Week #72 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi y’all

So I just finished watching “La Vie en Rose” for the first time ever in French with French subtitles and I must say it was a realistic biopic with dynamic edition, btw the fact that i understood almost everything that was in the subtitles was an improvement. But I’m not here to talk about my most recent A-, I’m here to let you see my ridiculous reviews. Remember told you I would probably like only read two books or something? Well, I manage to read four! Four hat I loved and learn to appreciate. So here they are.

On Sunday afternoon before the Golden Globes I began reading Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas, the fifth book in the Throne of Glass series.


Now that Aelin has killed the king of Adarlan, proclaimed Dorian as the next king and publicly claimed she was the queen of her rightful land, she thinks that her life is ready to get rid of the Darkness that threatens her world but it won’t be when she realises she doesn’t know the people neither the high lords that she thinks are hers by birth. She’ll have to make her way through blood to face reality and do what she thinks is her duty as saviour, without realising that perhaps it is better to remain ignorant of the ugly truth.


The plot itself was pretty cool, pretty badass with its classic downs but here there was a remote change when it came to my personality preferences + plot holes and how Sarah J Maas never used to make me happy enough with it but in the last chapters of this one she managed to sort of make me understand the complexities of that thing I don’t like yet entirely, is like in my mind these ideas and plot fillers were inserted in a way that I now can begin to understand the character’s backgrounds matching their starts from book one, like if before they proved they had changed in the worst way possible (ex. Chessyness) now they’re back in their great times despite the awful experiences and too steamy romances for my taste, I felt like they are themselves again and I couldn’t be more happy about it. Seriously. Though I still want a small novellas between book 3 and 4 in the mind of certain characters, just their thoughts on each other. That’s all.

I’ll do this in order of how I read it and how I reacted towards every fucking thing that caught my fangirling eye.
*when Manon was about to be forced to kill Asterin under the order of her bitch of a grandmother! I was about to loose it, I was crying remembering how good she is and how she suffered and how this was gonna break Manon forever….


*but then Manon kills the old wrench instead and I literally party up!! Shocked but excited as f.


*Unexpectedly the wrench doesn’t die and reveals she killed her loving parents and that she’s half Crochan and my jaw dropped, that bitch!


*The first two most powerful chapters.


*Lorcan and Elide’s growing flame was so good for me, such an innocent relief. So soft, tempting and weirdly entertaining.


*I enjoyed Elide’s new aptitude, she doesn’t take anyone’s crap anymore showing how tenacious she truly is and proving you don’t mess with a girl who’s going through her effing period.


*But of course, then drama arrived and my heart and Elide’s and Lorcan’s were shattered by his stupidity and sick alliance with Maeve. I mean they don’t even talk anymore.


*Aedion was being a dick to depressed Dorian like a bitch for past reasons that weren’t even his fault sometimes.


*That battle in the water with Lysandra was life! I ship Lysandra and Aedion like a teenager of the 80’s.


*I feel bad for poor Gavriel.


*Manon and Dorian, just a steamy statement. Omfg. That bed scene.


*I don’t like when Aelin is a hypocrite towards everyone. No longer sassy just a hypocrite.


*Many GoT casualties. (LMFAO)


*The twelve returned.


*I felt meh about Rowan and Aelin for the beginning of the book until almost the end as always but now something had changed, while Elena fucked Aelin’s future and Maeve changed her destiny, I could understand them because I saw that slowly burning couple I fell for in book 3, cuz I still hate the teenagery version that was portrayed of them in book 4. But this one was the definitive one. Their meant to be romance was believable and their determination to save the other way in dystopian levels so that’s a fucking lot. I trust Sarah more now, and hope she keeps going on this track.


*Aelin proved she’s still Caelena and that poor almost dead child in the river putting people before her choices, choosing to save Elide and risking everything and loosing for the good of her friends. I just hope she doesn’t mess with Dorian’s capability of ruling anymore.


Overall, the book deserved a decent 4.9 stars.

The following book I began reading was an expected sequel named Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch.


Everything has change, Meira and Mather have changed and they didn’t choose it. One was an orphan nobody and now is a queen, the other was an orphan king and now doesn’t even know what he istumblr_inline_nynwypzhhx1t6inv2_500 anymore. Meira has been waiting for her friend and first love to return to her like before, but Mather can’t bring himself to do it. His feelinga haven’t altered like hers for him did. They are both running away in opposite directions because it’s what’s expected but they’ll soon understand that they must take what they know and their previous lives to make themselves useful and happy again, not only for their irreparable hearts but because of the welfare of the world as Angra seems to remain alive somewhere, somehow, and it’s time to act.


Though it had a slow kinda lazy start, it was able to still gain my reader’s heart with the realisations and characters growth. I must admit I wanted to kick some sense into certain main character for a long time cuz it was unbelievably ridiculous for nobody to understand what was truly going on. Yet somehow this was saved by the fight sequences, the omfg moments, the “everything seems so fucked up and impossible to save” instants, the political aspect was a like a baby chicken with Meira, and overall the constant description of places, fashion and just the beauty even in the most hideous places; the author managed to show us the degradation of people with no magic, the injustice of being just a pawn, and the impossibility of putting one’s trust in strangers hands which comes out of a terrible mistake. No need to say I enjoyed more than I expected.

First, Theron is not worthy of trust. From the moment he began making choices instead of Meira, acting like a stupid helpless child! God, he was so annoying so when she put him in his place I clapped like there was no tomorrow;

But then he still was the bad guy, the stupid bad guy the brought Angra back because he’s a moronic simple minded idiot. So fucking weak, and I know he lost his mom and stuff but there’s excuse for being so ridiculously naive, besides selfish. God, I hate that bitch!


Second, love Ceridwen. She’s such a political maniac, and kicks some serious slaver’s ass, a fiery redhead with a friendly smart heart. She was surely better than her shitty brother, she would have made a better queen than anyone, including Meira.

Then she had this thing with the weak king of Ventrallis (I think that’s the name, right?), whose wife is a fucking psycho who doesn’t give a shit about her own kids. The bitch just wants the fucking power, and she jailed sweet Ceridwen and stupid Jesse! What the fuck!


Third, was Mather’s path of self discovery. He cares more than he looks, he wants the best for Winter, he’s still in love and pain with Meira and he’s a fucking sweetheart. He reminded me of a mix between King Arthur and Robin Hood, such a badass with his new crew,


But let’s not forget Alysson was killed in front of him and Winter is a slave “colony” of Carnell, and everything is so fucking unfair.


Fourth and last, Meira. Where do I begin? She tried not to be herself and act queenly when she didn’t know how to act like a political queen, she knows shit about intrigue and how secrecy and mistrust works in her world which was disappointing. And in the end she still wanted to help the traitorous bitch, but thank God the little old man took her and she now has a real shot to set the world free from hose kingslaryer monsters under Angra’s wing.


So let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

The book I read on the next day was a sequel I had begged to get my hands since I knew of its existence two years ago. I’m talking about Invaded by Melissa Landers.


After the whole escapade idea both Cara and Aelyx had seemed perfect at the time but now she has to remain as a soon to be member of the new L’eihr colony of humans unable to return home giphy-9and Aeylix is forced to go back to Earth to try fixing the trouble his former gang made when they almost destroyed a possible alliance between both planets. The problem is not only that they’ll have to endure the most exhausting long distance relationship ever but also discover what’s behind the sudden need L’eihr has to make friends with Earth, as Aelyx faces life threats and Cara does her research on the history both this planets have when it comes to intergalactic enemies; they’ll have to figure out what’s wrong without losing their love on the way.


No matter what I love it, it reminded me that this is a romance focused story with a slight acceptance message and not a dystopia or an action packed “let’s destroy the bad guys of the corrupt government” tale. It’s like a soft version of Lux and I fell like a sixteen year old back again, when all I knew was so cute and romantic, and there were no tears (technically) nor fears. Besides the mystery aspect added so much to the mix of the long distance relationship + adjustment to a new reality; the knowledge and theories made me make my own like that sort of Darwin character, besides there were new people who made me angry, happy and disappointed for different reasons so the author succeeded in getting my attention and almost desperation for the next installment. Totally recommended for beginners that think you could never ship a human with an alien, I dare you.

So where do I start?.
My main thought during the first chapters of the book was “God, I can’t remember how I pictures the characters before”, so I gave them a new look, specially Cara.


First thought: “this is the number one time I almost cried” when Troy was ready to leave and decided not to because of Cara, which somehow fixed their relationship. That was pure siblings gold, and then the blog post she made!


“Oh, hell no!” when we found out that the L’eihrs don’t allow attachments from birth, so the babies are so alone and sad, not effing fair.


“Creepy corn siblings alert”, because of Jaxen and his sister whose name I refuse to try to memorise. Those bitches trying to control everyone, including gentle funny David!


“If a guy smells like a forest after rain, keep him”.


“Awww”, when Cara calmed down that crying two year old baby and she dared to suggest she wouldn’t want to be a mother.


“The shipping heart is melting!”, after seeing all the interactions between David and Syrine, so freaking adorable as little Vero.


“Oh, shit! Those evil siblings are the main kidnappers!”, “Oh, shit! They aren’t siblings but a fucked up couple!”, that was a tough ride, my face during my French class was priceless.


“Wtf did you do Jaxen?!!!” when he injected Cara and made her pass out, and then she and Aelyx were getting it on so my first instinct was that Jaxen had removed her birth control chip to create a strange race and keep her locked up or something, after that my mind went even more crazy theorising that perhaps Jaxen’s “sister” had shapeshifted into looking like Cara to get the new race herself.


“Thank God for Syrine”, after she fixed the broken relationship of Cara and Aelyx with her badass emotion healing powers.


“Oh yeah!” when Jaxen was shot by babe Aelyx, and when Alona shockingly listened to what Cara had to inform.


“Oh no!” when Aelyx was dead for a while and Cara was suffering doing all the human mind could manage to think to get him back, the again after we found out Jaxen was brought to life the same way but by his “sister”/wife.


So everything is fine but they must find Jaxen and fix many many issues.

The final one was a book I waited for my parents to give me on Christmas and that’s why I didn’t bought it myself on Amazon when it came out, I’m talking about The Dirt on Ninth Grave by Darynda Jones, book number nine in the Charley Davidson series.


Jane Doe is a young woman with no memory living in Sleepy Hollow, working in a cafeteria where a quarter of the staff dislikes her and the rest loves her to death. She’s different because she can see and hear the dead that sometimes are hilarious but other times justtumblr_inline_n7utwyijtv1sz03jf annoying threatening her sanity, she’s loved by her clients which includes a hot ex detective and a young hot angelic guy but they are not the ones she wants since the man she desires with her childish heart and lady parts turns out being the one that doesn’t want to talk to her. She wants to remember cause she feels there’s one thing that she didn’t do well and feels guilty for abandoning someone or something; she has no idea that she is the angel of death made a goddess, she’s married with the quiet man she craves, and her guilt comes from her separation from her baby. Now is time for her to figure things out alone, at least her friends were thinking quite the opposite…


Overall I loved the story, cuz no matter the amnesia Charley kept her sass, screamingly funny quotes and badass mind. Besides she was able to solve crimes and do one of those poltergeist things go away to hell, she’s a superheroine. The book was entertaining and I just can’t wait for the next one, it was still sometimes terrifying and other times sweet and lovely, and ultimately a bit melancholic because of her own feelings of self hatred and the unfairness of certain lives.

I know that’s not enough of an opening but all I can think of is filled with spoilers, so… LET THE SPOILERS BEGIN.
These are my thoughts and sentiments in chronological order:
“Cookie!” I was so happy and amazed to see her taking care of Charley in secret as her new friend working in that cafeteria/dining room. Then I was like “Garrett!!”, my hot former cop was there as well.


“My heart is being shattered into fine lines”, the fact she remembered the loss of something (her baby girl) that made her feel so guilty and in literal pain was so sad and had me about to cry and crumble.


“That Ian guy is a serious stalker”, I fucking hate him.


“Oh, oh la-la”, once Reyes answered Charley by saying he would swallow her or something, “oh God, this man!”.


“Sweet baby Jesus eating cornbread!”, I literally said that in the middle of my fifteen minutes break in French class, (*feels embarrassed/scared as f*) when I read about the Headless horseman in the bathroom and following Charley home.


“Ok, this is different but not so”; I mean Charley became a little shy to the world like a teenagery version of herself but maintain her priceless jokes and hysterical moments.


“Wait what?!!”, when she cut her throat a bit to get Reyes telling her the truth while he was trapped.


“This is so interesting I want a prequel”, the subplot of Erin and her dead great aunt was vicious and craving. It literally kept me reading every word to find out what happened and how it all connected.


“Bloody and gory is a cool/yucky experience”, the whole Vandenberg family being kidnapped subplot was also good, it was a bit confusing to understand the motives of it all but the reasoning that Charley gave to her actions were suitable and so selfless.


“Oh, no Shayla is dead!”, it wasn’t fair for the poor girl to be gone so fast after her shitty beginnings and now she was so close to get the guy and prove that good girls can get a happily ever after but her allergies said otherwise.


“Omfg not Cookie!” I almost lost it when that Michael angel said Charley had killed everyone in the cafeteria with the glass of he windows she had broken in her rage.


“Fucking Ian!!!!” need I say, psycho?! At least the body of Reyes’ adopted father was good for something when it broke that maniac’s neck.


“I imagine this way differently but this is cute too.” I had theorised that perhaps she would get her memories back after seeing a pic of her baby in Reyes’ phone but having her dad back saving her with all her life in technicolour was still unbelievably melancholic and beautiful.


“Haha fuck you Kurr” when Charley fucked him over.


Now the only thing left is find a way to save Reyes from his promise since he’s one of the Gods he must kill thanks to that fucking angel.

See ya,



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