Switched at Birth – #1

Hi! Here I am again, I promised I would give another tag more than at the movies so here there’s one that came to my mind yesterday morning when I was checking my WhatsApp texts. My bff was discussing about how one character reminded her of other in a series we’re both so invested in, she told me one of their similarities and at first I thought it was wrong but then I came up with more of those in a matter of minutes before my computer classes started.

 Anyways, I spent all night trying to come out with a book tag idea but I was empty so the memory of that discussion gave me the idea of “Switched at Birth” (I’m not referring to the ABCFamily show), which is mainly about comparing two characters of the same or different series/trilogies/stand-alones that share some resemblance and in the end come out with a song which reminds me of them (I just love books and music). So that’s the idea.

And as this is the first of many, I hope. I’ll be comparing two unlikely characters:

I’m talking about Jonathan Christopher Morgernstern AKA Sebastian and Mark Blackthorn of the Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare.

People might claim one tried to burn down the world and the other is a just half faery, but this two share more than I thought when this tag came to my mind.

Exhibit A. Neglected Children.


Jonathan was born a monster, according to both his parents. He was


image by Wikia, Cassandra Jean

never given a choice cuz his parents did that for him, he as an innocent child thought his mother willingly abandoned him and his father because of his demon nature but all this was just the mendacious talk of a bitter man hurt by the common sense his wife had, and his own corruption. But his hatred and violence raised a distrusted child into an arrogant, delusional and love hungry man. The fact that despite it all, his mother in fact never could love him as fully as he once could have dreamed makes his childhood even darker and blue. He once was a poor little boy mistreated to believe he was a monster that he became one.

On the other side of the coin there’s Mark. He wasn’t born a wicked creature with fears, unstable maturity nor other malfunction.


image by DeviantArt, MagnusRayne

Though he spent a human hour with his mother in the Seelie realm, that constituted a year or just months of his real age until she left him and his twin in the caring of his hones father and loving stepmother. But when the Dark War stroke, he was just a shy and timid seventeen year old teenager spending his days reading that he had no power against dark Shadowhunters and saw his beloved father become one of them as he was taken as a gift to the Wild Hunt to “train” with violence and demented nightmares in order for him to give up on his nefilim nature and give in his Seelie side. They tore him apart until there was only a desperate boy who would do Anything to survive, to survive the nightmares even if that meant forgetting his family. The Wild Hunt carved him to become a soldier until all his innocence was shattered, they forced him to avoid his hybrid essence and they succeed.

Exhibit B. Pompous Growth.

The moment he said he wasn’t Sebastian, he became arrogant and


image by Tumblr, PhantomRin

rude in many ways than just the physical one. Making bitter comments about him being smarter and more brilliant than any of the other Shadowhunters, claiming in a Valentine Morgernstern fashion that humanity was useless as Shadowhunters and Downworlders and that he was to rule and thrive his army to follow him only. He’s like Jace right there but with his evilness he makes for a truly fearsome master mind, such a great mind drowned into hatred is never good. Like with Hitler. Except Hitler would have never gone that low with a faery.


While Jonathan was like that and we don’t know how that part of him was created, we surely know it with Mark. The half Seelie half


image by Facebook, Blackhana.page

nefilim young man had that characteristic in him already as a gene but it only woke up entirely out of desperateness to not be bitten by the other soldiers of the Wild Hunt and to feel better around Kieran. But even when he’s not surrounded by faeries, Mark still acts all invincible and cheeky machinating feuds with his younger brother Julian revealing his shameless childish side. And he doesn’t stop there, he flirts with everything that moves faithful to only his Seelie side. Playing with the hearts of Kieran and Christina for short instances, but for longer moments with his siblings’ wishes for him to stay.


Exhibit C. The Pitty Card.


Sebastian played that card so fucking good. He did it like a Dungeon


image by Tumblr, LaurenMurphyArt

Master God. He’s THAT good! For enormous times, he made me think he had a clean sweet soul dealing with the fact that Jocelyn never loved him and hated her for that (I still do), I genuinely believed he wanted a friendship and sibling relationship with Clary and that Jace could see this and that’s why he was so fresh and happy with him around. I truly believed his story and true love for his sister, I was like: “ok, let’s give him a shot” and “he’s not so evil, he’s tormented soul”. Oh, and how to forget this infamous line of mine: “he can be good, his sister can fix him”.

Then was Mark with his little moments with the little siblings


image by DeviantArt, WhiteSpirit

making a mess in the kitchen with Tavvy ending up in a sugar bag. And he also was kind with Christina and my shipping heart exploited like a balloon with purple and turquoise confetti on it; and finally he was totally benevolent and unselfish when he decided to finally accept the runes to save his family no matter the physical and mental distress that it caused him. He had moments of true goodness showing his soft side which was honest as his father. Accepting his wrongs and promising to be better. So I clearly believed him and started to care for him, he made me a soft cotton candy.

Exhibit D. The Old Bitch Ways.

Of course only fools would believe the selfless lies of Sebastian


image by TMISource, Cassandra Jean

Morgernstern. I started giving up excuses for all the thoughts that he might be faking his kindness, but as all lies this fell flat once he intended to rape Clary. I was like “HELL NO! BITCH, YOU BETTER BE KIDDING”. He showed his amorality that had more immoral than moral on it; he showed his true colours with violence, deceiving acts, mental issues and wicked mind. Some might pardon him because of his rough childhood, but that doesn’t condone sexual arrestment and mind control over your supposedly valued siblings. People who love for real, don’t do shit like that. And that’s why I can’t even develop hate/love feelings for him, I just hate him. To a breaking point of not crying when he died as I know many fans did. It just wasn’t the case for me, it was like a successful death for me.


Then all I have to say about what made me recklessly despise Mark


image by Tumblr, Black-hana

was the fact he only was so into “Not Lying” with Emma because of his jealousy for perfect Diego and (not-his) Christina. He did it because of a probable broken heart, but I define this as a childish manner. A kid who didn’t got what he wanted so he said, “what the hell, let’s have fun a little”. Not counting with his brother’s feelings that he knew Julian has for Emma, he said himself in his mind that for Jules, Emma was always HIS Emma. Oh, and he didn’t care about the age gap there, a five year difference right there.  Ungenerous Mark stroke my heart again; I know it’s just the start of the trilogy but for now he’s the least like character I have in TDA for shady things like this.

This is obviously not a tie cuz is not a competition but if it were Sebastian would be the ultimate winner since without him, Mark wouldn’t had gone with the Seelies so he would have never had become so self-absorbed.

Song Time:

So, what song could go with these two wicked beings?. My choice is fair and reasonable, *Up in Flames by Ruelle* (BTW, I listened to her way before the TV adaptation showed her songs).

When it all goes up in flames
We’ll be the last ones standing
We’ll be the last ones
We’ll be the last ones standing



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