Switched at birth – #8

Greetings to anyone who’s reading this. Thanks for the last likes, it was gratifying to feel that people actually read these posts. And I don’t know about you but I feel I’ve been comparing many girls since issue number two, I mean my first VS. in this arena was between two male wicked bitches and now I’ll be comparing two more likeable characters. They are from different books, different timelines, different genres and different positions when it comes to my heart. I’m talking about Dorian Haviliard from the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, and Maxon Schreave from The Selection trilogy (I still don’t know if it’s considered a series because of Eadlyn) by Kiera Kass.

Exhibit A. Dream Boy.


It is know that these two heartbreakers started as a little girl’s first dorian wet dream. The sweet handsome young prince with the golden heart. PERFECTION in a male counterpart. First of all, there’s Dorian acting like a sort of knight in shining armour “rescuing” Caelena from that cruel prison because he needed a kick-ass champion but them slowly falling for their shared traits and loving features. She sees he’s like her in so many ways, they both adore reading huge amount of books and then when he couldn’t be even more cute, he gives her the most adorable and spoiled little puppy ever. Dorian easily (unfairly!) becomes the friend-zoned guy keeping secrets of the main character, being super kind and polite, and loving, and brave, and smoothly hot as a whole meal at Taco Bell. With his dark hair, piercing blue eyes and ardently cold voice; this Prince should definitely be in The Bachelor’s fantasy YA edition.

Then comes the real contestant or should I say lucky single guy in the futuristic version of the show known as the Selection. Prince08f5ed6b0a0c20b29fc37d5ffed8004e Maxon, seems calm and gentle with a like for rescuing damsels in distress. He understands and recognises some honest and bravery in America’s actions the first time he shares some words with her. He seems like the perfect heir, he wants to change they way things had been handled, he desires equality and hope for a better tomorrow. He doesn’t know much about his own past but he is willing to let the main character challenge him and his righteousness. With tension filled encounters and almost kisses that make you believe your watching TV season 3. Btw, he also has some good looks, even tho I first pictured him like Ian Somerhalder and then it came to my shock that this Prince was a blondie! I was like WTF! But now I’m kinda ok with it. He’s still so cute.

Exhibit B. Only Human.


But as every other human being in real and fictional life, we only see the glittery wrapper but never the sour bittersweet that can bedorian-1 underneath it. With Dorian was a little less hard when it comes to my feels, his hidden truth was not so painful cuz it only included his secret power and a bit of evilness. He was also part fairy, well it is known his family had those genes but none activated for a long long time ago and now he, the eldest son of the king who wants nothing more than to exterminate magic and dominate the world becomes a magic master who has to hide it from all. He shares this by accident with Celaena when they become friends after she refuse to be his love to be with his bff, his heart was broken but he trusted in her with his sweet aptitude. And then it all went to hell, his new love Sorscha is killed in front of him and he remains a captive of his father’s evilness. He turns cruel and mysoginist, it turned out kinda fun seeing him so free, without fears showing. Even when he went back to be himself again, there were some traces of bad Dorian left. And I’m strangely (so so weird) turn on by that, now.

After that we have the most indecent assault that ever happened to the_prince_illustrationmy shipping feminist heart. I was totally shipping Aspen and America for most parts of the trilogy and them Maxon started to grow on me, and I liked he’s tender way of being. He managed to melt and conquer my soul with various attempts until he succeeded, and the it all fell down harshly to the ground. Maxon kissed Celeste like a posh kid. Believing he had all the “right” to do it no matter how much it could hurt the only one who truly loved him and I know that she made out with Aspen like all the effing time but never to Mason’s face, bitch hid it like a pro! And then she accepts this and goes and marries him?! I mean, wtf?! I just wasn’t all for it, I’m still not all for it. I would keep my not cheating Aspen. At least he would have never kissed Celeste! How low could Maxon get? Was he making a contest on how low can you go making out!? Choices!

Exhibit C. Love/Hate Him.


Nowadays, people change teams. It is not like in the old days when you never switched from Team Jacob to Team Edward and vice versa,51860f12b25a53b5fe7ba1f6037301ef there are no loyalties so people don’t stand to their ships. Neither to their literary boyfriends/men candy. With Dorian, it was just awful! He became the new target for everyone, even his so called friends wanted him gone for good because they couldn’t control him neither have the sweet manageable Dorian they used to neglect and discard like a doll. And he had to ultimately save himself, he became his own hero. And not even because of that he turn into a fan favorite, everyone loves spoiled “Aelin” and her cheesy man whore that apparently fell in love between books 3 and 4 causing a great shock im many. They came to hate Dorian’s love interest in book two, but now at least they don’t bother him cuz of his love life. He’s a recently independent king with his own fan base that love him everyday and book more.

Finally, with Maxon. I don’t know how people love him. They said maxon_schreave_by_chrysalisgrey-d75xvl9he had to deal with America’s confusion but he never had to do it for so long, I think he did it for an instance and then she was the one who suffered because of his Selection candidates. He didn’t want to change all the shit his dad had done, he didn’t want to accept the truth of his inheritance neither that the election was on America’s side, not on his. He was bossy and nosey, annoying at some stages and I don’t know how he still got to keep the girl. Anyways, there are those who are so into him and those who can’t stand his guts but in the end he’s a character to talk about, to do an exhausting research on and stop at every said detail of what comes out of his mouth.

While reading those books I often found myself imagine the same face for these two because of their prince like resemblance until I was able to see the deviations between these two (recently, I got confused with their names while chatting in a blog). How they were not the same, at all, not even in their perfect physical features. Very very dissimilar.

Song Time:

It wasn’t easy to find a non masculine tune that still absorbed the essence of Dorian and Maxon without diverging from their recurring cores. But I managed to get one, that reflected into one of the characteristics I haven’t mention yet which is their tenacity and how they want to rule their world, their life and finally be their own boss. That’s why I chose, *My Way by The Girl and The Dreamcatcher*.

Take me where I know I won’t be right or wrong
Don’t need no permission to do what I want
It’s not worth the cost, it’s not worth the cost
I keep finding diamonds every time I fall
So why would anybody play it safe at all?
It’s not what I want, it’s not what I want

No, no, no, no, no
No, I’m not the same as anyone
No, no, no, no, no
How’d you know I could be anyone?

I wanna do it, wanna do it, my way, my way, oh
I wanna do it, wanna do it, my way, my way, oh


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