Switched at birth – #11

Soooooo, I’m done with midterms for now and I’m feeling relieved, though a bit worried about my Linguistics and French tests. But anyways, I’m here to bring you two characters I love that I always had heard so much good stuff about but never got interested in reading until I made up my mind I went for them till I finished each trilogy, which had the most human and realistic main characters not because of their environment but because of their reactions towards extreme situations, they showed the pain and fear that is one’s nature working against itself. I’m talking about Ruby Daly from the Darkest Minds trilogy by Alexandra Bracken, and Juliette Ferrars from the Shatter Me trilogy by Tahereh Mafi.

Exhibit A. Deadly Weapon.


These both girls had a rough start in their maturity journey, it wasn’t normal, it wasn’t right, it wasn’t beautiful, it was cruel andimg_20161102_111336 heartless. For Ruby, it all started with a pandemic disease affecting children, most of them died but she and a few others survived gaining supernatural abilities that the world saw as too dangerous to coexist with. She was forgotten by her parents, and forced to have a life of mistreatment in a mean place that for me was like a concentration camp, just a little less hard. Her life was harsh but it wasn’t until her captors found out about her real powers that she truly was a the most dangerous position. She would be kept as a rabid dog or worst, her Orange self was able to alter thoughts and memories and more secrets of the mind; therefore Ruby was a ticking bomb for the adults survival.

In Juliette’s case, she was raised and treated like a monster for most Join or Dieof her life. All because of an uncontrollable power no girl like her would ever desire, she can kill and torture with her bare touch, most of the times without even desiring that. Her life was an accident thanks to that, her parents misunderstood and hurt her both physically and emotionally, she was just a child whose mother burn her hand to prove if it was normal, she was the girl whose father locked her so they wouldn’t have to deal with their abomination. For the rest of the world, she was too much of a risk for humanity so she was locked in an asylum away from any contact with other living being until her time came to be used as a grenade waiting to be thrown at someone.

Exhibit B. Isolated Outcast.


Since they were told they were things, beasts and less than that, these girls believed it too much. They actually thought so little of b1110ff43bbd19748188d697ac3cd4b6themselves, they were afraid of the world finding out about them and were forced to lie to survive. For Ruby, she had to avoid using her power and barely making a friend that she later lost because of her being an Orange. She wanted to be alone, even when she was “rescued” the first time, she needed her space and didn’t want to forge any relationship with the ones she met in her way to freedom. But her desperation for company and being able to trust in someone were stronger when she met Zu, Chubbs and specially Liam. But for most of her lifetime as a pariah, the guards that kept her as a  caged beast next to other kids made her believe she wasn’t good or worthy, so she avoided the world like the world would be smart avoiding her.

With Juliette, she was made that way. Since she was a small child, tumblr_inline_o2jxc8teas1rn0a6d_1280her parents taught her to see herself as a life-threatening monster that would destroy everyone she touched so there was no surprise in her having no friends. She was mostly away from people she wanted to share and be friends with, she wanted to love and take care of. Cuz she believed bad things would happen if she broke her parents rules,  and a particular event proves it so. The moment she tried to help a boy in risk, she accidentally killed him and that made the authorities of the Reestablishment get their paws on her and lock her in four walls. She could not talk, not smile, not see, not remember in detail some aspects of her life. To the point she was a 50% of the time, in an dementia state.

Exhibit C. Cherished Heroine.


Once the fear was taken away from them, each girl took control of their powers and bodies to do good. To be the girls they wanted to be but nobody let them. They were freed from their prisons to live their life for the greater good, not the good for half of the population but for everyone.

First Ruby’s time as a part of the Children’s League wasn’t completely voluntary but once she understood the purpose and real ideals of it, she wanted to be with them all. She wanted to fighttumblr_static_tumblr_static_19588f1a5yo04oco80w4ggcgc_640 against the cruelty of the camps, the injustice of the government, the brutality of the treatment and the terrible world they were living in where selling a child was ok in exchange for money or food. She wanted equality and freedom, she wanted her long lost family, she wanted a smile in Liam’s face, she needed to be Zu’s family, she long for Chubb to go to college as he always dreamed of, she wished Judd had a chance of not loosing his innocence, she was greedy for a happy life for Vida. She wasn’t fighting for herself, she kicked butts because of the children in those evil camps; she used her powers to gain justice and the union of people for the right reason. She didn’t even think of being a heroine but she became one.

The unfairness of the Reestablishment went too far with Juliette, their inhumanity towards her was too much. Once she was out of it-s-octavia-she-s-probably-off-chasing-butterflies-the-100-tv-show-37056328-245-240her new golden cage and regain her trust in her lawful virtuous nature, she didn’t care if she had to go to war and eliminate those who wronged the people she loved dear in Omega Point. Even without Adam’s approval, she became her own person. She wasn’t the poor helpless child her parents raised, she was a powerful independent woman willing to take a bullet for the innocent, and do everything to avoid other children going through the same malice and indifference she experienced in her own skin. She did it for Kenji, James, for Sara and Sonya, for Adam and Warner; and for all the children who were killed in the bombing. She never intended to be seen as a saviour, she did what she felt like doing, she did what that little lonely girl always wanted to do: she helped others.

If this was a match, let’s face it, there’s no way one of them could become victorious. They are both too good at fighting and using their powers, I mean Juliette could try killing Ruby but then the other would erase her memory, and this could go on and on and on for an eternity. They are awesome, badass, kind besides being a pair of worthy of every respect young ladies; and no bitch can deny that.

Song Time:

Let’s be honest right here, I chose this tune just five hours ago and strangely it doesn’t seem like a rushed decision. This one applies to them in a classic but edgy way, it tells the raw truth of how people reacted to their powers but leaves it with an empowerment end, maybe a bit dark but how could I describe them without a dark touch?. I’m talking about *Control by Halsey*. (BTW, she’s my fav singer, nowadays!).

I sat alone, in bed ’til the morning
I’m crying, “They’re coming for me”
And I tried to hold these secrets inside me
My mind’s like a deadly disease
I’m bigger than my body
I’m colder than this home
I’m meaner than my demons
I’m bigger than these bones
And all the kids cried out,
“Please stop, you’re scaring me”
I can’t help this awful energy
Goddamn right, you should be scared of me
Who is in control?

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