. This time I’ll kkeep my oath. ^_^


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