OTP Soundtrack #4

Good afternoon,

Ok, so I tried to sound formal and was unsuccessful on it, therefore I’ll do my normal intro where I talk about my regular week. But somehow this week wasn’t as exciting and fucked up as the others before, perhaps since I’m “having a blast” with my stress-free holidays… Oh but wait! I did had a shitty Monday morning and afternoon because I had to sign myself in a French Grammar course to ruin my January and February vacations, and I was forced to make a queue from 7:50am! When I arrived to the office (after a two hour wait) the course had no hour hand and I had forgotten my ID so I thought “maybe I could go back home, get the stupid thing and return, I just hope there are still some people and the office’s still open“. At 11:45am I found myself in the largest and slowest fucking queue ever, then the system wasn’t working and they had a two hour delay; in the end I was hungry, bored, tired and annoyed by the arguing couple next to me, it wasn’t until it was 17:30pm that I finally was able to sign myself in and finish that madness. The worst day ever! Anyhow, this was not intended to be such a long story but be an opening to this week’s tag couple: It’s Christmas time and I wanted to be different and lovely at the same time so I chose Josie and Seth from the Titan series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. These two are such cuties!

They are both really different not only in personality but also in their upbringing, how they were raised caused a deep influence in the people they are now but some they are what the other needs to be truly happy. Two pieces of the same puzzle. First of all, Josie starts off as this shy, awkward and naive girl with low self-esteem, she doesn’t realise of her own beauty and attractiveness; she still sees tumblr_mdhr0btjcg1r3gi71o1_500herself as the child born out of wedlock from a partially insane mother who only could fantasise with her father. She is helpless when it comes to fighting skills or reading people’s true intention and is definitely infatuated with Seth, after all he’s sexy and dangerous so she decides not to be so obvious about it. Then Seth is all a girl would avoid, he’s just out of a toxic “relationship” dealing with his inner demons and just trying to succeed in his tasks so he can finish with it once and for all, but when he meets Josie he begins having feelings that go beyond sexual attraction because she’s everything that was denied to him since he was a child: kindness, gratitude, love and tenderness. He believes he’s not worthy of her affection because of his past actions, his desire to feed on her power, his own shattered childhood. But for her, he’s a scared boy desperate for some true caring.

They obviously end up falling in love, she manages to see his sweetest side, that he cares and is not the same guy he used to be; he sets her free of the shell she’s being hiding herself in. He makes her believe in her beauty and capacity, and tells her she doesn’t need Apolo to be happy, that she’s perfect the way she is. Just as she makes him sort of believe that he’s worthy. But things go from nice to bad, and from bad to the worst possible scenario where he’s not tumblr_nhb0gnmfpa1s271sio1_500able to control himself and his greedy hunger anymore, and in a selfless decision chooses to abandon Josie for her own good (he does this twice but I’m talking about the second meaningful time), she denies to accept this as she did the first time. Josie chooses to go find him and bring him back no matter the cost, he won’t choose for her anymore cuz she’s become brave and unstoppable, not only because of her powers but of her confidence. And I can’t wait to see how this turns out in the next installment coming out the following year.!

I picked this song last night, I wasn’t even thinking about the tag neither the ‘ship’ I just wanted to relax to some Nabokov’s themed playlist and I found this tune, *Daddy Issues by The Neighbourhood*. I got so into it that I did my research on the lyrics and i was besotted with the way this one matched the OTP: just imagine Seth singing to this (his POV), discussing how Josie “has daddy issues” because Apolo is not a real dad to her, and how he “has them too” referring to his birth mom and his dad figure residing in Lucian, how he’s broken as well. Then he “would do whatever he could do, he’d run away and hide with her“, that shows how much he adores her. Finally, how “he keeps on trying to let her go” but she just won’t take it; she’s stubborn and he loves it.

Anyways, Merry Christmas! Happy Hanuka!! Happy whatever you celebrate! 


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