Week #67 of Reading Like A Maniac

Well, hello! This has been a busy week for me since it was my country’s independence day therefore I spent 3 days in my grandma’s house (totally unable to write this review because of my little cousins and no privacy), and also I had to waste an entire morning registering for a mandatory Computer class that will take over my Fridays since next week. But I managed to read four books and a tiny novella, so here are those honest reviews.

First was the Raven Boy’s sequel known as The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater.


Everything is changing. A mysterious men is following and making questions in violent ways about Ronan, as he reveals his supernatural past and present secrets to the gang, that are way more than just pulling out a pretty raven from his dreams. And it all has to do with his family, his father’s lies, those ones he has kept till now. On the other hand, there is Adam drastically showing his true colours: his ugly past and what he might have inherited from his cruel father. He suddenly can loose all he fought so hard to gain, not only his rich and edgy friends, and all because of himself! Then there is the forbidden love that one day Blue will have for Gansey, she says he’s annoying but is she already in love with the one she’ll kill with a kiss?



The story itself was genius with some men moments but generally good, out of this world but still there were extra scenes that could have been out and the writing, well you know my feeling about it from the headline.

This has some SPOILERS:
Still I shipped Gansey and Blue with such angst, I was so close to cry cause they couldn’t kiss. So fucking sad. Blue deserves more than an icy weird kiss with Noah.

And now I’m so looking forward to know more about Adam’s power or something, and the whole cave in Ronan’s pool.


Then there is the time travelling sweetheart known as Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier.


tumblr_n3umd1Ew5g1t3zl0lo2_r1_250(I want to clarify that I read the German and Spanish editions so there goes my explanation for some names misconceptions) Gwen has always wanted to be nothing more than ordinary and she is, as a seventeen year old living in London. She attends a regular school and has some fun with her bff Leslie, I mean she’s normal if that includes her weird ability of seeing ghosts and talking to gargoyles, oh and let’s not forget she also comes from an ancient female bloodline of time travelers but thanks to fate or maybe Isaac Newton’s prediction she missed a day to own the gene that activates the ability. Her annoying cousin Charlotte has it, and she cannot stop bragging about how one of this days she’ll time travel and make the world better. See? All pretty normal for Gwendolyn until one day she begins having the symptoms that Charlotte should be and she goes back into the past.tumblr_mlb25o3Nqb1qjzj3co1_500 Secrets are unveiled and she meets hot and so not perfect Gideon who himself comes from a make bloodline of time travelers, and together they shall unlock a great weapon that could change nor only their lives forever.


The world building is wonderful and the characters are well built in a hilarious but complex way. Though you discover the mysteries in this family really easily if you have a degree in Mystery Literature, at least most of these secrets. The book itself convinced me to keep reading.

I laughed my ass of every time Leslie and Gwendolyn called their teacher a “squirrel”, so fucking funny! Then Gwen’s reaction towards situations she literally fell in by accident, like for example her first kiss with Mr. Bossy Pants aka Gideon.

His face got even closer. When his lips touched my mouth, I had to close my eyes, <Very well, now I’ll pass out>> I thought.

Then about about the whole secrecy, it’s obvious that they are her parents. It’s fucking clear as crystal, and pretty convenient with relatives, unable matrons and weird timing. So well played for starter readers. Awesome for beginners, those sweet summer children.

Omg! I hate aunt Helga or Olga, I can’t remember her name but she was annoying as hell. She and her plain daughter (read it with a British accent)! But my hatred for those two is not comparable to my disgust for Saint Germain. What an ignorant greedy (excuse my language) fucking fat cunt! And I must admit he’s an awesome villain, I was actually terrified of his telequinetic powers. Such an awesome character.


Next one was the thrilling sequel named Sapphire Blue by the same lovely author.


tumblr_mvm7xi8rPm1r3stzgo7_250tumblr_mde076argc1rk29uxo1_500After that Kiss, all the Gwendolyn expects is nothing more than flirting and dates from super hot Gideon but she’s way wrong! He not only acts like an imbecile by going around Charlotte but his constant bipolar moments are seriously ruining Gwen’s hatred for him. As she finds a new companion in a wickedly funny but inappropriate gargoyle, Gwen grows even more suspicious about the Count’s true intentions and what the whole chronograph’s deal is about; all while she tries to pass her courses with a squirrel teacher that doesn’t care about how difficult things are for her despite the fact he knows the life of a time traveller.


I’m still trilled and enamoured with this series. The writing style is so easy to get attached and the situations that kept me having the (literally) feels like laughter and tears. With characters you can’t help but to fall in love with, even with the new ones. I just love everything of this.


Ok here goes the SPOILERS:
Well, I always thought i like Gwen but then she acts all damsel in distress like and I’m annoyed by her because of that. But I understand that’s how all teens acted, using their first instinct, I mean I was like that. And that is exactly why I kept liking her character, cuz she’s not perfect but realistic with her funny and depressed times, she’s all I want in a main character.
And of course new characters like the ones I grew to love and the ones I’m now growing suspicious of. Like for example the Gargoyle whose name started with “X”, God! He was hilarious demanding his own pet! Lol! Giving all the sass and defending Gwen so fast. His a good friend right away.

But then it came to Raphael and the red haired boy whose name I cannot recall neither, I mean they are nice and cool but one of them could also be the intruder that’s working for the Florentine Alliance to exterminate them all like a which’s hunt. Not cool. I’m trusting no bitch.

And finally the heartbreaking moment when he said “Yes” and all her and my own world crumbled, he obviously fell in love with Gwen but his first intentions weren’t those but the most wicked ones to play with her emotions for the good of the fucking mission. And for what? For that fucking Saint Germain!


Then comes the final book in the trilogy known as Emerald Green by the same author.


tumblr_mwlbns5ez61qfswqxo2_250After gaining a heartbreak thanks to Gideon’s lies, the last thing Gwen wants is to have to deal with him but she has to because the clock is ticking and she needs answers. Not only to the questions of whether Gideon truly loves her but also to what’s the chronograph hiding that Saint Germain desires so much. And she’ll get the answers to everything, even things from her hidden past that she didn’t know she could have wanted to know.


I will always remember Kerstin Gier as the only German author who managed to make me cry and laugh in such a short book. The one who never gave me reason to distrust her awesome writing skills, I find her such wonderful writer cuz of her characters and how everything just makes sense, how all the loose ends find their way in the end. Which is something really hard to do without making it predictable, I’m saying this out of my own experience. So many claps for this talented Lady.

OK, so I’m going SPOILERY:
I admit I’ve been bragging about this for the last two books but I can’t just not mention it. The humor was marvelously written, in the right time and with perfect characters that kept me laughing my ass off for minutes alone in my room. With the most hilarious quotes like for example: “And now kiss me, I want to know if the beard icks“, or “Couldn’t we just keep being friends?-that phrase was actually at last. -Im sure a fairy dies every time that in some place in the world that question is made-I said”, or even the mention of the pee coloured shirt of Gwen. LoL forever.

Then came the unexpected but a little anticlimactic reveal of the traitor who was Mr. Squirrel who himself was Saint Germain the Count of murderous bitches. God I hate that man, he’s such a prick, such a wanker little shit! And he got screwed over by a seventeen year old!
Finally, the romance was cool and lovely but I must mention the epilogue where the Brehard family was revealed to have come from Lucy and Paul’s new bloodline so Mr. Brehard is a relative of Gwen and and and and I have lost the ability of even. Awwwww, that’s so sweet and a little melancholic cuz his line ends with him and that’s sad, but he’s been there for her all this time helping and scheeming. :’3


The following one is the first book in a new series/trilogy (The Dark Artifices) by Mrs. Cassandra Clare named Lady Midnight.


For the last five years all Emma Carstairs has been desperate totumblr_nk5gf0pa221s43zjho1_500tumblr_l94hjhoEk91qasfq9o1_500 know was the truth. The reason why her parents were killed and who was the evil author of that crime, she wants justice and when a series of similar murders start taking over LA and the Clave refuses the call since the Cold Peace has been established so they’ll do nothing for dead faeries, is Emma’s duty and desire to resolve these crimes with her parabatai Jules and the whole Blackthorn family’s help. But Julian has also some secrets that if revealed could turn his whole world and his family’s well being in risk, but will him be the one who just won’t be able to cope with the extreme pressure of forbidden love and a parent like responsibility.


I’ve been waiting for months to have the hardcover copy of this book in Spanish, and now I have it and I’m so glad I read it. Though the ending was so bitter and had me hating on characters I’ll mention in a moment, the entire book was lovely written as always, the characters were delighting and the plot and plot twists were fantastic, I couldn’t believe my eyes while reading. Besides the romance was so on point, and I’m ready to suffer the angst, at least I think I am. Anyhow, I must admit that I had my likes and dislikes when it came to characters, but I guess that’s the point of it all right?.

So here I’m going SPOILERY:
Omfg! Wow, those fight scenes! Dude, the descriptions, I mean I shouldn’t be surprised after all it’s Cassie the one we’re talking about here but still! Omfg! The demons, the broken-neck followers, the wicked warlocks and the mantis like demons exploiting out of nowhere! Wow.

After getting that out of my chest, I’ll talk about my favorite character in the book that unlike many (probably) was Cristina Rosales, she was just the perfect friend, perfect mama bear, incomparable character. I love her words though they were harsh and rough, those things were right and true specially her talk about love with annoying Mark, she was really professional and mature, and I respect her for it.

Now, well my least favourite character was (drumroll!) Mark Blackthorn. His immaturity and fairy like nature was not my thing, he went good like close to the end and a little in the middle but then bitch still run from his responsibilities (leaving them to his brother) to fuck things a little bit more (go to last page before the epilogue), and why?! Because he didn’t get the girl he wanted since he accepted being her friend and now has seen her kissing her ex, because his ex-mate just abandoned him cuz of his decision therefore he cannot run away anymore like a child. And he said those last fucking words! (Hatred growing)

Going to the favorite pairing, of course the ship! I still don’t know what’s their name, is it Jemma or Blackstairs? Well, I ship them like crazy! Mostly cuz I’m crazy for Jules! Yeah, first non-Herondale Shadowhunter I came to adore. He’s just so worried and protective, and romantic with his paintings and inner sacrifices! He’s the dream of every college student! Ok, ok, let’s got back to the ship! I loved their little moments, and that steamy scene in the beach! Wow, Cassie! First book! Wow! And now I’m suffering and cursing Tessa for putting those ideas in Emma’s mind, and Jem for telling her what fucking happens! Damn it! Don’t sink my ship so fast!

Finally, going to the whole Annabel Lee (Blackthorn) stuff. That was really interesting and now she’s up, all alive and walking! I guess she’ll now want revenge from Emma for killing Malcolm, so what kinda powers will she have? She’s still just a regular Shadowhunter? I don’t think so, but I’m desperate to know! !!

I need the next one!!!! Like now.


The final book was actually a pretty novella belonging to my favorite NA series, it is named Beautiful Boss by Christina Lauren.


The love story of Hannah and Will was hot and just like the others’: meant to be. But the life after that is way harder than they thought, and a marriage is not what they thought, specially when Hannah seems unable to decide where she’ll be working next and that makes her married life with Will difficult since her destination is now theirs.


It was different cuz it actually gave us something to feel worried and that most couples face once they get married, that are the decisions we all have to make but not as an individual anymore but as a pair, and a match made in heave to fight issues with our perspectives and final resolutions. It was cool to see Hannah realising not everything was nice and easy about it, and that some changes needed to be made as well as Will understanding that his needs were also important and relevant.

No other words but it was… so .



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