Switched at birth – #13

Hi, this is Ale and I just watched Seeds of Yesterday on Lifetime, so I’m fresh to start a post of decent and kindhearted characters. Ok, that joke didn’t work out as I thought it would. But anyways, this week will be the first one to be about normal good natured characters who aren’t boring at all. The ones I came to love because of our resemblance when it comes to personality and admiration for books. I’m referring to Katy Swartz from the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, and Cath Avery from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

Exhibit A. New Wave Book Groupie.


With that title I tried to say “gif like FANGIRL” without actually mentioning none of those words, I don’t know why… But both these april_pearson_instagram_a3nix5ox-sizedgirls show no remorse when it comes to the written word. With Katy is more than just one series or stand alone, she has made her book addiction into a sophisticated piece of time in her weekly schedule. She has a blog which is only about books, recommendations, reviews and receives books by publishing companies looking for advertising, so she has the life every reader could barely dream of all those years ago. But she’s no old maid with cats in her ancient home, she’s still a teenager with no real love experience living with her single mom and surviving her new school, and many other unfortunate events that take over her life like one of the book plots she so eagerly worships. Her love for reading and writing never vanishes, not even when a dangerous alien invation is right on the corner; she doesn’t give up on her blog, and tries to update as always, being loyal to her readers out there. God bless her genuine and reckless heart, for not having her priorities reorganised.

Then with Cath. Oh, dear little sweet Cath. She’s not so one of a kind, she’s every college freshman with a crush on the characters J. K. Rowling wrote all those years ago. Of course, here’s her tumblr_inline_n0324obsv21so1xk1infatuation with Simon Snow and Baz, to the point when she even writes a fanfiction worthy of becoming a novella of the original series like an alternate dimension or something. She’s passionate about this series and is definitely not ready to grow up and abandon that side of her, she feels there’s no more than the crazy fangirl in her. She doesn’t know who she is without those books, and those characters, to the point she even chose Creative Writing in college to improve her fanfiction work. Until she got rejected by her conformist teacher, who shut down her magic creativity like she had punched a puppy. That’s many of us, that’s me at the moment as I try to figure out who am I and whether I can love that person. With all our fears of actual contact but with our knowledge of years reading like maniacs, both Cath and I can get through this.

Exhibit B. Love Means Strength.


Before Obsidian, Katy’s life was the same: school, mom, reading, blog. And she couldn’t feel even more proud of it, but once she met the Black family, her world was dramatically changed for the rest of tumblr_mfvnwji93d1qfg9j4o1_500her life. She didn’t only made good friends with Dee but also ended up falling in love with the sarcastic, hot, annoying, charming and quirky Daimon Black. They hated each other at first resisting their obvious attraction, and the tension kept growing until it broke. Being together was a challenge of world war proportions, both ventured in what I called a wild field loosing people they loved and their trust in humanity and good hearts; but this love made them both more brave and tougher than they ever considered they could be thanks to their wish to stay together and protect the other as precious stones. It is true, Katy lost her mom and dearest friend, and that pain will never go away but with the big family and peace she won over: it is not hard to deal with it.

In Cath’s case, it was a little more complicated. Sure, she wasn’t fighting against crazy aliens made of dark nor light, but she had her own mental issues. She was scared of living, her sister technically abandoned her, her only writing friend betrayed her and she’s jake-jenna-jenna-and-jake-25725450-368-180loosing her mind over college as her stress and tension keep growing to insane levels. But she finds a refreshing presence in Levi, he’s not into books and definitely not into being outside of the social world, he’s talkative and nice, and funny and also the ex of her roommate. But once that thing is dealt with, he helps her open herself to the wonderful adventure that is getting out but not entirely of the literary world as she teaches him about her fanfiction and he wants to read it. They become a couple and she is encouraged to fix her problems with her sister, her alienated mother, her beloved dad and her own fears of failure. As a girl like her, I feel connected and desperate for an end like that, a happy one full of hope and baby steps to society and acceptance.

Exhibit C. Kick-ass In the Most Unexpected Area.


Many people will agree that one of these characters grows to become a badass but the other is not applying. Allow me to differ from your maxresdefaultpoint of view. Everyone knows that Kathy becomes a hybrid of Lux and human thanks to Daimon saving her life, and when the moment comes for her to save the day: she doesn’t disappoint nobody. She can talk like a boss with her sassy awesomeness of not taking no bitches’ crap way before she could kick some ass like a boss with her cool Lux powers, she was no damsel in distress (most of the times) making her own mistakes and maturing on the way. This teen wasn’t going to just stand there and wanted to learn to defend herself and others, she took advantage of it to try to get out of difficult situations that she might or might not have been the one to put herself in but she did it like pro.!

With Cath, it all went to the point where she just couldn’t hold her mother’s selfish crap neither Nick’s bitchy plagiarism. So she show them, that nobody could just step upon her and get away with it, she after all is really overprotective of the ones she love like a ferociousawkward-3x19-550x349 lioness. Cath wasn’t going to leave her mother inspire some kind of hope in Wren to only throw her away like a paper bag so she remained strong and took care on her own of her dad and drunken sister. Then when Nick tried to screw Cath, she screw him in return by ruining all his chances of becoming a known author one day because of PLAGIARISM! Suck on that, Mr Lying Pants! And she proved Mrs Piper, she wasn’t only a fantastic fanfiction author but also a fiction terrific one; she proved the world and (better) herself that she was worthy, she was talented and no matter what she was the young woman she never knew she wanted to be. So so inspiring. No bitch messes with a FANGIRL!

When it comes to the battle for the seat on the Book Paper Throne, then there’s no comparison. One writes fiction and is crazy about Simon Snow, the other is a blogger with a passion for all books. They are both killers in their fields, and are great role models (specially my dear Cather) for young girls who think they are alone reading while the rest is getting wasted in hardcore parties. These girls told me that I was great for being who I was, and that I shouldn’t feel ashamed to say till this day that my hobbie is both reading and writing and that in a near future I hope I become an author, I don’t mind not being famous or even getting a publishing contract, I just want to do it, and be happy because of it with no regrets neither fears.

Song Time:

I literally just chose this song, and thanks God this was the next time in my playlist so I’m freaking glad! Otherwise I might had had to go through the entire list once more, I wasn’t expecting that this single was gonna be the one for them but it talks about how never letting people tell you can do things just because you don’t look like you could be able because you fucking can! As Cathy was able to deal with aliens as she updated her blog, and Cath threw an F bomb on Nick and to been shy to take over her real self. Now I bring you *Show You by Shawn Mendes*.

And I will walk this road ahead
Hundred miles on my hands
Do I need to show you?
Guess I gotta show you
And if you don’t believe me now
I’ll flip the whole world upside down
And do I need to show you?
Guess I gotta show you


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