At the movies… The Girl on the Train

Yeah, I’m posting twice in a day, isn’t that stressful? No, it isn’t, at least I don’t feel it so. It’s relaxing and enjoyable. It makes me feel alive, like I’m capable of doing everything and anything with my words while listening to Lana del Rey’s Ultraviolence album.

I wanted to share the most recent book to movie adaptation I was able to see, I’m talking about the highly funked by critics film named The Girl on the Train based on the homonym novel by Paula Hawkins. Let me begin by telling you I was expecting for a sticky mess, I was prepared to be grossed out by this Hollywood blockbuster but to my surprise I was quite disappointed because this adaptation was just that, an adaptation. It was faithful to the book with minor exceptions, this was one of the finest things I have seen in a long time with very good and believable performances that I surely could see them as the characters I came to love and hate while reading the revealing book. Was I astonished? Yes, a million times yes.


Where do I start? Performances! Haley Bennett did a decent job becoming cold hearted Megan, nobody would suspect this girl had a heart or any remote redeeming or human capacity. She showed the empty, shattered, broken for no reason, cruel and manipulative sides of Megan. But when time came, she transitioned from that to the sensitive, sad, depressed, afraid, guilt driven and heartbroken Megan,  who herself was that same seventeen year old left alone with her buried baby inside that lonely house. When she cried and said how much she loved Libby, I clearly saw book Megan.


Then came Rachel and her almost over the top alcoholism, Emily Blunt was about to fail because of that scene of Rachel dancing (or strangely jumping) drunk as f* while people watched her in the middle of the daylight. But then she became the sad woman I took my time to realise who this character truly was, blaming herself and Anna for the failure of her marriage. Giving herself to buzz, and wanting fantasy lives that weren’t even real; and thank God they erased the whole sex scene between her and Scott or I would have vomited. But overall, her performance was legit and realistic, besides really rough specially when she explained she wasn’t fertile and how unimportant that made her feel, how much she suffered at the hands of the one who was supposed to love her.


And of course, I had to mention Anna. God, I hate her. I love Rebecca Ferguson as an actress since I watched The White Queen adaptation but she was so good at making me hate that bitch all over again. Being more and less into her fugly baby, she clearly was hipnotized by the kid and then she wasn’t. Cray, cray. Anyways, I still hated the bitch. Not ashamed that she was the other woman, and actually missing it. Ugh.


Tom, damn Tom. He wasn’t seen as the good boy his book counterpart was in every chapter (almost, 95%). He was a blurry and I was about to say he was the most plain thing I’ve seen on the big screen till he became the abusive piece of shit we readers knew he was. It was scary, not even Scott’s portrayal frightened me that much but Tom did very good. Total sociopath, so awesome work by Justin Theroux.


Another point, I’d like to talk about would be the changes. Those were a few, like the setting and nationalities but still there was one that bothered me a bit. The fact that Megan knew of Rachel that much to recognise her an hour or less before her death, see little details? Other thing was that Evie wasn’t called fugly or that Megan started working for the Watsons to be nearer Tom, or that they didn’t show Megan telling Scott she cheated many times. I didn’t mind them much, not as I thought I would.


I wasn’t upset because in the end, the result was a truthful adaptation worth watching if you enjoyed the book. So go see it. Seriously, it has the best elements of a none Gone Girl adaptation, it’s pretty good.

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