OTP Soundtrack #2


So it’s been an OK week after all, I mean it turned out that my secret friend was in fact my crush and I couldn’t be more pleased! He’s so dreamy, besides he remembers my smile and not other ever thought I smile which makes me feel appreciated. Don’t know but perhaps life got me ready for this, after my depressing growing up. But I’m not here to discuss my personal life, I’m writing from my tablet to tell you about this gorgeous yet rocky young couple that I had fallen in love with since I knew Cassandra Clare was going to unite them in her next Shadowhunter trilogy, yeah I’m talking about the ever so star-crossed lovers known as the ever badass Emma Carstairs and the always clever Julian Blackthorn.

Their love was meant to be but no person saw it. Not even themselves, by the exception of Mark, Simon and Malcolm but even so they thought it would go away as other childhood desire but theirs did not went away with the wind, it actually just got worse. As 222228-oparabatai they could no longer be so close, at least not Jules cuz for him the attraction he felt was now undeniable but for Emma it meant only pain of thinking her best friend didn’t like her no more, she had no idea how much he craved for her. Until the time came that everything was clear for them, and for a while they were free to experience that controlling sensations, the fire of need, the love for each others breathe. With small yet powerful touches, caresses that made her realise they were no longer children of twelve playing around in the institute while their parents had the adults talks, now they were two people with necessities, forbidden ones. He was no longer her sweet old Jules but had become passionate Julian in no time, and she wanted both like no parabatai should ever cherish the other. But they gave into love.

Unfortunately, she chose for him what she thought was the best for him. To let him think she didn’t love him but wanted his elder fairy brother, to break his loving heart in order to protect him from their dangerous love. Now in the next installment of this thrilling trilogy, how will characters react to this arranged union? How will Julian cope with his inner rage, outed resentment, and extremist love? How will Emma survive the rejection of the one she will always love when he finds out of her new relationship? How the interference of Mark damage this family even more?

Wow, too much drama, right? It was intended so this paragraph would be seen as relaxed and comfortable. Anyways, the song I chose for them had been floating through my head for an entire tumblr_lgkdrwdhw61qcq13bo1_r1_400week since it was featured in the new CW’s Riverdale promo. I’m talking about *Paint the Pictures by Of Verona*. And when I looked for the lyrics, everything clicked and matched perfectly. First of all, the whole “paint the pictures of the oceans” gives me Jules and LA feels, then the “candle through the darkness” would be what Emma and Jules through each other. How to forget the “sorrow of an island” was too meant to be her betrayal of going to that exact island without him, besides the “home away from home” line totally is the fact that Emma will still live with Julian as his estranged parabatai but won’t be able to hold his love with words nor actions. It’s sad but so perfect for the OTP! Right song, right feelings.


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