Switched at birth – #5

Hi y’all! Yeah, I tried a southern term again, and totally failed! Again.

Anyways, first of all I’d like to thank one my top fave authors: Anya Allyn because she shared one of my posts on her Twitter and Facebook accounts and she liked my comparison of Cathy D. and Jessamine F. from her amazing Dark Carousel series! So thanks a lot, it means that much. (*internally fangirling*)

Going back to the book tag, this week I’ll start teaching a bit of basic English to primary kids so wish me luck since I don’t how to handle kids. My experience has taught they are messy, cute, spoiled, violent and easily -distracting creatures, like leprechauns so I’m not appealed. But what the hell, I have to do it. That’s the real reason why I’m writing this at 10pm on a Thursday night; this week I’ll be comparing two characters that never crossed my mind when I first came with the idea of this tag, seriously. I’m talking about Anna Chevalier from Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas, and Julie Redding from The Perfectionists duology by Sara Shepard.


Exhibit A. Naive Sad Child.



Both are introduced as kind hearted little sweethearts. The Anna we 130937_6213_presee in flashbacks is a hurt girl tormented by her mom’s negligence over herself. She’s a poor thing loosing her mom to cancer, in a new school where everyone is wicked, much wealthier, pathological liars and untouched by pain. She somehow still believes in love and friendship living inside that bubble of treacherous backstabbers that is her new clique, the one she enters out of pity. Anna starts living a blind happy life forgetting about her current loss and social finish, it gives her the independence of feeling right. Like all her dreams came true with a faithful best friend and a loyal boyfriend, both made of gold for her but of glass for the rest of the world that see through the false reality.

For Julie, her life is perfect. After a terrible night, she still holds her41a52dbb3c0b38edaae19e6679fee292 bff and her popularity without high school finding out about her family. If they knew her mother has some mental issues going on without any prescriptive drugs, her world would crumble. She carries the guilt of feeling embarrassed of her mom, her house, her old life and the worst is what happened to her friend that night she didn’t take care of her. She regrets many things, even messing in things she shouldn’t just to remove the guilt still beating in her heart. But she tries everything to be too perfect, she wants a fantasy and she lives one to get away from her actual self. Like someone drowning because she chose to, never letting others interfere.

Exhibit B. Goody Goody Girl.


If there’s something these two were worst and best at being the loveliest friend ever and girlfriend too. Anna’s friendship with Eliselarge was the longest and toughest I’ve ever read, this girls’ lives were unbelievable. Anna found a gold mine of no regret in Elise, she could spend time with her flawless family, and cool companion. They lived the hipster lifestyle without even noticing it. Elise set her free in a way Anna was desperate to be. And with Tate everything got even better, maybe she neglected Elise a bit but her love for her boyfriend was unique and cooperative, she became almost the 50’s prototype of wife for love. She became that for both, for the adoration she felt for them. She would have given her life for them.

Then Julie’s unstoppable friendship and camaraderie with Parker was her main importance during those two books. Her culpabilitya79c073d2029d8a83ec3eaa08d9f84c4 and devotion made her take chances, hate and hurt; and after what Nolan did to Parker, she knew the pompous bastard had to pay. She never thought she would be the one proposing an almost letal prank on the most popular and hated guy in their High School. Neither she would ever consider herself being framed next to other of her new friends from the “I f*ing hate Nolan” club for the murder of the little bitch. She suspects her bff but would never tell on her after all that has happened to her, but under what cost this will last? Specially since she met this new Aussie guy named Carson, who’s genuinely interested in her and seems to not care about her past.

Exhibit C. Twisted Truth.


Of course these are heartfelt sociopaths/psychopaths. Anna suffered a hard shock when she found her bff Elise literally riding her darlingtumblr_inline_n3q1oe0eif1s6756w boyfriend Tate in her bed during their trip to Aruba, the worst was that despite Elise saw her, she didn’t covered herself or run put of shame but smiled at her as a repay for neglecting her as a friend. Anna found out her new life was more horrible and villainous than the old one, she was still that little motherless newbie in shark tank where they ripped her apart until she became worse than them. She expected Tate to leave, and enter to kill Elise savagely so much that her room was full of blood. She covered most of her fingerprints and hide the knife besides taking Elise’s bff necklace with her, to pretend she was innocent without any remorse to the point of making the reader believe her tactics and finally understand her motives (though never condone the results). I mean, she Won in the end.

imagesWith Julie, it wasn’t entirely her fault. After that terrible night where Parker was beaten to dead by her father for being high as f*ck thanks to Nolan, Julie wasn’t able to get over it. Which caused her to develop a second personality that was the living image of Park in her mind, she actually believed for a while that this was truth killing Nolan and then still trying to be a good Parker and murdering or irreparably hurting those who wronged her newest dear friends. Parker had nothing left to loose with her scars and black hoodie but Julie could loose her freedom and after all was discovered (I was shocked) she actually did for a couple of days. Until she refused to believe she was mentally unstable or accepted how easier life was by facing her inner Parker on the road as a runaway.

In conclusion, both were unstable and framed as dumb helpless girls but these ones proved that their letal mind was their most useful weapon as well as their knives. Justice was in their hands and they ravaged it themselves without looking back; it’s an irrevocable tie.

Song Time:

I choose this song for their different interpretations about both girls, the same verse explains two sides of these sweet self-sacrificing friend and girlfriend, yet deathly avenging young ladies. Let’s see if you can interpret this well, or as I did.

I love everything you do
When you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do
Wanna ride my bike with you
Fully undressed, no training wheels left for you
I’ll pull them off for you


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