Week #69 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hello, folks! I seriously don’t know how to make my greetings different and inventive, it’s an issue I’m trying to resolve while dealing with Excel since I refused to pay attention in middle grade and now I’m pleasantly suffering the consequences. It’s a beautiful mess full of hard-to-learn formulas, and every Friday night I return home after having spend the last 11 hours in front of a computer learning that with a disastrous headache, I kick my past self for not choosing Teaching English to non-English speakers, instead of Translation but now it’s too late.

Anyways, I don’t want to bore you with my existential crisis so I’ll talk about the books I read this week, which as you know is the main purpose of this blog. I was able to read only four but I’m really glad I did, this week was chilled and calm with no troubles and no working out but the books were magnificent as the “Suicide Squad Soundtrack” that I was currently listening on Spotify while reading. What a Lovely week, Mr J!

First one I read was one that I was particularly interested in since I became a subscriber of Christine Riccio’s Booktube channel. I’m referring to the dystopian/cooler-Walking-Dead that is Reboot by Amy Tintera.


In a dramatically changed future. Only Texas holds the power after a decease took control of the minds of people around the world, most people died but others rebooted with an invincible strength. The tumblr_mvcarvyysu1rktj46o1_500longer you take to come back to life, the less humanity you have. The government doesn’t let grown-ups live since they are the worst, wildest and most dangerous reboots; only the children and teens are allowed to survive and are taken as soldiers/slaves to act as the military service and killing troublemakers. The best one on their league is Wren, she’s the deadliest soldier who spent more than two hours and a half dead before rebooting. The world thinks of her as a non human menace and so does she. But when a new reboot is recruited as her newbie to be trained, she knows she has made a mistake by accepting himtumblr_mo4rj5tlKx1ru7lpoo1_500 under her wing. Callum has not only spent 22 minutes dead but is almost more human than the ones with the name, he’s charismatic, kind, clumsy and sees the human girl that Wren had already forgotten lived in her still. He’s a problem when he refuses to assassinate others, and when her commandant gives her a choice: he kills someone or she must kill him, it’s up to her to make the hardest choice in her life.


I had my concerns about going ahead reading this book. The cover is boring, and I know that getting my opinion out of the cover’s look is childish but there was something there that just stopped me. Anyways, after reading some nice reviews of booktubers that I surely trust, I made up my mind and read it in a day. Without even noticing it, I was already finishing it, and all I could think about was “I like it”. It was such a fast read, though I thought it would take me hours so from now on I’ll never judge a book by its cover. OK, maybe not but I’ll give it a go, at least.

Anyhow, here they come; my SPOILERY thoughts:
The moment that instant love happen, I was on board. It wasn’t such a cliché or at least, I wasn’t bother by it, then it wasn’t forced but natural and comforting. These reboots were so different and that’s what made them better, Wren made Callum stronger and let him live, have a chance; then Callum helped Wren see her inner human and that she wasn’t a monster, he helped her become a better person. Their moments were just so damn cute.

But then I was afraid he might become a flesh eating inbred and shit would go down for her and my emotions. Cuz she wouldn’t be able to get the cure or maybe she got it wrong from fucking Bishop.


But thanks the unlikely odds, this was a happy ending dystopya. Which was something I’ve never heard of before, so good…. I could get use to this.


Second book was the one I wanted for a long time, I hadn’t heard of it when the masses went mad about it. And I’m a big fan of mystery stories with murder involved (morbid, I know) so… I needed to read it. Which was The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins.


Rachel’s life is a mess. It has been like that for the past two years, once she discovered her husband was cheating on her everything went to hell. She sold him her part of the house they shared so he could move with his mistress, now wife. She developed a drinking problem and lost her well paid job, and is now living with an old classmate she doesn’t even like. But all this shatters for a while when she’s in the train to London, she sees this couple everyday and makes up a life for them, such a nice existence in her mind. She lives through their seemingly perfect relationship. Until one day the sight is the worst, she no longer trusts the lovely wife and then that same young woman goes missing. Rachel knows something and she’s so desperate to help finding out what happened that night, who had motives to commit such depraved acts is not who you think it is.


I consider I must clarify that I had already red the Wikipedia sinopsis with spoilers like two months ago and that’s why I felt so compelled to read this, I had seen some reviews on social media as well as mentions but I never gave it a go. Even when starting to read I had my doubts because I’ve never read Adult Fiction, and I’m 20 so that’s weird cuz all I read were or some few classics and YA/NA so didn’t know what to expect but I was instantly into this madness; I felt anger, and pity, and sadness, and desire for the unknown and I consider the fact that I read it, a huge pleasure. I mean, I was awake at 3am refusing to go to sleep only to keep reading and find out more. Seriously, it was a pleasure.

Now going to the SPOILERY section:
I knew about the husband being the murderer since I read those damn spoilers and I feel like if I hadn’t read that, I would have never suspected him. I mean, the dick was a prick but Megan wasn’t impressed by him in her memories, and she didn’t remember him at all after she quit her job as his sitter so I can imagine the reaction when Rachel found out and how readers must have gone back to what they read and concluding that it made sense. I was more interested in how thus affair had taken place cuz sincerely I couldn’t recall that part in the Wikipedia bit, so when I read that part I already knew Megan and knew this was just another self destruct scenario but for Tom this was my reassurance that this man was genuinely insane. So what a confirmation, right?
I hated all the characters (except, Kamal) for some periods of time, that’s what made them human since they could make ugly mistakes and it was not like the pretty picture Rachel wanted it to be like. I despised Tom and Anna cuz of what they’ve done to Rachel, how he was a prick to her making her believe all his abuse was her abuse on him, for not comforting her when she needed him the most, and Anna for obvious reasons. God! When I got to her povs, those were nightmares cuz I couldn’t believe that sort of people actually existed in real life and not only in my imagination, that someone can be so cold hearted and hypocritical towards the lost of other, specially when that other is suffering cuz of what you stole. How narcissistic she was. I mean, Tom and her were the fucking bitch couple, they deserved one another.

Then of course was Megan, the vanished insatiable young wife. I knew she was a hot mess and many times I judge her, but when she told her story to Kamal… Dear, I couldn’t do it anymore, it was too heartbreaking cuz this carefree girl had a heart, one that was teared in half because of her daughter and that trauma that her death and later the boyfriend abandonment cause in her. She was lost and then she was gone. She comes in second place in my list of people I liked in this book, cuz of her humanity.

And finally there was Rachel and her alcoholism/depression/stalker-behaviour. She was heartbroken and desperate for attention, to feel needed and loved because the one who healed her once got deep on her with scars of abuse and greetings because of the past he had saved her from. She was such a complex character cuz there were times where you just wanted her to stay away from them and get a life for her, not to prove anything but get out of her depression. She was definitely desperate to become Megan for a while, then she wanted to be past Rachel and finally decided to become future Rachel. An unstoppable woman in the look for answers and ready to let the past go, who understood she wasn’t the one to blame because of her marriage’s split neither her ex husband’s illusionary new marriage. She was guilty of some things, like her lies about Megan’s marriage, her insistence in their perfect life. Many more mistakes but the ones she thinks she committed.unnamed.gif

Anyways, overall it was a great read. I would like to read another like this, but Gone Girl. Many people think it was slow or too much hyped, but I really liked it. The passe was fast and believable.

I’ll surely will be reviewing the movie adaptation once that it’s out, seriously can’t wait.


I mean, look at the gorgeous poster. Love Emily Blunt! *_*

Third one was a 360° change. I’m talking about the cheeky yet unrealistic (?) chick flick known as the Gossip Girl series, but now I read All I Want Is Everything by Cecily von Ziegesar.
Blair and Serena are bffs again and Christmas time is coming as well tumblr_m2wcrpYVeB1r99f4t8r6vLvH71rvua2oo1_250as the final answer to their college applications so you know the first is stressed as hell when mommy dearest shows with a breathtaking news while still getting over Nate and trying to live a little. Serena is relaxing with a pop artist and comforts her friend. Nate questions his relationship with Jenny while smoking weed. Jenny, on the other hand, is more in love than ever; totally dedicated to him and her nervousness issues about saying the L word. Nate and Vanessa are I’m distinct sides of their new relationship, he deals with a writer’s block and she wants to take their thing to a new level. All looked through the eyes of the infamous Gossip Girl, this preppy rich kids will have to regret some choices and define many mistakes in book number three of this rhetorical series.


For adolescent books, these are easy reads and the characters are not as annoying as in the first or second book so I’m capturing some progress there. As the storyline, well I’m not impressed neither disappointed and well I guess… I still want to know how this characters will mature if they ever do it, or how they’ll face their issues in the future when an instant and responsible answer is required.

Ok, going into SPOILERS:
The Jenny storyline wasn’t my favorite I felt she was as serious as her brother painting Nate’s face all over her room and now sending him a lock of her hair in her “remember me” mail box. And I feel bad for her, cuz right after she was practically ready to loose her v card to Nate and they both said the L word; he clarifies his stoner friends that they are obviously not in a relationship anymore. What a jerk! God! He’s such a mysoginist piece of shit!

Now I’ll like to talk about Aaron’s whole crush on Blair and how unfair was that he never got a chance with her. Im a Blair supporter, and even I wanted to punch her for trying sleeping with Miles in his bed and then she just sends him to go f himself. So not right. I was already shipping them since they met and this let me so sad. Not fair, Cecily you didn’t even gave them a shot to try. 😦


Anyways, the final book was one I was excited when I finished the first one but then the emotion fated and I wasn’t really into neither sure of reading when adding it to my TBR list. It’s Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard.
Mare Barrow doesn’t know who to trust, her friend just betrayed her tumblr_m8ahg0jrtv1qj9juhand his brother. She’s just found out her apparently deceased brother is alive and working for the Red Alliance and her heart is destroyed. All she has is the knowledge that Cal will never abandon her (despite not really knowing if he’ll choose red or silver when the time comes) and that she carries a list tumblr_mzxcv08l871rnrpjmo1_250with the names of all the half red half silver anomalies in the entire kingdom with superior yet alarming powers, known by the rebels as ‘newbloods’. But Maven also knows this so it’s a matter of time before he kills them all; Mare will have to face lost, another betrayal, revenge, injustice, the rejection of love and how dangerous it could be to keep her problems merging in her mind, not letting anyone in. Is she a strong red queen or just a fragile glass sword?


OK. The first part was not easy to get into, at least I felt it was going nowhere. Until they got on the dragon plane and started rescuing newbloods. It was way more slow paced than the previous book, there were moments that the explanation of settings were just tiring and going nowhere but overall this sequel was entertaining and pretty creative with it sparkles of angst and the character developing from THG wannabes to only coping how annoying Katniss is.

Anyhow, here are the SPOILERS:
First things first, I never liked Kilorn. I wasn’t keen on him idk, but when he pushed and “betrayed” Made into that cage, I riot. I was feeling particularly murderous about him. And of Farley, too.


Then they revealed the plot, and I was like Ok, not.

giphy (1)

Mare and Cal need to kiss, like now. When they were sharing a room and refusing to act on their feelings.


I just wish it had been more steamy. Like Harry Styles sex beginnings, ya know.


Getting to the LOL parts, I rembember I was laughing my ass off every time Cal shouted “My colours!”.

When it came to the crazy as f moments there was Jon’s introduction. For me it was like Wow, that guy has The Eye power. Wicked. Oh, crazy Jon. Love ya.

Ok, and then Cameron appeared. I was so into her cuz she kicked the crap out of an Eye, to get out of the prison.


But when she started calling Mare out, j was so like: OK, girl. You rude! Kids these days!


However she was speaking the truth, so… Sorry, Mare. But, Cameron’s right. The effing kid’s right.


My next thoughts were: Wow, Cameron’s got kickass powers!


Going to the deaths. OK, I knew Shade wouldn’t last. It’s sad but I’m not that affected. Poor Mare and Farley, you know if you’re happy in dystopias just before a big battle takes place you know you won’t survive. It’s known.


Wait, Elara’s dead?! Fuck! Elara is dead! Oh shit! Now what.

Farley is obviously pregnant. Love it.


The Jon appeared with the other snobbish and deadly Silvers. What is Jon doing there?!

unnamed (1)

I knew Mare shouldn’t have exposed her fucking burnt body! Now Maven went loco. More loco than usual.


Anywho, What’s next?



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