Week #73 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good morning, y’all.

I was supposed to post this yesterday but guess what? The effing electricity company decided to make some reparations without warning the users so since Friday at ten pm until yesterday at six pm I was disconnected from the outside world known as a WiFi connection, it was the worst. But no I’m here to share and spread my emotions relating books all over the internet, I would like to make a mention, though: I only get two or three books per year in their physical shape, the rest I’m currently reviewing are all eBooks or Kindle versions I got on Amazon, so…. Yeah, I just wanted to let that off the table, anyways let’s start with the reaction/review/gif fest that I made to the four books I was able to read this week.

First is book number two in the newest Sarah J. Maas’ epic fantasy series, I’m talking about A Court Of Mist And Fury.


Once again we find ourselves drawn to this fantastic universe filled with danger, lust, betrayal and wonder. This is the world that Feyre tumblr_m8ez5ossfb1qac31uo1_500tumblr_inline_nndlxw6d7v1rrn1sg_500is currently living in as the newly appointed betrothed to Tamlin, soon to become his submissive loyal concubine. It’s all she ever wanted, feeling safe and without worrying about anything at all, or at least that’s what the girl she once was desired. Now after what happened in Amarantha’s court, she not only died in body but her spirit changed and nightmares fill her days noticing how her relationship has changed and how trapped she is; besides all that she now has to deal with the treaty she made to Rhyzand in her darkest hour specially when her life seems no no longer be hers to decide but will his arrival be the help she so desperately wants to give her a reason to stay alive or just another block to her doom? All while a realm tries to crumble the short peace the world was starting to rejoice in.


Omfg. Yeah, that sounded so trashy for this gorgeous book which was and shall always be my favourite read in 2017 cuz it’ll be so hard to beat down this beautiful story whose third part I’m desperate to Read already. I began reading this with fear in my eyes cuz of what the author had done to my ships in her other saga SOOO I didn’t know what to expect, though there was a piece of time I was about to say that Sarah just hates the ships I choose until SOMETHING changed from the normal ways, there was a reasoning behind it all and I appreciated that. Now I feel so attached to this saga that I’m not longer afraid of any plot twist that might come (Sarah please be merciful).

There will be the order I’m lately putting in my other reviews.
“Wtf is going on?!”, to all the moments that Iathe or Tamlin were bitches to poor Feyre. He never supported her and wanted her to be a puppet, that wasn’t the love I thought he had for her. And I never liked Iathe, I didn’t know why but I never did; there was something in her that was too unlikeable.


“Yay!” when the wedding was stopped, though it was a slow happiness cuz Rhysand was the one who rescued her. And you know how I feel about him.


“You are my new bff”, the moment Morrigan opened her mouth and all the sass came out. “Love this fae!”


“Run, girl, run!”, Tamlin became violent with Feyre.


“Interesting”, Rhys smells like rain and citrus. Strangely hot.


“I’m having some serious split feelings”, so Rhys wasn’t bad, he just was a fucking victim. “My brain broke”.


“I like you too”, meeting Amren got me theorising stuff about how this was a possible spin off, and also got me loving her (Btw, the Bone craver looked a lot like a mini Dorian from ToG).


I was so fucking afraid during all those Bone Craver and Weaver encounters. Sarah surely knows how to create fucked up monster like creatures able to terrify you to shreds.


“Flirtation alert”, such slight looks and words between Rhys (God! I’m calling him Rhys!) and Feyre.


“Now I remember why I hated Nesta”, cold-hearted bitch.


“Fluff”, Rhys was getting my smiles. That hadn’t happened in a long time.


“Why?!!” Rhys made my heart bleed when Fayre was imagining him with Cressida after seeing him with her acting so flirty.


“The sexual tension is unbearable” the shipping was so real, so damn cute and hot as hell (Nightmare court, cough cough), “They are mates and just admitted their love for each other”.


“My respect for Nesta is real”. Her sharp tongue is a force to be reckoned with.


“Fuck Lucien, fuck Tamlin!”, those bitches allied with the Hibernian king, I’ll never forgive those fuckers.


“Oh shit, no”. Nesta and Elain, don’t hurt them. My poor babies.


“Not now Lucien”, so Elain survived just like her sister and suddenly becomes his mate, is shocking but I still can’t forgive that pussy.


“Now suffer, bitch!”, me to Tamlin after finding out about Feyre’s façade to destroy him, cuz now she’s the Night Lady and has a weird alliance with weak Lucien.


I give this book a five point seven from five. Recommended to people who suffered because of ToG.

The next one was the dearly expected third and final part of the Splintered trilogy by A. G. Howard, named Ensnared.


Alyssa has lost the two loves she couldn’t admit to herself to the hands of her evil ancestor, the Red Queen, and now is traveling to an even crazier underworld in the company of her father to rescue her friends and mom. She has learned from her mistakes but will betumblr_mj99pszkrh1roa7ojo2_500 surprised when every plan she makes turns out not to be what she expected, it will take more than simple ideas to succeed in the wrecked mind of the Red Queen, so Alyssa will have to become her to gain her crown and decide if she deserves a human life with her sweet Jeb or an inmortal existence with ambiguous Morpheus. The decision she makes is not going to just affect her future but could destroy the destiny of both world she has grown attached to forever.


The moment I got my hands in a copy of this book I felt excited and I made the awful mistake of spoiling the epilogue so I was afraid that A. G. Howard was going to Clockwork Princess me and I didn’t read it till this day, somehow there’s still a little whole in my heart but is not as big as I thought it would be. Because this final part actually brought me to understand why I fell in love with this love and the world itself, how everything was so creppy but beautiful, how connected I was to the disturbing creatures and their misfit status. After all, I always had liked that kind of stuff; just imagine a seven year old into the almost goth and terrifying ways of Mr Carroll appreciations. I felt amazed and emotional to see all this click in my mind with such sort of happy endings but keeping it real still. I’m pleased, I’m hurt but we all can agree this was a trilogy to remember.

So these ones are not as classy as the others, they are messy and disorganised at its finest.

-So Jeb is magical with his living art, it makes my heart aches with his aptitude but I still love the guy.


– He’s being so condescending and mean to Alyssa, and I was cruel to her in the previous book but it hurts no matter what. “I want my old fashioned artsy kid back!”.

– Stop this shit, I hated when she kissed Morpheus so passionately, besides he gave her lingerie made from a mask. “I’m never going to stop despising this moth.”

raw (2).gif

– Oh, “shit just got real” when Alyssa’s dad was about to become a stone and Jeb wanted to stay in the fucking place instead of going back with her.



– The cutest OTP scene goes to Jeb and Allie cuz that sweet confession in the shore was spectacular and so heartwarming, I cried because of how lovely and sincere it felt.


– Then Morpheus and the Red bitch want to marry him to Allie, and take Jeb’s heart for the Queen of Hearts. No need to say I lost it, my mom thought someone died for real when she saw my face.


– The epilogue had me like, “I guess this is ok…?”. Cool journey though.


The third book I read was the second in J. R. Ward’s fresh new series Black Dagger Legacy, Blood Vow.


There’s no doubt why Axe hates the Glymera and everything that comes with it, he despises how they do not live his unhappy life, how they seem not to suffer nor understand what other people go tumblr_lsgs12oxus1qfupqho1_500through to survive, he hates them for not saving his father and he hates himself for doing it so. He wants to change because of this last part (even though, he won’t admit it) quitting on drugs and his blackout days to become a Brother, tumblr_inline_n0r2ejnj6g1r0awaiprotecting people in their hour of need. The last thing he’s looking for is a female, specially not an aristocratic one like Peyton’s cousin: Elise, even when she’s everything he ever wanted. She’s not a bubble head, she’s not an elitist, she’s strong willed and genuinely good. She wants her independence and cannot understand the reasoning of her family towards the disastrous and sad passing of her estranged cousin Alisshon, she wants to mourn her like it’s supposed to in the normal world, she wants to know what happened that made her father protect her to the point of locking her in glass cage of overprotection and distrust. Though she never expected that in the middle she would find a kind hearted male under the deadly annoyed façade that is Axe. Will their own lives cope to love to the fullest.


Overall this was a good follow up, it might not have been the best but it was perfect in its own way, I felt the new romantic couple was not the most inventive though it was lovely but I didn’t felt like it was as strong as the others despite this it showed a different side of this meant to be relationships in the vampire world, a less human but still sensitive way. But when it came to character development and family liaisons, this was so on point since it made me cry and laugh and just enjoy the ride as in every other story of this wonderful series.

Here goes the technical SPOILERS.
* So the moment I remembered the part of Rhage, Mary and Bitty in the book, I begin to cry because of its unfairness. How Rhage and Mary had fought so hard for this sweet little girl and now they were close to loose her to an actual good person was everything that took to make me loose my shit.


* Ok, I know it’s more than just bizarre but I’m on the Noovo+Peyton ship right away, oh and I have first class seats.


* So…. Elise and Axe? So fucking unexpectedly cute! Fucking cuties! Fucking hot as hell cuties with their monologues and feelings and rapidly resolved crisis.


* How tragic was for genuinely worrying Elise to discover the true nature of the parents of her late cousin, how they weren’t shaken by her death but for the shame that it would bring. It was really harsh to witness.


* Seriously, every fucking time Peyton says some condescending and shady shit about how women should be, if I had been Noovo I would have kick the crap out him agonising or not.


* When Rhage, Mary and Bitty got to stay together forever, even with Ruhn or however it’s spelled in the family, and then implying he’s just a bit older than John Mathews so he could be like their son as well, specially in Rhage’s side. Oh, too much fluffiness.


* The sweet reunion of Axe and Elise was adorable as their steamy shower scenes and as romantic as her admiration for his father’s wooden figures. Love ’em.


The final book I read was a sort of companion book in the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, named Oblivion.


The world of Daemon seems to only get worst. Just a while ago the mysterious death of his brother and the disappearance of this one’s human girlfriend, rocked the emotional stability of his family and noeltumblr_m8x2g1cl9x1qdxxytthe political balance of their government landing in Earth and ruling the resident luxens. So the last thing this cocky alien wants is to be near to a human girl, one like the one who drove his brother to his death; therefore there’s no surprise in seeing his main reaction to his new neighbours, after all mother nor daughter should have moved next to the house of the alien siblings. But what he hated the most about this new acquisition was how he’s not able to be away from the new girl next door. He doesn’t want to but he still does it, it’s like he cannot control his impulses around Kat, everytime he looks at her he get surprised by another tendency that attracts him. Apparently, he turned out just like his brother with a soft spot for quirky human girls.


In this version of Obsidian we got to know more of how Daemon’s brain works and as I expected it was both annoying and funny as f. Somehow he was not all into Katy as we knew but actually he was not realising he was so having a singular crush on her from day one, spying on her while being invisible, chasing her while not being invisible, worrying like a first time mom, drooling because of her beauty inside out, and denying his obvious feelings by being a bitch to her. Still he had his accustomed quotes and inner thoughts that defined him as the loving character that Jennifer L. Armentrout once brought to life, the one that started making girl fall in love (and lust) with aliens. Recommended for hard core fans of this qualified science fiction love story.


Next week I might read only 3 or 2 books, this time for real, I have my midterm French Grammar exam so.

Love, peace & books,




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