Week #71 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good morning,

as I’m writing, my cat is meowing for no reason and apparently a spider bit me last night cuz now I feel the aching necessity of scratch my leg, hand and wrist. It has been a long week after my week off and I’m currently attending to my French Grammar classes from Monday to Friday, I just hope I can memorise all things I learned so I’ll pass with a A- or else… You can imagine. But I’m not here to discuss my dilemmas or the world’s worst first kiss ever, I’m dialing from my tablet to inform you of the 3 books I manage to read for this tag during the busiest week I’ve had in three weeks.  These ones were brilliant and emotional in distinct levels, many different reasons to love them or hate them, you’ll soon understand what I’m saying.

First book was A Beautiful Funeral by Jamie McGuire, which I think is the end of Maddox Brother’s series.


Giving a short synopsis, this tells us about the future most of us saw during the epilogues of every book we were given where everyone is happily married with kids and living life to the fullest in love. Or at least that’s what they all think, but soon they’ll find out some lies made by their family members could cost them the life of those they love the most. Let’s just said, a couple of Maddox brothers just upset the wrong criminal family, and not even the FBI protection will save them from fate.

I kinda knew who was gonna die in here, like only a bit of it because I read like the final pages of the book by accident so I thought: I’m so ready for this angsty feel. And then I found out about the other bit of death, no need to say I cried like nonstop. I was filled with emotion and feelings, like most parts of the book made me feel. This was such a rollercoaster of reactions and gif like faces, that no person can explain with plain simple words because it’s just so magnificent and complex. But this book wasn’t much of an end for me, it was like the book before the series’s end, so much emotional trauma, so many feuds and not believable commitment and forgiveness. I just wish it had more pages to explain how things match with each other making a perfect ending for such a sweet loving and caring saga.

Now for my *Spoilery section*:
I hate lies. I hate when characters choose for other characters and with such a big fucking lie as faking Thomas’s death, it was just too much to handle and it brought consequences to everyone’s life, relationship and family. I feel that Travis and Thomas and each of their wives tried to make the best out of a fucked up situation but failed really hard, they trust too much and rely on the probability that everything would be alright when it was never going to be that way. They were selfish in their wish of being selfless, too much confidence.

Then was Abby’s aptitude towards Cammie, and I know she did it to avoid her making conclusions about Thomas’s condition, but still it went too far. She emotionally destroyed her, and I don’t even like Cammie that much but I couldn’t help but to feel bad about the poor woman, Abby cruelly played with her insecurities and that has change my view on her dramatically. So not cool.

Then Travis’s immaturity towards life despite being in his thirties already and having 3 kids, it was disappointing to see him being and expecting America and Sheppard to be selfless for him, he was putting all the children and the lives of his family in danger being the worst kinda of selfishness that could ever exist. And then he played with the idea of being threatened again, and making fun of his decision to stay in the FBI when Abby was clearly worried and concern about their life together. He was one of the characters I just couldn’t take.

Finally this drove to Olive’s passing which was shocking and painful, because this sweet girl had such a bright future ahead of her lbff8fwas involuntarily exposed to this family’s dangerous trouble that secretly reunited her with her birth mother Faelyn; and then she was gone protecting the newborn baby Stella. I can’t imagine the guilt and hatred Faelyn and Trent should have felt towards Thomas and Travis for trusting, for their mistakes, for their lost. So so raw. I keep remembering her as this little girl wondering around with Trent and showing his tender side, this little baby in Faelyn’s arms who was taken away from her young inexpensive mother that showed her inner trauma and unstoppable love for her daughter. She was an innocent and she died, and I still can’t believe it. (*Not joke, I’m ugly sobbing again*)

But the one thing I loved was the reactions of Ellie, Tyler, America and Shep cuz even though I didn’t know much about the last two I had a great time, I understood their posture and thoughts, their reasoning was just like mine. It was serious and not violent but just heartbreaking. I fell in love with them and now I want to read their book Something Beautiful.


Second book was Winter by Marissa Mayer, the final one in the regular Lunar Chronicles series.


Let’s offer a quick synopsis right here. With Scarlett kidnapped up in Luna and Levana fucking things up down on Earth, Cinder must begin taking care of some unsolved businesses that might include giphy-1some kisses with a kind Emperor and the throne that her homicidal aunt took from her. While Thorne must confess his feelings before is too late, Wolf is desperate to get his Scarlett back and she’s getting sucked in becoming friends/allies with crazy Princess Winter to survice. We are entering the world of Lunar politics, economic injustice and superficial suffering; all in the way of a star-crossed love story threatened to be taken down by an evil wicked Queen, Winter and Jacin’s liaison will not be as easy as the fairytale said.


Wow, where do I begin? Cuz everything seemed perfect with the exception of an insignificant cheesy moment that was almost nonexistent, so all was bright and shiny and PERFECT. The character development, the constant personality characters maintain despite the time, the badassery of battle scenes, the description of places in Luna (God, even the fashion was as cool as THG’s), the emotional and lovely conclusion. God! Everything was just too good to be true, cuz most final books end up not being what was announced, or too sad, or too unrealistic, or just not good enough but this one was everything any fan could have asked for: it had smooth passionate romance, sassy Kai, Iko’s memorable lines, Levana’s true face, Cinder kicking ass, Cress kicking hacker ass, Scarlett showing why she’s a boss, Thorne being Shockingly tender and a sweetheart, and of course the inclusion of cray cray Winter and goose Jacin. No need to say, thank you, Marissa, for these awesome books; cuz these ones where the ones that got me into science fiction I’m cyborg level and creative retellings. So thanks.

Omg, sassy Kai was everything. There were many times where he just read Levana in the most sophisticated yet ghetto way, and I had no idea this young emperor was capable of it. Sass, sass, all you need are sassy lines. Besides the knife scene was just too much to redefine my love for that man.

Then was Wolf’s reunion with his mom, God that broke my heart cuz then she was force to kill herself and he had just gotten her back. I almost lost it when they hugged but at least she went away knowing he had found love. (Let’s not mention his other surgery).

Talking about sad moments, there was Ryu’s death. Oh, I suffered for that death. I understand it was necessary but it still hit me, and the fact that Winter sees his “ghost” was enough to make me sob.


But what about the ships? Cinder and Kai making out and she counting all the kisses in the ship, oh lala. Scarlett not denying she fell for Wolf and then the wedding, I lost it, my babies! Winter and Jacin’s cheesy yet sweet moments, too candy like for my heart but still nice. And finally my favourite couple, Cress and Thorne with that Kiss at the wedding party! Oh, that Kiss was life, it was the truth of it all! I literally had to contain my fangirling emotions since I was in my French class, but my smile was undeniable.


This book was too good to be real, and it was real. I was scared that it would be boring or not as good as I expected, but I ended up in love with it like there was no tomorrow.

Third and final book I read was a crazy ride named Eighteen by J. A. Huss.


This tells us the life of Shannon a young girl living with the husband of her late sister and her baby niece, she’s always been smart and tumblr_inline_nnesu52kgq1sccn28_500clever but when a though challenge about her future reaches her, she’s had enough. After all her life hasn’t been the best, her dead mother, her dead neglecting sister by an overdose, her abusive drunken brother-in-law, and the on & off babysitting duties with her niece, has clearly given her enough drama and tiredness so she’s ready to drop out school and her tumblr_inline_mrnofceg0f1qz4rgp dreams when a young good looking teacher takes charge of not only her education but her life. Mateo is not like other guys, he actually wants to see her succeed and worries about her well being, he makes her feel worthy and good enough, he helps her heal and believe in herself; but she knows he must be hiding something cuz in her lifetime there’s no perfect guy specially not one who’s her new math’s teacher.


I must be honest and admit I was in a reading break since I had finished my TBR list of 2016 and I started reading this a week before Christmas. I was captured by its simplicity and complicated characters, because not everything is what it seems from a surface, not the lives not the relationships neither the plot sometimes. This was a rollercoaster from the first kiss, even the first argument a couple of people had during the first pages of this book; it was explosive, emotions and deception without crossing the fine line of soap opera drama, it somehow felt real and until now that I’m slowly checking out the cover I realise it was based on a true story which makes me happy and even more excited by this tale about the classic ups and downs that teaches us that sometimes life can be tough on us but we also play a part in our own doom if we don’t change the chip that tells us we’re not good enough or that everything could go wrong: because we’re are worth it and we can succeed if we want it that way.

SPOILER ALERT, technically.
The first omfg moment I experimented was the first time Mateo and Shannon had sex up the table in the classroom, I was like whaaaat is going on here. It was too fast paced and hot but still way too rushed, he was clearly not shy and she was on it. As shocked and confused as I was because of how she was approached by him.

Then was the time when all the truth was unveiled and I wanted to kick Mateo right in his balls cuz he lied to dear Shannon and broke her heart, and the poor girl had had enough of that shit. She was in a bad path there, I mean her niece had an overdose, she was blamed for it, she found out her brother-in-law abandoned her and was a drug dealer or something, and Mateo was an uncovered officer tracking the in-law for his crimes and also his boss’s crimes. She was so punished by this, she thought everything was finally going to be alright and then it wasn’t. And it was really depressing; at this time I knew the book had hit me when I cried for the unfairness of her life.

But in the end she had her happy ending and I was pleased cuz she got to keep and raise her niece with the love of her life, and at the same time built a future she wanted for a long time. I recommend this so much.


And that’s it for now, kiddos. There’s a strong possibility I might be reviewing only two books next week cuz the one I’m planing to read is huge.

See ya.


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