Week #68 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hello! Sorry for uploading this so late. This was family hell week again for me, I’ve been out all weekend and just now I got some free time to write. Seriously, hell week. Anyways, tonight I’ll be reviewing five individually marvelous books I was so keen on while reading them.

First was the heartwarming coming of age/NA deal known as Kaleidoscope Hearts by Claire Contreras.


tumblr_mjkbxrJtg61s75ztso1_500tumblr_mqdfes2vKJ1sv3wlxo5_250Estelle is a bright and demanded artist who is just recovering from the unexpected passing of her fiancée Wyatt after a year. Not everyone was pleased with her relationship with the way older artist but this helped her see her true potential and value, besides healing some rough scars from the past. All provoked by her brother’s best friend, Oliver. The one who against her brother’s will and all odds played with her heart and the one she’ll never trust again. But now he’s back in her life desperate for a second chance to prove himself to her. Will she commit the same mistake that tear apart her heart when she was barely legal or she’ll end up experiencing what she lost when he left the first time, a true love?


This main relationship was perfect and imperfect at the same time because it felt so real, with all the flaws since their start to the end of the novel. How they learn to be with each other in a more mature way after heartbreak, the lost of trust and many other difficulties in their path to recover and transform what they once had. And it was beautiful, so romantic and at the same time it kept being realistic with some sparkles of unreal bits but that’s exactly what made it like a true couple, like one of those stories you hear from ever lasting loves in actual life.
I’ll have to talk about Oliver and how sweet he is on the inside. How tender hearted he can be, how he let his childhood promises affect his adult life, and how he managed to get the girl he loves. He’s an ultimate romantic that was so close to make tear up like a bloody Magdalene.

Then was my adoration for Estelle and her background with Wyatt, because I don’t know why I feel the melancholy of having this kind of restricted relationship that you just don’t wanna leave cuz of the love or maybe just the habit of being with the other that you leave everything that define you, I cried just trying to picture the couple and now she recovering her true path and trying to keep her heart from harm by giving another chance tho Oliver. And it was wonderful to find out that I had so much in common with her, her idea of life, her having no idea of life or planing but still handling it. Love her.

This was surely a great read.

Second one wasn’t exactly a book. It was a gorgeous and thrilling Wattpad story by the talented Jennifer L. Armentrout, I’m talking about The Dead List.


Ella, Jensen, Gavin and Penn were the best friends in the cb2world, or at least in their small town but they all swore to always stay like that since they were little in the treehouse. Time passed and now there are only 3 entering their senior year and those three are estranged from the others. Ella and Gavin broke up after a tension filled relationship, Jensen never talks to those two. These three have a rough past that could scare and damage many people around them and so many secrets that keep them away from each other. But after a frightening night where Ella almost gets kidnapped by a mysterious figure dressed like a psycho clown, Jensen rescues her and they both become close as they once were. Secrets start to unveil as a series of disappearances and sightings of the wicked clown plague the once calm small town. And Ella immediately connects all these murders with a name she swore to herself never bring up: Penn.


Well, well, well. Who would have said that JL.A could deliver some Scream thriller and still manage to make it her own thing and shock us all? Well, I didn’t at first but then it all was fine as f. So effing fine, in the right moments even for a wattpad with many mistakes like the location of Jensen’s house but I let it happen since she clarify that when she quoted this didn’t have any editing. Bit even then, I was pleased by the sass, Scary moments and romance. So good.

So here I’ll go all SPOILERY:
For moments I distrusted my sweet Jensen but only for the influence of Scream, but I still fell in love with him, his whole lovelyness and how real and perfect he was with Ella and stuff. But then I thought omfg, what if Jen ruins him by making him the fucking clown?! And maybe he’s working with annoying and obsessive Gavin?! Cuz he looks so guilty for me! God! No!

But thank God that didn’t happen, or I would have lost my total trust in love interests that seem to Be so cute. But then the killer was the police officer and I lost it cuz that was so unexpected so shocking but so well developed and I must applaud Jen for handling it perfectly with the whole storyline of his motives and stuff. I didn’t see it coming.

However, he was in this shit with his cousin Gavin so when he entered Ella’s room and reveals himself as the fucking mastermind and I was like fuck. I knew it but fuck. Well, I knew it.

And the fact that I knew exactly well a little 98% of how things happen till he became a murderer, is a little creepy and fine cuz that means I have the mind of Twisted Jen cuz those killing scenarios were thrilling and super fucked up.

Anyways, it was a very entertaining and interested reading when good has succeeded.

Third one was the sequel I was expecting more than most things in my TBR list. The charming yet hilariously hot as fuck The Power by the same author.


tumblr_static_bc5cvl3ml3sc0cwk8wc4wck4Seth and Josie continue their steamy affair despite his concerns about her safety around him. But when he accidentally takes advantage of her desires and powers, he refuses to keep seeing her neither train her anymore. It breaks her heart, but she proves herself strong and capable of fighting her enemies even though Alex reappears ruining her self-esteem and Seth refuses to let her defendtumblr_ncipy7puct1tiubb9o1_500 herself. But not everything is relationship drama for this sweet demigoddess, now her estranged father Apollo just assigned her to find the rest of the lost demigods to stop he Titans from becoming stronger and with her new task he offers some help in the form of the most famous yet not most intelligent demigod: Hercules. Will Seth’s decision stand against his desire and love for Josie? Or, she’ll melt his heart with her trust and unstoppable power?


OK, as always this was fucking awesome. A pretty decent sequel with angst, laughter and steamy romance that prove us that what happened between Josie and Seth is real and effig sweet. I just need the next one, that’s what happens with Jennifer L. Armentrout’s books, no matter the unimaginable cliffhanger cuz there’s always hope.

OK. So here go the SPOILERS:
The funny remarks were on point and I just couldn’t stop laughing with Apollo’s cockblocking powers, how Seth called him the king of bad timing, who delivers blue balls and the summoner of the most annoying demigods. Like Hercules, BTW he is hilarious because he’s stupid. And all his “I’m super special”…, God I’m laughing my ass off while remembering that.


Then going to the depressing parts I’ll divide them in Seth and Apollo cuz they both hurt my girl Josie who’s the cutest big foot ever. And all she wants is love, has confidence issues and then there goes Seth choosing for her, abandoning her twice. And then there is her fucking god/father who neglects her in every opportunity he has. Apollo was being such a suckyfather to sweet and not so fragile Josie. All she wanted was a father, and I fucking cried.

Finally there’s the whole Josie might be pregnant deal and I’m loving it deal. Please, Mrs Jennifer L. Armentrout, don’t ruin this possibility like you did with Alex and the shit twins inside her. OK? Please let the absence of the condom be there for a reason. Please!
I need the sequel now.


Fourth one was the hot, violent and dramatically hysterical The Beast by J. R. Ward.


Mary and Rhage started as star-crossed lovers who’s only chance for wilde-1427893487tumblr_mq3a63Tn5D1saweyxo6_500surviving was a miracle. Now they have become  a star-crossed family, she is infertile and he refuses to have a child with another woman but they both agree in the matter that they want to become parents. There’s a hole in their hearts and life, he was ready to die and she was ready to stay in this world without him, all because that same desire. On her side, there’s this orphanage girl that she gets nervous around and still anta to figure out a way to help her prevail and once Rhage meets her, their world start spinning again. On the other side, there’s Vishous losing more trust he used to have on his holy mother; also Xcor and Layla’s affair could resolve in a tragedy, as well as Assail’s path of self-destruction because of his broken heart. While in the human side, a young woman is caught by assault, she needs to know more of this vampiric sightings cuz somehow there’s a connection that will rock her world.


Here we go again. The Beast was fantastic with not as much action in the lesser vs vamps were by the exception of the first fifty pages but after that it was empty of those fights, anyways it was romancy, emotional, angsty and just fucking great. So consistent and it kept the same rhythm so that’s a plus, besides everything was well balanced all the POVs were equally important and no matter how many times you wanted to go back to one specific character’s mind then you switch into the new one and got invested. I just loved it. And I’m really appreciative of the author for updating this world the the actual one with all this Pop Culture references. So good.


So from here I’ll talk a bunch of SPOILERS:
Well, well, well. The whole let’s become a family hooked on me like my cat’s claws! I was so happy that they were so into keeping little Bitty, how everything went on with them and their little dates. How she loved cars and wanted the Beast to be her pet! I almost ugly cried (though I did dropped some tears) when Bitty first came into the mansion and being sweet and lovely to everyone, and her calling Mary “mom” for the first time! Aw! I lost it there! God! The fucking FEELS!

Next is the fact that Layla and Xcor’s relationship has become even more estranged and I need a book of them only, maybe him interacting a little with the little babies (btw I wanted the baby boy to be named Vishous but whatever).

Then was Assail and his spiral of addiction fucking his mind up, as I continued telling him that this is what I’m talking about when I said that character shouldn’t make decisions for other characters! Let Sola return, you need her moron!

After that was the first f-bomb. Shocking. Xcor and Tohr are brothers! Yeah, blood siblings. Yeah…

Simon Amstell_shocked.gif
Finally there was this character that kept popping in the book, Jo. For moments, her storyline was going nowhere and then the final f-bomb was dropped. She and Manny are siblings, so she also belongs to Wrath’s and Butch’s bloodline. Oh My Fucking God! We definitely need to see more of her in the next books.


The final book was the relaxing and breathtaking The Deal by Elle Kennedy.


Hannah has a tough past. Garrett has a tough past. Each still tumblr_myzec5MQLu1qkqbvao2_250torments them whether they’ll admit it or not. And them both couldn’t be more different and ignorant of themselves. But when Garret notices her, he wants her brain and her body but above lal will do anything to get her to be her tutor for a week so he’ll past the philosophy midterm exam and he’ll keep on the hockey team because not even with his quick and capable brain he’s able to do this by himself. When tumblr_mb0t36QphV1rftguuo1_500Hannah notices him, she knows he’s a dumb jock and simply rejects him, but as keeps trying she finally gives up when he promises he’ll help her to get a guy she’s being pinning for months. But as they get to know one another, they get used to the other and can’t stay apart, it seems as this friendship is more than they’ll dare to confess.


I found this on my TBR list without remembering much why I put it there, I think I did it as an experiment cuz I didn’t put the entire trilogy or series there so I wasn’t expecting much. I mean, I couldn’t even remember the plot but once I started in the second chapter I just wasn’t able to stop and I didn’t want to stop neither. The love story captured me and I’m glad.

So talking SPOILERS:
I had so much reading all that Garrett had to say and all the funny situations Hannah got into. Like for example, when her entered the locker rooms and saw a bunch of penises and just couldn’t stop saying that specific word to the point she almost called Logan or Dean like that. LOL! Or when Garrett referred to her breast as stripper tits, I lost it there.


I consider this a coming of age since it had some pretty rough moments when talking about their past and present, how their abuse past was terrible and how thank to their relationship healed and helped them both feel free and right.

Alright, stopping with the seriousness. I’m so in love and lust with Mr Garrett. His back story is heartbreaking and his growing love and overprotective ways with Hannah is just glorious. I love him besides how can you not?

Then I felt a connection with Hannah cuz she’s afraid of the chances of something wrong happening to her. And even though I’m not as strong as she is, neither have I been through what she has. I feel like she’s the best, she’s self sacrificed towards anyone, and finally shares her trust fully with Garrett which was sweet to read.


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