Switched at birth – #2

Hello, hell season has started for me. Third trimester of university has become a living hell, seriously since now I’ll have to make an interview to an actual translator and one of my classes is at night and I’ll be arriving home at 11pm if there’s luck, of and I also have classes the following day at 7:30am. Then I must clarify that I leave my house at 6:04am so that leaves me with only five hours sleep if I can go with the flow of a good dream. It’s like a never ending freaking nightmare, besides my English teacher seems quite bipolar so I’m a bit worried since now freak control me will be back to compete for the spot as the ongoing girl who doesn’t stop intervening in class to ear more points and actually get the teacher to remember her name.

But talking books, I had to read a couple for my English and French classes during the holidays and I’ll probably will never post a review about them but I’ll try it with their sequels next year.

Anyways, now I’ll give you my comparisons on other two characters belonging to different series. One performed the role of dramatic antagonist while the other was the suffering heroine. I’m referring to Jessamine Fiveash from the Dark Carousel series by Any Allyn, and Catherine ‘Cathy’ Dollanganger from Flowers In The Attic by V. C. Andrews.

Many people might ask, what in God’s Earth could this girls have in common? Well, let me tell you that it is a whole deal! Not mentioning that both of them lived in an past century’s old decade like the 20’s and 50’s each, and they were obviously blondes. But now I’ll explore into three different grounds where these two meet a sort of similar path.

 Exhibit A. Loving Perfect Family.


Ok, someone will say that Jessamine’s mom was bitter and a gold lolita-quarrel-shot-1adigger but I’ll refuse those allegations by saying that in the very of her flashbacks (in the second book) this sweet child was a happy girl living in a circus with her caring father and seemly good mother besides her loving grandfather who never abandoned her as others did. She was contented and joyful child of nine or eleven or twelve (to my embarrassment, I can’t call to mind her exact age back then) doing her acrobatic number for the circus, she loved the life there without words to express it. There was no sign of discomfort or depression but the illusion of gaiety this soppy girl remembered of her past until tragedy stroke. There was nothing to complain about, she had the whole package so she barely looked at other’s mischievousness or her own relative’s greedy aims. She was devoted to her father even when he died, even in the darkest time and when that was reduce she transferred those feelings to her beloved grandpa.

On the other hand, there was Cathy. A gracious girl of twelve who had the same childish worries any girl her age had, like when theimage twins were born and she thought her parents weren’t going to love her anymore. But she was besotted with their unending support and that stayed in the past. She was a promising little one with a liking for ballet and an unforgettable adoration for her father, she was his princess, his rock. Nobody could deny it. With her beautiful mother was the same in a less scandalous way, but she was well dear by her two causing the admiration of Cathy that maybe one day she’d grow up to become like her. Her siblings needed her in different ways, the twins saw her as another mother figure that was gonna look after them and her elder brother saw her as an entertaining companion so her family was whole and immaculate in many ways. Again, until tragedy stroke and people were forced to end the illusion of the ideal life.

Exhibit B. Neglect & Mistreatment.


When Jessamine was under her cousin’s care, she suffered more vl9caqkvqfuwqvuathan when her father had died. With no memories and thinking of herself as a child and not the actual adolescent she was, this young teen went to torments like reclusion, lies, sexual harassment by not only a cruel unknown but her cousin as well, actual death, and finally an unstoppable mental breakdown nobody should experience. The disdain she had to face was just terrible, cruel and unfair. All for money and power, all for nothing more than an ugly truth. The child becoming a woman wasn’t allowed to have a life, nor education, neither love. All since the accident was a nightmare, her depressed mother dead, all her friends dead, her grandfather practically abandoned her and her only family just let her to rot in the basement, literally.

Just like with Cathy. He childhood memories were full of glory and hugs, and now it all has been shattered by the abuse and inhumanity cathyhairof a person who was supposed to take care of her and her siblings. From being called the devil’s spawn every day to move left starving for a week, from her mother slapping her to her grandmother putting tar on her hair forcing Cathy to cut it, from her mother proving she doesn’t really love her children to actually trying to kill them for an inheritance, all to the point where she had to stop being a child with dreams and hopes to become a real mother to the twins. She was abandoned in an attic with no sunlight neither friends or a spark of the outside world to let her animosity perish for responsibilities and fears. No physical punishment can reach the pain of loosing one’s naiveté.

Exhibit C. Escaping The Hurt.


Both had different ways of running away from the pain but these 1960s-sue-lyon-30girls were desperate to forget it. For Jessamine her escape was loosing the sense of reality, thinking she was still a living girl trying to look after other girls who were alone at a time of need, she imagined herself their saviour. Though a part of her knew she was lonesome and that made her go in a rage, to recall she was dead and that she was never going to experience kisses or true love, or even see her grandfather ever again. She wanted to forget the pain, and for that she secluded those girls in her dying place with unimaginable things to cement her dollhouse with a clown, two raggedy dolls and a supernatural carrousel, where she could be a little girl over again.

For Cathy, it was a pleasure she could actually run away from there with only two siblings left. But one thing happened in the attic, oned07 things that she was never able to forget. Secluded for years to develop her feminity as a teenager, there was nobody else to explore her feelings and uncorrupted desires more than her elder brother Chris. She found herself guilty of what her evil grandmother was accusing them of all the time, her incestous emotions were shut down for a while but it later was unable to be contained so with simple touches they explored the unknown. First, as co-parental figures for the twins, then with a tense friendship and companion, to finally meet their sexuality becoming one time lovers. She found a confusing but enciting love where it was forbidden, this served her for a while to not loose her mind and to stand up to her mother when she unveiled her true intentions.

If this had been a competition there would have been a tie because both this children were forced to become woman to a point of loosing all hope in a happy existence, and looked for distinct methods to survive. They were both fighters, one handle not to loose her mind as the other was too aggravated to not give into madness. Both characters made me cry out of impotence for the injustice of their lives, they definitely deserved better.

Song Time:

I actually hadn’t given too much thought on this. But I think one of the new additions to my Spotify playlist will do this justice, I’m talking about *Gone by Bebe Rexha*. It transports you to the minds of Jessamine and Cathy, to their wishes. They wish that their loved ones could return to them, the grandfather and father they miss as a representation of their forgotten happiness.

Cause I’m a lost river that’ll never reach the sea
When you’re not here with me, when you’re gone
I’m sick to my bones, I don’t feel natural
Without you I’m not whole, when you’re gone

Gone, gone, gone, gone
Gone, gone, gone
Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone


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