Week #66 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi! I know I said I was gonna be here for like yesterday but I was o into a book that I couldn’t help but to wait for today. But here I’m enjoying my holidays, preparing myself for my computer classes and the next cycle of translation. Without further ado I’ll talk about this week’s crossed outs of my TBR list.

First one is the third novel in the claimed NA/YA series, Four Seconds to Lose by K. A. Tucker.


unnamedtumblr_inline_mfvyr2t5fM1rqkf12This follows new resident of Miami, “Charlie Rooke” a runaway desperate to get a job as a stripper in ‘Penny’s Palace’ so she can get out of her mischievous and criminal secret life, she’s not aloud to make friends but she becomes bffs with a redheaded bartender with a golden heart, she’s not aloud to move out but she moves to a new building bought by her new boss, she’s not aloud to let people in but she falls I’m love with her boss Cain and with his some sort of family. On the other hand, he’s not supposed to feel shamelessly attracted to one of his employees who resembles an old love, he’s not supposed to refused her to do lap dances, and he’s seriously not supposed to fall for her but he does anyways risking more than his business but his own life. Together they’ll find out if this relationship is meant to last based in lies or is confined to be a short time flame.


So this book had me wanting to know what’s next, I was totally interested in the plotline, the characters and how intense everything was. I was hipnotized by the lovely romance and insufferable angst that went along with it, so hard! Anyways, here I’ll talk about the moments that made me cringe with excitement or sadness, the scenes that took my emotions and just shook them like dust in a vacuum cleaner.

Here goes the SPOILERS alert:
How heartbreaking was seeing Charlie suffering for having to lie to Cain despite her feelings? I mean, there’s when I started sobbing like a fith grader without ice cream, then she saw him with clingy China and I lost it for the heartbreak again! I insulted kind Cain, and didn’t even though of China herlsef in his messy equation. Then when she said her technical final goodbye to him? Ok, let’s not talk about how I fully lost it there.

To the happy moments, so when they were reunited? I cried again, I couldn’t believe how fast I change from melancholic tears to happy ones. I mean they deserved some joy in their crappy last moments, all or her little public phone mistake. After that, the reunion with the grandparents and the fact she has a family related to her by blood, she was so happy and so was I! Everything fell into place and the book was reaching its end.

But when we talk about wtf moments, I must admit that all that amount of sex in the Sin City was my breaking point, how girls were just tools or equipment for those men was truly disgusting. However, there were some moments that I’ll define as WTH because they were smaller and not so insulting though still I was worried: I’m talking about the more than ten times Cain literally couldn’t spend two seconds talking to Charlie without checking on her tits and ultimately quoting on his mind about itself. That was a serious tit issue, right there sir.

Finally, the shocking aspect was the fact that Charlie’s true name was Penny :O and oh right that fucking Sam was beheaded but nobody really cares about the asshole, I mean she had the same name as the dead girl! Omfg.

Next one was the follow up of the same series named Five Ways to Fall by the same glorious author.


Reese just got out of a bad marriage in an ugly way with red splashes all over her ex’s walls and in jail, so when her former stepfathertumblr_nkvwlyTNcL1tv2dqho9_r2_250 suggests her to move on with her life since she’s still young and agrees to make a career or at least take a job as a laws assistant in his lawsuit. But before she decides to have some last fun as the rebellious purple headed she is, by drinking a lot and intending to have sex recklessly with a jock-like blonde and she fails since all that alcohol goes up her brain, actually up his shirt. So when she attends her first day of work, she’s shocked and embarrassed to see the same guy working tumblr_inline_ni5pvwRN9Z1rc9jscthere too. He’s Ben, former guard of ‘Penny’s Palace’ and now a graduated lawyer who was besotted when the hot rocker girl who vomited on his shirt runaway without even giving him her number, so he’s more than happy to have found her in the most difficult situation ever. They both feel the attraction but their own walls will come in between each other, they’ll have to be there for the other in good and bad times so they’ll find out if they are right or wrong.


Though I liked the book, it wasn’t as perfect as the previous two. IDK but I waited more, something even more impressive for a fact but it was a good story though more slighted and tender.
In other news, I was like waiting for a hit that just never came. I was waiting for a problem that never arrived like in Livie’s or Cain’s stories respectively. For a moment with the whole storm coming I thought that maybe Reese was gonna get into an accident or something but nothing bad happened. Just the hippie realisation of life.

In a little SPOILERS warning:
I was shipping Mama Willma with cake-loving Jack! New elder OTP.


Third one was the YA/NA tear dropping musical standalone known as Maybe Someday by the lovely Colleen Hoover.


Sydney’s life has just gotten worst in a matter of minutes. As a music student that dropped out of laws to follow her dreams and tumblr_lz8jtdRZMB1r4y3ljtumblr_inline_n87mp5TZJc1siwa7umoved in with her bff, she has come out good of adversity specially when her handsome and talented neighbour plays his guitar to an unseen audience. But now she has just found out her seemingly perfect boyfriend has been cheating on her with her so called bff for months  while she was home or not. Now she’s homeless and in he need of a job, and there’s when her handsome neighbour Ridge comes into the picture. After revealing her the harsh truth he hosts her in his apartment and gives her a job, as song lyrics writer for his compositions since she’s very talented. She thinks it’s the ideal job until they spend much time together discovering things like he’s totally deaf and has feelings for her until a kiss ruins everything as she finds out he has a girlfriend who the world keeps telling her he will never ever leave. But Maybe Someday will be for them a musical love?


It wasn’t “Ugly Love”, but it was OK. It was really good, it had he proper amount of angst that drove me to insanity, the twist that fucked everything up for my feels, the right reasons to feel stocked, and the giggles that her books always make me have. Besides, The cautious but free spirited love that it handled. And those lyrics! Perfection!

Going to the SPOILERY section:
Ok, the moment Ridge said he could never be with Sydney because him and Maggie were forever, my radar for terminal illnesses started beeping constantly, so I knew she had to have cancer or worst. And I as fucking right, which made the angst even worst! My ship was like a contemporary dance where the partners tried to get closer and just separate over the adversity. So so angsty. 😥

Then the romance was just perfect, with their songs and that last NA scene with them hearing each other’s heart beats! Awwww! So sweet! Love it! He was so cute, and lovely speaking to her, and Sydney learning at least 200 words in Sign language for him, and only for him and the remote possibility of them going back together. My heart exploited because of the feels.
Then, before the sweetness, Sydney didn’t immediately went with him after he was free again, she gave herself her right place. She deserved better.

But if there was something that confused me was that last scene with Maggie. I wasn’t feeling it, and I don’t even hate the character I mean she was a sweet and kind but I just wasn’t interested in hearing about her, that story wasn’t proper for an epilogue. Sorry, not sorry. :-$


Fourth is the sort of spin-off of FANGIRL known as Carry On by Rainbow Rowell.


Simon Snow is back for his last year with bff Penelope, estranged tumblr_m3vwtljDeO1r6kf86girlfriend Agatha and annoying yet confusingly appealing Baz. Things start to crumble and his distrust for his former *father figure* The Mage grows stronger and his ultimate enemy makes even bolder moves against the magical world and it will be up to Simon to find out the truth behind their past, present and future to not only save his life but he rest of the world’s.


When doing my research about the book, I was intrigued because it was like a subtle spinoff of my fav book Fangirl, but this ended up being not so interesting. The author can’t do Harry Potter well, for the first part I fell bored and exhausted cuz of the plot and mainly Simon Snow being plain as f. Idk maybe I just wasn’t attached to it, or it’s not my genre but that’s what I call a blue fail.

Then the only interesting aspect is Baz, his kiss with Simon. How everything jut couldn’t help but to be sweet and loving, so innocent and unexpected. That’s all I loved. That’s why I didn’t give it only one pitiful star.

Sorry, Rainbow, but that wasn’t fun. Though I liked Penelope, she had Hermione’s determination.

The following is the marvelous Crimson Bound by the awesome Rosamund Hodge.


tumblr_static_lookingRachelle’s life has been filled with awful mistakes that cost her dearly. As a fifteen year old girl she learned the hard way not to trust strangers, specially the forestborns. She’s now one of them, faster and deadliest than any human. According to her archbishop she should be dead, according to he kind she should obey him, according to her “friend” Erec she should lie with him, but according to her she should find the swords to eliminate the evil known as the Devourer that could cause the end of her world and of the people she loves, and she shouldn’t be babysitting the King’s most famous and tumblr_inline_mkp40pH7RY1qz4rgp pompous bastard whom she despises. His name is Armand and he refuse to become a forestborn, therefore he lost his hands and is now known as a saint; he seems like a fraud but soon people will understand that not all is what seems like and that Armand and Rachelle could have more in common than they thought.


By far.
God! This was perfect, in a while I hadn’t felt connected to the characters or ships or just scenarios, I was so bloody excited. Though I must admit that in the beginning I wasn’t quite sure cuz i forgot about the plotline but then it started getting excited, action-packed, romancy and just enjoyable as hell.

This contains way more SPOILERS than the first non Spoilery paragraph:
I cried for two separated reasons here, out of despair and sadness, and also out of happiness. The first was because the whole situation of Rachelle having had killed her aunt and suffering the guilt but still trying to be good away from her family and even love, how she told Armand her story and then just thought he never loved her. To a point where she gave herself to fucking Erice or whatever his effing name was, I lost it because of my ship.

Then the happy tears happened because they confessed their love for each other, and ho swift it was. How much despite all they went through still somehow their connection remained, how their last kiss was so cute! How it all made me giggle as a child holding her first cat. :3

Now I will talk about Rachelle as a character I grew to love and respect. She’s not only a badass who despite all the pain and agony in her life, still manages to be good when she physically shouldn’t be able to. She’s human in the most beautiful way, she commits mistakes and she still is a fucking heroine. She sacrifices herself and holds a sword like a boss.

And if there was a wtf moment was when Rachelle’s maker (yeah, I should have write down his name) confessed being the other bitching dude and his whole plan! Damn! That was shocking, and gross.


And finally here goes the life changing experience called Uprooted by Naomi Novik.

tumblr_n4sn1qB1QV1sz5ceyo2_r1_250Richard-Madden-richard-madden-34568677-500-469Agnieszka has never had to worry about been the easy pick of the Dragon (he’s not an actual dragon, not the ancient mythical monster), she’s not pretty enough or clever enough or clean enough so she’s safe. But she’ll surely will miss her bff Kasia when she gets chosen and taken away by the Dragon for ten long years. But the day of the harvest comes and when the high wizard comes and chooses Nieszka, she doesn’t know what to say, do, or react like. And the Dragon is not the old looking grumpy man she thought he would be, he is definitely grumpy and mean but looks almost as young as her and a he teaches her some magic tricks, she’ll teach him the path to end with the terror that hunts their world: The Wood and it’s dark corrupted creatures.


God! Where do I begin? I’m so glad I read this book, it was wonderful. Literally. I’m amazed, enchanted and many other synonyms of delighted. This story was so right from beginning to end, I could describe it as a coming of age fantasy adventure with a bit of romance, and I’m crying right now cuz I’m remembering the end. Happy tears, hopeful tears.


 Besides Nieszka is the best young woman ever! She’s just so realistic yet so unrealistic, she’s like the epitome of what a queen should be, what mother nature might be like.
See y’all next week.

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