Switched at birth – #3

Greetings, youngsters or elderly weirdos! No offence meant, of course. This week was crazy again, my usual state of stress grew and drove me insane for an entire day. I seriously hate the fucking staff and its malfunctioning secretary! I would totally give her some of Snow’s berries.

Anyways, since Im still in a fragile phase, the characters this week might be considered too easy but please, try to understand. My creativity was only focused on my manuscript and university classes. So, ok: I chose two decent but convenient main characters, I’m talking about Alexandria “Alex” Andros from the Covenant series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, and Rosemarie “Rose” Hathaway from the Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.

Exhibit A. Strong & Beautiful.


Both this girls (well, they are not exactly just girls ya know) are


By DeviantArt, Yurixmeister

known for their badass abilities and lovely features. First, is Rose with her ass-kicking fists and legs, she can dismantle lots of crazy vampires in one minute without loosing the perfection that is her hair. She’s this curvaceous damphir of little stature, tanned skin and dashing dark eyes; she’s the embodiment of sensuality and she knows how to use it to her advantage. She’s no delicate flower, she’s explosive and will do anything to prove she’s right, using her tenacious mind, fighting powers and tremendous sassy comments. Rose has the confidence that not many main characters are used to have, nowadays.

Then there’s Alex. She’s a bit softer, just a tiny bit. But even then, she’s an independent young woman destined for greatness that


By DeviantArt, Airlibrator

involves more than just her terrific self-defense techniques but also her own magical capabilities being the centre of it all and a full Apollyon despite the thoughts of the rest of the world. She’s as ravishing and dazzling as Rose with her own sexy side, with a slighter less tanned skin tone. With her bossy bad aptitude, many people could think she’s just a petty half-blood lucky enough to be the life source of the *real* Apollyon but this Apollo‘s descendant is no damsel in distress and can kick some serious ass with no mercy, revealing her destroying nature.

Exhibit B. Mommy Issues.


 It is no secret that Jeannine Hathaway is a estranged mother by her tumblr_mr7uswndkd1ssc2c1o1_1280own choice of protecting and guiding her only child. But this has caused a deep scar in Rose’s life since the first time ua readers met her in book two. She acts mostly like hee daughter’s military general than her mother, and that’s why Rose as well as us dislike her so much. Cause she only behaves like a mama bear when her daughter is in a considerable physical danger though never when Rose needs her to calm her aching teenage heart to the point of driving our obstinate protagonist to tears of sadness and impotence. I hated her cold-blooded ways, but admired her determination though.

While Rose’s mom was the reason of most her sadness because of her behaviour. Alex’s misery came when her loving mom was takenactress-beautiful-cute-eyes-favim-com-1470166 and turned by the daimons. Her relationship was a amicable trusting one, because Rachelle gave everything away to be with her daughter amd save her from her rough destiny, to marry a man she hated to protect her. That way abandoning her one true love, so there’s no question on why Alex was so heartbroken and a little nuts when her daimon mother attacked her and she still believed that Rachelle was somehow in there. The death of her mother was her first shock that lead her to further deaths in her life, it was the start of the complete lost of innocence and hope she had for a great deal during the series.

Exhibit C. Guardian Warrior.


If one thing motivates these two to act without fear and kill tumblr_inline_ncu9amcbqv1t22083whatever gets in their way, that would be their loved ones, from family to friends. With Rose, her rocks were mainly her friends for her entire lifetime: Lissa and Mason, the first one being even more important than her own life against powerful morois because of their bond besides the bff status and the second’s passing drove her down a spiral of depression that wasn’t easily repressed. As the series progresses she grows attached to more people, like Vladimir. Her ultimate and only love. For whom she goes through kidnapping, permanent scars, and painful regret to actual redemption. Her love for him went the deepest than any ship I’ve ever read, and it moved me.

Then was Alex and her many loves. Most of them she lost in battles that she lost, so that produces even more pain and guilt. First, herunnamed mom being transformed and killed, the Caleb dying in her guard, after that Olivia and many other’s. All for her cause, to discover how unfair is the society she lives in; and she fights for them. Not for their deaths but because of their memories that still live in her, getting rewarded for her wars won by Apollo. She manages to keep Aiden whom she also protected in many occasions even from himself. She’s a loving creature whose heart was teared into peaces to finally be reunited for months. Her fighter soul was compensated.

To end this entry, I would like to add that no matter the controversy towards these to stories and its authors, I’m not looking for discussions on who copied who or whatever that is. I know there are many similarities but I love them equally because of who they are as personas. They are both capable of kicking ass with their brownish long hair and hilarious replies. It’s obviously a tie, if this were a competition.

Song Time:

I never paid much attention to the lyrics of this song till I heard the acoustic version and I loved it. You can feel the inner fight of Rose and Alex there with love and themselves; I’m even replaying it on Spotify cuz of the feels it gave me. I refer to *Princess of China by Coldplay ft Rihanna*.

Once upon a time we fell apart
You’re holding in your hands the two Halves of my heart
Ohhhhh, ohhhhh!
Once upon a time, we burn bright
Now all we ever seem to do is fight
On and on…
And on and on and on…

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