OTP Soundtrack #3


So finals are over and I passed all my courses maintaining my score of sixteen out of twenty, therefore I will keep paying half and a quarter of what I normally would have to pay if I were a regular private university student. All thanks to my persistence, a bit of manipulation, and cleverness when it came to the hardest course of them all in my career: French! And now there’s a new challenge, finishing this year’s manuscript before Christmas or at least before 2017 arrives. But I’m not writing just to report my current status, I’m actually writing about a pairing a had a struggle to adjust to. I mean they were sweet and cheesy and I loved that, but somehow my post feminist mind messed with my first impression and I had a hard time seeing the right things of this ‘ship’ while reading the final book of the trilogy to which they belong to. Now I’m back on track, I refer to *Gwendolyn and Gideon* from the Precious Stones trilogy by Kerstin Gier.

I’ll start by saying they are an inexperienced young couple. Their relationship sets off with Gwen becoming the new Ruby time traveller in the most unexpected way, Gideon sees this as a ridiculous profilepicturequotes-com-6lo_young_love_is_a_flaminconvenient to his plans to gain the heart of the next ruby as desired by his ancestor to control the girl. All because Gwen is not the girl who typically manages to be impressed by a cocky and many times cruel little moron like him, so he doesn’t know how to be with this clumsy but “smart with words” girl. He begins to laugh with their adventures instead of worrying about duty, she starts seeing the honestly good guy he can be when he’s not so stiff and a dumbass. Together they travel through time as falling in love without even noticing it, in the meantime they form an unbreakable connection which is threatened by former untold truths, wicked ancestors and the agonising heartbreak of the first love.

However, all they needed was to talk and confess for their issues to be gone. They needed to trust, risk  and loose for them to realise how much they love each other, that this is not just a childish crush 95741caf8037ad65f6244584819ba7d8provoked by the heat of dangerous instants but a strong pair of individuals willing to fight together to make a better future not only for themselves but for the rest of the world. They realised they are better together than split up, they are stronger with no secrets and more real promises. Once they let go all the past (this is a literal thought but at the same time it isn’t so…), and find this young love as one that is meant to last, their first and only true love between betrayal and intrigues, behind appearances and traditions: they dare to defy what only other former couple did before, they become independent and free of any attachment with the lies of selfishness and cruelty. No one rules their life anymore, not their families, not their genes; only themselves.

For this OTP I thought of two possible candidates but then I decided for *Clearest Blue by CHVRCHES*, I chose this track because Gideon is the mentioned “perfect star” in the naive eyes of Gwen through out her first sight of him in book one because of his golden boy status in his family and the whole time travel society besides being undeniably gorgeous, then also all the times she “falls down” he manages to rescue her not in the typical damsel in distress way but by teaching her what to do in this situations, anyways she does manages to save him once away of the claws of a slutty companion, even though he does help her survive these journeys through time that a common raised girl like her would feel overwhelmed by. Always been connected and kept apart by moments of their future that were misinterpreted by themselves, meeting in unlikely places just to be drawn to each other yet again. It’s a matter of understanding the depth of the lyrics to relate them to this couple but is wonderful in reality.


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