Reading Like A Maniac: SPECIAL*

Hi! My throat remains sore, hurting me like a little bitch and I read two new books that weren’t scheduled in my TBR list for 2016. I must mention that this is an exception of the natural order of my book obsession and might not happen again in future lists. But, I just couldn’t resist and I ended up reading two of the most anticipated books I had been waiting for months! When I downloaded them I was thinking that I could add them to my 2017’s TBR list but I needed to know what was next in the sexiest, most luscious and honest tiny first book of the Wild Side trilogy by R. K. Lilley. The story captivated me the moment I set my eyes on the premise, I wasn’t looking at the childish neon cover but the characters and their relationship, at the mysterious and strong content it provided. And since I was unable (for months) to read the sequels in my native tongue, I found it twice, one in Portuguese which was even harder to comprehend and one in English so you can guess which one I picked.

First let’s talk about Iris (the second book’s name, not the character), (BTW, not trying to be offensive but those titles were boring, nice names and everything but not cool enough for book titles).



was all emotional because I finally was able to read this. Finally I found an app to open the file, that didn’t take all my storage tumblr_static_tvd6gigabyte. So, super pleased with it. But going to the actual book, all I can say without revealing spoilers is that as always it was short but I felt the vibe of the characters making contact with me (the avid reader), I fell I knew them already while trying to find out what is all this secrecy about, I mean I hadn’t been interested in a character’s true persona since I met the main in Let’s Get Lost. So that says a lot, cuz no matter how invisible the character might be, only very few have me wondering wtf all the time to the point I avoid having a peak at the last page to not get any spoilers cuz I want to surprise myself.

I pretty much would bet my original copy of Insurgent and my Ghostgirl trilogy that the background of Iris is that she is in fact the little girl who ‘died’, ya know? The girl on the TV that Dair happened to know from his childhood. There were too many coincidences, anyways if it is true I’m still looking forward to hear all the details.
Then I found it funny, how Dair tends to write mystery novels where women hold the power and how his life has become that after the torturous divorce from the trashy red head boob job, how he never expected it. Which it’s kinda of cliché but still makes it up to be wonderfully well made.


There were some clear wtf moments that weren’t much about how shocked I was but of how crazy were the situations these both were into, first on their number one glace after a long time Iris decides to go in a candy shop with many kids staring at her, while Dair ishttp-%2f%2fmashable-com%2fwp-content%2fgallery%2fhair-tips-from-john-stamos%2ftumblr_inline_mnmwhpl4i41qz4rgp visually eye sexing her the entire time. After that, in the party of the hot writer that reminds me a lot of Ian Somerhalder, when Dair and Iris are doing the dirty with the door open, then comes his redhead ex whose name I refuse to remember and watches the whole moment. Creppy. And finally, when Dair says to Iris that he wants to get her pregnant. That was a little too soon, and I’m the fangirl happy ending type that always daydreams the main female lead will go preggers and they’ll be happily ever after with a bundle of joy, it even sounded too early for this kind of thing specially during sex. Too effing soon.
Anyways, I can’t wait for the next one cuz this was a good one. To relax and feel intense about the mystery behind Iris.

Finally, let’s explore the final one named Dair (do I need to mention the Name situation, again? Don’t think so).



Of course it had its ups and downs but who cares when the female lead gets the life you’ve always wanted, no matter how non feminist it seems cuz it was gracious for moi! Anyways, this was a fun, stressing and surprisingly emotional ride (I effing cried, TWICE!); with unbelievable plot twists that my expertise brain figured out (half of the whole deal, OK only a 40% of it). With shocking and twisted revelations, and I felt it way more realistic (for some parts) than the previous two; while listening to Oasis’ Stop Crying Your Heart Out for no actual reason. But it was good, it surely was good and I tumblr_inline_mplhqawxwu1qz4rgpwas immensely pleased with the final product, besides it helped my vocabulary to increase in non sexy ways, which was fun all the way.

I obviously was right about Iris been the supposedly dead granddaughter of Dair’s mom’s friend. I figured it out the minute she wanted to change the channel in book two when the PIC of her kid self showed up. But I was not ready for the whole messy truth, the fact her murderous grandmother almost killed all her blood legacy because of power andgiphy-1 her rowdy political laundry. Again, so so messed up but believable and it added something way more interesting to the last part.
Now let’s talk about that sweet classy epilogue. I had read it half through, I tried avoiding spoilers but I couldn’t resist but once I read the whole thing, I wanted to cry out of happiness and I effing did! I know a “millennial” (God I hate that term, it makes me feel dumb) shouldn’t feel OK with young motherhood and marriage and being a probable stay at home woman but I loved it. I contradicted myself about my opinion on Dair saying he wanted to get her preggers before, and now here I am pining because Iris’ new life is the one I’ve ever wanted but was too ashamed to admit. This gave me more strength about that matter, that is OK to want those things when your young instead of wishing to be the typical working and traveling woman who doesn’t want kids ever or marriage for any reason. I’m different, truly and now I feel so good about it thanks to this character. You can be free spirited and be smart as hell, as well as love with a passion and have a family without caring about what people think.


Thanks, R. K. Lilley. It was a fun ride.

* Btw, I’m not postponing tomorrow’s #SwitchedAtBirthBookTag. So wait for it.


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