Week #70 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hey y’all. Yeah, I tried giving an introduction just like a southern girl but I suck at it. Deal with it! B-) Here I am listening to my mom’s new Turkish soap opera while trying to write the review, and of course feeling anxious about my future as well as being a newbie at Amazon, yeah. See, where I come from if you don’t have a job and just do university, you don’t have the need of a credit card (or maybe that’s only with my family), so I’m currently adding items and gift cards to my Wishlist. So greedy. But now I’ll give you my last book review of the year, so sad but I’ll still talk about many things related to the literary world with the same crazy schedule so wait for it. I still don’t know how will I call that little spot but what I definitely know is that I managed to read five badass books. I was not disappointed by none, so it was good week.

First one was the memorable NA follow up, known as Beautiful Burn by Jamie McGuire.


fca058bd-b14a-42e6-b7ec-488a1105d791Donovan-1452140748Ellison has been known by her parents’ money and luxury, but “Ellie” is known because of her animal parties, uncontrollable desire of drinking every five minutes and her inability to make real good friends as a worthy career. She’s rich, beautiful but too wild so when her parents decide to cut her off on any financial help she sees her world crumble. If there’s no money, there’s no food neither alcohol so she’s forced to get a responsible job as an assistant in the local magazine of nothing more than the life in the woods. But when her unlikely abilities in photography show, she’s given the assignment to make a photographed story of the local firefighters, and she unfortunately knows one. No other than Tyler Maddox, they had one night stand and now he’s insisting on getting more of her. Their connection is undeniable but she hides more layers than a drunk rich young woman dares to admit.


This story was realistic yet still NA. And it merged so well with Beautiful Sacrifice. Now there’s a big tie between my favourite in the series, there’s a lovely tie that I’m not willing to resolve. I found it heartbreaking, healing, eye opening and just wonderful. I found this as the recovery road of a young woman hiding herself in alcohol and her own self hatred, hiding how dedicated, talented and damn good she really is on the inside. And how thanks to secret friends, new family members and an insisting Maddox brother; she found the real her again to never return to the dark side.

Now going SPOILERY:
My thoughts while reading the first forty something pages were: OK, Ellie’s totally wild. And I’ve see such liberal girls in YA and NA, but she breaks the mold by screwing her sister’s ex whom she still loves in one druggie second.

Next I was delighted because “I’m learning a lot about firefighters.”. Which I didn’t know I was interested and amazed by.
Then the first mistake of the book happened. God, I hate Sterling. Bitch.

For moments I was so much like: “Fuck you, parents!” It felt weird, cuz this was like the first time that I was conscientiously advising the main character I didn’t use to like to send her parents to go fuck themselves. Wicked.

These Maddox brothers. Tyler is not an exception, I fell for him. Specially when he said he fell in love with Ellie when he saw her hair on his bed. That was sweet. Dear, lord!

Then she ruined everything by running away (I know I’ve said this before but I hate when characters think for other characters), and him being an immature dumbass.

After that, the fucking first mistake was unveiled. Finley found out, did she sleep with Tyler? I mean, what kind of wicked sister does that? Ellie did it in a non conscientious state, not to hurt her intentionally. Dude, that’s a twisted sister! What the fuck.


Why is every time I look for a “Bitch” quote, Nene appears? My response, she’s the Empress of sass.

Later in the book, they (Ellie and Tyler) got engaged and he went meeting her parents. All the tense dinner was an awkward encounter. I was like, “just shut the fuck up, Meredith!”.

Overall, their relationship was a freaking rollercoaster that kept changing directions till it became a train with no final destination. Their tender scenes were the best, and how he was always for her no matter how much she pushed him away. That was lovely.

In other news, I fell I love by how this was written from Ellie’s POV only (I genuinely fell in love with this girl); how it all was so messy and then found it’s path to finally be soft and mature. Good job there, claps to the author!


The second book was the conclusion of a easy going series that I grew to love, I’m talking about The Crown by Keira Kass.


tumblr_inline_o52a5lKGvu1rbngsa_500Eadlyn Schreave is apparently the most hated brat/princess ever, or at least that was what her brother wrote to her before leaving to get his own life, before her mother had a heart attack, before she realised there are more than one way to love her suitors and before she felt more vulnerable than ever. Now her parents are unsuited to rule and she must act as a queen regnant, she deals with things she’s not prepared for and must chose once and for all who will be her king consort. New allies appear, new betrayals, true love and duty face each other in the anticipated conclusion of this dystopian fairy tale.


Seriously. This gave me teary moments, sadness, angst (the lovely angst), the excitement, the laughter; I mean this book was so easy. The moment I started reading, I just couldn’t put it down cuz I needed to know how things ended and here I am it’s 02:46 am and I’m writing a review since I’m fresh from just finishing reading the amazing conclusion. It’s highly recommend for those fans who’re looking for a relaxation time. And maybe a little ship angst, I’ll leave it up to the receptor.

Anyways, going to the SPOILERY section:
When Coddly tried to tell her what she has to do. God! She kicked some serious ass! She took none of his shit! Eadlyn kick his behind with political sass !

thats my baby
I’m still so upset with Ahren.

So Erik was not emotionally numb. He’s a realist, and made hysterically laughable remarks.

God! Can I kill Josie? I know she didn’t mean to be cruel when she suggested the party, but when you’re stupid you better stay with your mouth shut. No joke.

Then Hale admitted he was so into Ean. And I was like: “I knew it! I fucking knew it! My gaydar is never wrong! I knew it since those YouTube clips appeared and someone dare to tell me I was so wrong, hahaha. Who’s gaydar is right, now, bitch?!”. I mean it’s cute and tragic but god! I love it! I’ll start shipping those two.

Kelly smart
For a while there were moments of me saying thinss like: ” Oh, he’s a translator, I had totally forgot I’m studying for that. Such a cliché I’m falling in love with a cute one.” You know, just radom thoughts while reading.
I didn’t like the fact that she was suddenly in love or interested in Erik, I just wish we had had more occasions where her attraction would be a little more clear. I think he’s cute, but that scent is required in a decent literary ship before blowing up the rest of the book with unknown feelings.

Marid was such a lying bitch. That condescend slut! Trying to intimidate my dear Eadlyn! Who the fuck did he think he is, such moron! He was obviously afraid of the power she could thrive if she desired it.

God! That first kiss was everything. It had the angst, and the inner thoughts. It would have been more perfect only if the author had explained more of the physical act itself rather than just the mémoires.

OK, so I was wrong. Eadlyn did explained when she started her interest in Eikko, and it was the same time as me.

When they were saying goodbye to each other, that was so soap oper-ish, but I like it. I like the feels, the turn for the dramatic, when she said that he would have made a wonderful prince. I lost it.


I came to like Josie. I wonder if she and Kaden end up together? (Me before the bonus epilogue)

God! Henri’s the best, he’ll make cake. He fixed it all. He knew it, he wasn’t upset, he’s an angelic sweetheart, and he’ll make cake!

Then Maxon tells the most anticlimatic story of how his shitty father had beaten him twice, and how he held the marks. While i was “damn, Maxon you really know how to kill the shipping mood in here, sorry for your past but don’t fuck her vulnerable time”.

But, oh it had a purpose cuz miss Brice is her half sister, plot twist. I was so happy, and shocked.

Then the bonus epilogue. Just the bonus epilogue. God!


The third one was the most creepy and a bit anticlimactic start of a trilogy that gives a new concept of “Granpas before hoes”, I’m referring to Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ramson Riggs.

Miss Peregrine cover

Jacob believed in his grandfather’s weird stories when he was a kid
tumblr_mjuwuppmyl1s6vdoso1_500but now he’s older and wiser, or at least that’s what his 15 year old self thinks. He knows those stories, those children, those pictures were impossible to be real. Believing in those would mean madness, would make him as senile as his grandfather but when the old man suddenly dies and Jake thinks he saw something, one of the creatures he was told were invented by the deceased. Now he wants to know and travels to the old house were those stories were founded, and maybe they weren’t just the false delirium.


Overall, I found this material to be pretty innovative, classy and rough. It had no remorse in showing you things like they are for the characters, no matter how sad it might look or inhuman in many ways but that’s exactly what makes it stand up to any other book of the genre I’ve read (which are like a couple only). Besides it was such a hybrid book, it had the arch of a horror book for kids, then it became too gory for any kid, and then it had some YA aspects. It’s a fantastical piece of work, and I’m delighted I read it, though I’m still not quite sure if I would read the next sequels in the trilogy but for anyone daring, feel welcome to.

Going forward to the SPOILERY SECTION:
This comments are not in the particular order they were featured. I’d like to mention that the first moment I was concern about this peculiar children was when Jacob found those organs in jars, dude. What the fuck are those kids, I told myself. And then those were parts of the collection Enoch has to make little sadistic and gross experiments with his wicked power.


But of course, he had to save their asses when having the glorious idea of asking Martin’s corpse for his murderer. Brilliant, weird kid. Just brilliant.
And how to forget the Emma thing. When she shared scenes with Jacob, I just couldn’t stop myself from imaging an old lady dating Abe and that was not pleasing, I’m so not interested in their little cheesy love story, ew. Just no. Jake, you don’t mess with grandpa’s ex, that’s just gross. And you can shame me all you want about how I shipped vampires way older than her but not, OK, effing no. It’s not because of the huge age gap, it’s because of her feelings for deceased Abe. She has clearly a fixation, that could change but I’m not in the mood the play the devil’s advocate.

But I was pleased with some aspects that don’t include her cheesiness. I love how badass and bossy and stubborn she showed to be in the right conditions. And the fact she has guilt over sending those letters to Abe when he was married, how she wasn’t (as I referred) a “mail-mistress” explaining it all to Jake’s dad with the cheesy picture of her and Abe. She’s not my fav, but I’ll give her that.


BTW: I’ll be doing my review on the movie adaptation as well.

The fourth one is one I was really excited about cuz the concept was cool and the movie trailer seemed badass, I’m talking about Nerve by Jeanne Ryan.


Vee never took a risk in her life, she’s known as the sidekick of the
tumblr_inline_o8yw8rbRlV1rifr4k_500 prettiest, smartest and most talented girl in school. The one with a flat chest, not pretty and definitely not interesting enough to attract the guy she likes. So when the opportunity to become popular and gain all things she could never desire with the new online game, Never, arrives she decides not to think twice and signs in as a player. It’s like truth or dare, minus the truth. There she
tumblr_n55vn4iPQZ1qf33ieo3_250meets the hottest guy she’s seen and the game matches her to him so they’ll play together as a team. But together they’ll come to realise that once you accept, you can’t leave until the dare is completed.


Fine, this was in between an adventurous-teen-comming-of-age and a serious realistic thriller. This are situations that can happen in real life with a spark of Hollywood conspiracy topics but overall totally innovative and edgy. I just didn’t want to put the small book down, it was intense as hell and suspenseful with lots of wtf moments, real paranoia and not a real love story going on so it all focusses on the main character and the sick challenges that Nerve had to offer.

This is more than just intense, it seems fun like with the chastity reunion but it is totally nerve racking with situations like with the victim game.


There were moments I wanted to kill Micki, God! She’s so fucking annoying, just shut the fuck up, bitch!


When the guns were shown, I was like “this is so not funny anymore”.


Then Sidney and Tommy appeared. So I said “oh, come on wtf is going on in here?!, is she going yo shoot them?! Wtf, dude!?!”.


In other thoughts, thanks, Mr. Jimmy Carter.


Fucking Tommy, effing traitor!

God, the ending I seriously thought she was the Abigail girl from the prologue but she’s not. Whatever. And I also felt no connection with Ian, he was just there hanging around with no real purpose.


Note: I’ll post an honest review tomorrow morning about the film adaptation, so wait for it (I just said this simple phrase twice, shame).

And finally, the last one was a follow-up I wasn’t expecting to add to my TBR list. It was a last minute decision. I’m talking about Allegiance of Honour by Nalini Singh.

UK_Allegiance of Honour

The stakes have never been so high. Lucas and Sascha are enamoured with their sweet hybrid child, Naya, they see the perfect future with her in charge but the possible powers the little girl could develop put her in an extremely dangerous position facing life threatening circumstances her parents will have to avenge. As the entire Changeling-Psy-Human society faces hope, goodbyes, reunions and love, they’ll all see that life goes on and that the future aholds.


IDK I this is the conclusion of the entire series or there’s one left but I had a feeling while reading the thirth and fourth part of this one, that had like a bitter sweet but way sweeter than bitter feel of ending. I don’t know, but I don’t want it to come to an end. I just adore this series, and this book specifically is focused on family, bonds, love and the true future of the planet “children”. I really enjoyed, totally recommended despite it has no main couple but a take in all the other ships.

Going super SPOILERY:
All those moments with Naya are the most adorable things. Everyone in the pack just adores the tiny yet playful wild cat. She already turns into her animal self and that’s priceless. They are too cute to be true with her. She likes painting Vaughn and eating chocolate, besides the wolf fur animal that Hawke gave her. She’s such a happy child.


That’s why I’m so upset that there are people who want to kill this innocent creature. Specially that Architect, I mean who the f is that?!


There’s too much cuteness in this. All the ships and their families having a blast. It’s like watching a Christmas’s TV special.


Fucking Monroe, such a dick. Sending those kidnappers for Naya. That was low, cheap and just insane. Poor pack, having to carry him.


When he (Lucas) offered that other pack (ocelot) to be a part of the DarkRivers, I lost it.


“Why you had to die, Zie Zen?” I know he was old and finally happy, but still that’s fucking painful. Reading this while listening to Kodaline’s All I Want, hurts the most.


And of course, Nikita admiring to Sascha that she never thought she was imperfect and sharing those memories of the seemingly impenetrable psy living her daughter. And how Naya already impressed her grandmother and won a spot in her homicidal heart. Love it.


There was the birth of Mercy and Riley’s triplets and it was just so heart warming, how they are part of the pack immediately and Hawke and Lucas were there with their mates owning the triplets.


(BTW, I was so surprised to see Mercy recovering so effing quick!)


OK, I was never interested in Xavier’s storyline, he was like a side character that just hanged around with Kaleb and Judd. But the conclusion to his story made me cry, like ugly cry. I’m not kidding, tears of happiness run through my eyes cuz he’s finally with his Nina. And my heart is filled with too many emotions. I can’t.


Oh, and the Rats feeling welcomed was everything! I mean, I’m a rat in the Chinese horoscope so, ya know.
After that Walker found out about Lara’s pregnancy and they were talking emotionally about the future of the kids, their changed lives.

I was just like Lara, like champagne bubbles just going up up up.
BTW, I love Judd’s lack of social skills with babies. It’s just too cute to be real.


So, Kaleb saved Annie when she was a kid and her baby will carry his name because of it. Well, I’m drooling.


What a fantastic conclusion. I’m tearing up cuz of Kit but OK. I hope she makes like a future spinoff into the future of the cubs and pups.

635921931570198111-1543067009_speech gif


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