Switched at birth – #14


Happy Black Friday/Thanksgiving to y’all. I hope you spend a great weekend with your love ones or reading a thematic book perhaps. Here in my country there are no holidays till Christmas so… Anyways, I’m here to tell you about the characters I’m comparing today, and to let you know about the future book tags I’ll be using since next week until I can get imaginative enough to think about this exact tag again. Today’s dreadful/unique/fierce pairing is composed by Harper Price from the Rebel Belle trilogy by Rachel Hawkins, and Collette Iselin from Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer by Katie Alender.

Exhibit A. Frivolous Lack of Knowledge.


Well, both this youngsters started off like this: beautiful and ridiculous as f. First of all, there’s our sweetlin Harper with the delicacy of a wild rhino and the kindness of Cruella de Vil.tumblr_nj295kj9uk1sbzw9ho1_500 She was practically born as a mean popular girl, with nothing else to do but admire herself in the mirror and dictate people’s status according to her preferences. She believed she was so above everyone, and got worried by minimum stuff like the color pink in her finger nails. Such a superficial girl that almost reached out to look like a stereotype of Cher from Clueless (first half of the movie), but once she got kissed/transformed by the old gross janitor she was forced to change in order to survive her new life but somehow she manages to maintain her old ways in the best way possible. She’s still stylish but no longer selfish. She becomes a good kind of plastic, and smooth like glittering fabric.

Then was Collette feeling us about how all of a sudden her img_20161123_194444easy and privileged lifestyle change from one day to the other when her dad cheated and she faced the fear of not only loosing your family but also all the money you never learned to cherish. There’s where she insists on not telling a thing of her new home/smallest apartment on Earth, to her friends who next to her are the most popular girl’s in a Private Girls School; she thinks pretending is her only option to keep being part of the exclusive clique which takes her to extremes when it comes to her fashion obsession, after all she’s capable of taking her style to he next level. Specially when going to the capital city of Fashion itself, she proves all the girls that she’s able to fit in a world that could have eaten her alive just because she wasn’t rich anymore. She cares much about the surface but almost never about the actual pain her mom’s going through neither for her little brother’s concerns.

Exhibit B. Oblivious Lack of Understanding.


When it comes to talk about the friendship area, it feels like a mine field cuz that word could mean slavery or falsehood emma-roberts-photoshoot-for-the-hollywood-reporter-september-2015-_1with these girls, in order words: trust no bitch. In Harper’s case, she had some good old friends that shared her shallow ideals, but what she never expected was for them to turn their backs on her the minute she showed realistic emotion or caring for people “she shouldn’t”. They were girls that didn’t know her quite well, they only saw the shining shelter she presented but never even witnessed her good-natured personality, neither her intelligence or rising strength. They saw her like the rest of the school did: as a cold-blooded bitch with no brain and low morals; and even her boyfriend agreed on this. Only one guy and a real friend recognised the nice girl that was hiding behind those pink outfits.

With Collette, well, she was right to fear her friend’s neglect if they ever found out about her new life and family secrets. holland-roden-524917l-pozaOnce they did, hell broke loose: one hated her because of the lie, while the other didn’t care for her enough. Hannah proved she only cared about herself and her cheap looking clothes, and her inability to capture a Parisian hot rich guy like her. There were struggles and realisations she didn’t need this treatment from her supposed sisters till death, but she received a hard punch that served her well to become her own person and choose her companions more wisely than before.

Exhibit C. Badass Lack of Fears.


Since the gross exchange of saliva in the restroom, Harper won abilities to protect the sweet/annoying reporter dude she couldn’t care less about; but she wasn’t only strong 572enough to kill some serious creepy villains and defend the lord in distress (David) from serious danger, but she also learned to like people she never thought she would. She began seeing nerds like the air breathing humans they were, she saw how wrong her behaviour had being and recognised her real clique: one formed of love and truth in every possible meaning of the word. Besides, did I mention she became deadly? Trust me, no one should challenge this blondie without facing her wrath.

From the time the killings started to connect her with Marie Antoinette’s assassination, Collette became overprotective of holland41those in need and those who truly deserved some sweet bloody justice I’m the shape of a guillotine. But no matter how shitty her friend (Hannah) was to her, or how fucking cheeky Armand turned out being, she tried to save them both from the axe of the vengeful spirit. Besides showing great bravery there (let’s not forget the girl almost died), she started to become her own persona worrying about her mom’s happiness, her brother’s growth and her real friends. And all thanks to that sweet Jules guy, such a sweetie who thought her that all that truly mattered was family.

Between both these ones, I would choose Harper as the most skilled in the art of kicking bitches’ assess, and I’d pick Collette as the most developed in personality. Both experienced hard events that made them change but in any way, they both needed this to achieve their true maturity or at least a part of it.

Song Time:

I know I always say this but I just came up with this song that I didn’t even know existed, so check through the new Tove Lo album that I hadn’t realises was already out on Spotify, in desperation to find any song that somehow could recreate the inner feels of Harper and Collette while dealing with the neglect of their friends and relying on the sweethearts. I’m talking about *Imaginary Friend by Tove Lo*.

Crushing my heart, tear me apart
Hate on this world ’cause reality sucks
Feeling their doubt, shut them all out
Crushing my heart, tear me apart
Hate on this world ’cause reality sucks
Feeling their doubt, shut them all out
‘Cause I need you

Imaginary friend, stay with me ’til the end now
Keeping me dreaming
Imaginary friend, stay with me ’til the end now
Over, over again

Remember I told ya there would be replacements for this book tag? Well, I created these new ones Monday morning as I waited for my friends to arrive at university and as always they were super late so I had an entire hour to think about this. Like OTP Soundtrack, How the Book Character should have ended?, or Must be TV Adaptations. I’ll start with the OTP’s one because why not? Trust me, you’ll like it very much.


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