Switched at birth – #4

Hi y’all! I was so close to not write an entry today, because I have a million things to do for this weekend and I’m leaving to grandma’s house for that specific weekend so I’m a bit of a mess! But don’t worry, dear reader. I’ll post this book tag now.

This week is all about female characters I read a year ago but before Monday I had no idea shared some things in common. I refer to Helen Hamilton of the Star-crossed trilogy by Josephine Angelini and Mara Dyer of the trilogy that shares her name by Michelle Hodkin. I had never given any thought to these two but I realised they suffer from the same wrong.

Exhibit A. Once were Happy Beautiful.


Helen might not had been the most popular girl in high school nor anthony-goldman-2011-claire-holt-27339101-747-494had any confidence in her looks but she was satisfied and at peace with her life. Living alone with her loving father and creating lovely memories with her geeky best friend. And above all things, she wasn’t aware of her perfect beauty neither her abilities and mythical background, her ignorance made her glad and able to sleep with no nightmares. I mean she only woke up to find dirt in her pajamas but she was calm with no broken heart. No questions about her mom, neither about love so she felt free. She believes in bravery and warm affection but never on betrayal nor bad intentions. She was technically an innocent.

Then was Mara being blind of the trouble around her. She knew sheashley-greene-photoshoot-for-asos-magazine-scandal-0f48ebb4a6ca02dbf5141affdbfa6898-large-54828 was pretty but never gorgeous, she knew her boyfriend loved her but never how twisted he truly was, she knew her grandma had a secret story but she never was interested in asking. She didn’t knew how powerful she really was neither what destiny had waiting for her. She was like any other girl next door living with an over protective half Asian family, never suspecting a thing about how wrong the world around her behaved. Nevertheless, that Mara herlsef was a walking curse. How different she thought her life would be.

Exhibit B. Forbidden Love.


Ok, look. I know many main personas have this in common, most book characters share that trait but this ones were literally not able0afa6acfaa451a1e8ffc00fa36c06ede-46674 to see each other cuz it would have ended in death. First was Helen, who fell in love with who seemed to be not her ideal of the perfect match. Actually she never thought she would have a type but his bossy majesty was the one, with his cocky smile and ridiculous phrases that made the reader laugh out loud. However, by the end of book one she finds out he is her first cousin! Which ends up being an immediate deal breaker, the tension grows both sexual and emotionally which resulted into a great arch for the next books. She suffered, he suffered until they both decided to go against the rules and give into their feelings.

ashleygreene4Secondly was Mara Dyer. God, this poor girl has just found love after apparently being an unreliable witness of her ex’s death. Once she meets this Mr. Right it all changes. Her life seems meaningful and bright with lots of hope, but then bad things happen and people try to separate to protect him from her influence and fate which develops into something she also gets to believe by herself. That she is wrong for him and they’re better off apart than together. The struggle she goes through is harder than anything she ever experienced because it not only breaks her heart in tiny pieces but her mental health, as well.

Exhibit C. Written Life.


Helen’s story is one repeating itself mixed with some Greek or rebekah-3-the-vampire-diaries-33440155-347-500Roman legends. She’s an exact copy of her ancestor, Helen of Troy like all the other relatives before her with the same golden hair and like for boys they shouldn’t. It all ends up in death. Our present time Helen didn’t choose this, she was born with it. And it would have kept happening to future generations if she and her allies hadn’t stopped the vicious gods and their wishes for entertainment purposes only. She had the worst of lucks with her fate all written but in the end, she didn’t give up and made a future for herself with love and family.

In the case of Mara, one of her relatives decided her fate. He knew it before she was born, he orchestrated her unhappiness with crueltyashley-greene-ashley-greene-2173563-800-600 and immorality. Once we hear her grandmother’s story and how she met her grandfather, we can’t help but to hate him because he was hurting people way before he was introduced in the present. And now Mara has to deal with the fact that her powers one day will kill the love of her life, that’s why she tries to be away from him but finally decides to give into her feelings after he accepts fate whatever that might be with her away from the world. Mara never fixed the issues that one day she’ll become the murderer of her love, this couple made up their mind and dare to challenge their written fate despite knowing that it won’t change. They’ll live without thinking in this wicked future.

Song Time:

I was listening to this single while trying to figure out which characters to pick until I found myself enjoying a special song I used to listen to get me in the mood of reading one of these trilogies. This song has a meaning of finding yourself despite the odds and terrible things that people forced you to become. It’s beautiful, btw. I’m talking about *I Found Me by Little Red Lung*.

Whose life have I been living?
Diary pages already written
Words invented on a page
I always let them lead the way, oh
It’s time to put the pen away
And put the pages to the flame
Oh oh oh


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