OTP Soundtrack #1

Hi y’all, so I’ve been trying to get cheered up cuz my crush was actually not my secret friend but at least I got a smile of him yesterday morning so… Besides I must put much effort in my French classes cuz next week I’ll have my oral reading comprehension on Jules Verne’s “Voyage au Le centre de la Terre” so I’m a bit worried since I promised my dad I would get a A- overall and that’s the course I’ve been struggling with since last cicle, anyways wish me luck!

However, I’m not here to worry you with my career’s issues, I’m here actually to post the first entry of the new Booktag I invented last week named *OTP Soundtrack*, it will be dedicated to my fav couples of all books I’ve read to mix their energy with songs that somehow remind me of them for any reason.

This first time I’ll be chatting about a rocky yet fresh and smooth pairing composed by Leila and Hudson from the stand alone by Adi images-1Alsaid (Let’s Get Lost), I’m putting them together with Nena’s 99 Red Balloons. I know it’s an almost meaningless 80’s classic but here let me explain you all. This different yet connected youngsters were an unforgettable and sweet pairing, they met in a crazy day when Hudson was only a kid waiting for a college interview that would change his future forever, it would be safe for him and his father. They would have nothing to worry about until an impressing girl came out of an old-fashioned car looking for the aurora borealis for an unknown reason. She was obviously not a simple minded girl like all the ones of his small town, she was a risk taker living with no regrets and thanks to her car’s technical problems she got to see this stiff young man who was giving his life away without living it first. So she gave him the day of his life, playing like children, running of danger, defying rules and laughing till the sky was dark and full of beautiful stars.

Soon next morning came and he was still sleeping next to her in the woods, he blamed her for distracting him and ruining his future since he got late to the interview and lost it; he was out of his comfort zone where he could not control his perfectly crafted future, he was insecure and afraid. She wasn’t going to take that so she run away to go on with her personal journey, in her way she found new friends to help accept life but change it if images-2necessary, she showed no fear to even break international laws, end up in jail or get someone to be publicly friend-zoned. But in her mind was always the guy that hurt her after a reckless day filled with happiness, so much she almost forgot her own sorrows. She was down in the dumps after not locating her memories, and was made to deal with her own fatality and make a new future when suddenly the nice eyes young man appeared on her doorstep asking for a second chance to live the life they actually wanted, the one that was in their mind when it was asked but were to afraid of the unknown to take the risk.

The song that fits this pair of adventure hunger kids would be 99 Red Balloons because of the rhythm that made me imagine them running and having fun doing things he never allowed himself to enjoy and the lyrics were present as well in her mind since the “You and I in a little toy shop/Buy a bag of balloons with the money we´ve got/Set them free at the break of dawn/Till one by one they were gone” referring to their time and vibratory youth when saying the word balloons, until the “Ninety nine dreams I have had/In every one a red balloon/It’s all over and I’m standing pretty/In this dust that was a city/If could find a souvenir/Just the prove the world was here/And here is a red balloon/I think of you and let it go” talking about her existence when the word dust comes up as well as her older life referring to the city, also the souvenir would be Hudson. It’s just fun, outgoing and emotional in all it’s rich sides; an unstoppable tune.


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