Week #74 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good evening,

So this week I almost don’t make it to four, I had an entire lost day making some random dessert that ended up burned and uneatable so my Tuesday wasn’t the greatest. But I managed to read four books, I just finished the last one this morning before watching the series premier of Riverdale (that show just got me) but still I felt like a champ! Anyways let’s just go with the review while I watch CSI: Miami.

The first book I read was the latest of Charley Davidson’s shenanigans, The Curse of Tenth Grave by Darynda Jones.


It starts with our dear recently recovered from amnesia, Charley adjusting to her life as the wife of the hottest chef/son of Lucifer, tumblr_inline_ms3byo9cbc1qz4rgpthe estranged mother of the cutest beep/Saviour of mankind and a kick-ass goddess/hilarious private detective you’ve ever known. But things have change with Reyes, as they both hide many secrets in a marriage that could tear apart by lack of communication and of course sex; so instead of facing their issues she gets herself involve in two hard as nails cases involving a homeless child who thinks she’s cursed and a car covered in gallons of blood from a missing woman. At least, she’s keeping herself entertained without her nightly fun and the desperation hanging from her newly acquired portal necklace.


Was it better than the previous one? Definitely, did it have more detective stuff? Hell yeah, was the romance and couple dynamics enjoyable? Maturing and getting tastier, did it have any heartbreaking moment? It broke my heart and it made it crunch like cereal, was the ending unexpected and out of this world? I don’t think I’ve seen such way to finish a book before, everyone should try reading it while listening to Florence and the Machine’s “No light, no light”. No joke. So this was expected to feel more like previous books in the series, what I didn’t expect was for it to be so much more. It surprised me, it had me guessing, it had me at the edge of my seat waiting for the right answer; no doubt I need the next one!

* It broke my heart that Charley and Reyes were fighting, hiding so much from each other that she had to go looking for comfort in ‘Fabio the couch’ at Cookie’s apartment. It was disappointing that he was willing to let her go so easily, but after learning about his own insecurities it still hurt to see this super hot wonderful man going through these issues.


* So everything was pointing to the father of Emery, I was thinking he did since we learn how disappointing he was to his own elderly father. I considered many theories, the most called for was that he had kidnapped his own daughter to get some money for her death from grandpa.


* Then he turned out to be just a helpless gambler who just bet his own daughter in a crazy spiral, to the point the young woman was so depressed she run away trying to make him look guilty but only getting the love of her life seem like a cold-blooded murderer. Fucked up situation.


* Then that wicked god killed the body of Kim, and her conversation with Charley about protecting Beep and being a good aunt while he was mourning her absence in the most painful and inhumane human way. Then there was that tiny moment with Reyes, Charley and Been, and I lost it because of the angst and joy if that makes any sense.


* The final page was epic! What Charley said to that angel guy, that it was not His world anymore. I need more!


The next one was the second and final book in the Reboot duology by Amy Tinted, named Rebel.


After Wren and Callum escaped from their imprisonment with their reboot accolades, they thought they would be safe and in peace with no more wars and violence and no guilt. Unfortunately once they arrive they are separated by the head of the reboot camp filled withtumblr_mxwpg3asyi1qjozueo4_250tumblr_nemk8unlsk1reqitlo2_250 free children of their kind, they were promised salvation but instead got in another war: one for survival and segregation that tries to eliminate all the human race and make the world only of the reboots. Now is up to them both to figure out how to stop their own people from a mass murder, or will they realise that this plan of extermination is not as crazy as it seems… After all, humans have given them nothing more than cruelty and death. What will they choose?


Overall, this sequel was phenomenal in its own right. It maintained its paissing, personality and flavour without remorses, it managed to make a base for a great ending that didn’t felt incomplete or too soon; it was the best end to this duology. I also felt this was very character driven, not only with Wren but with Callum and some other known and new characters that were introduced, somehow the author was able to get our heads into their circumstances not only because of the double POV but because of ho their actions blew up to their faces like a constant physical karma. In the end, it was fairness the winner of it all. Justice.

Some fewer SPOILERS.
* The moment we met Mycah I knew I despised him. Since he was too close and happy with Wren’s presence, trying to manipulate her through her own inner arguments. Besides this old moron had all the reboots terrified of his punishments, he was a narcissistic psycho and I’m so glad his head got chopped of with his fucking smirk.


* I enjoyed the main characters’ growth. Both Wren and Callum discovered who they were meant to be and what they were for the other, she learned she was alright and wasn’t the machine she tried so hard to become when she was a scared twelve year old child. As Callum understood he also had some rage and coldness inside him, that he was a weapon but not one to be used by others, only he would define who he was; he also became a leader. These two learn to love and trust, to leave the past behind but never forget to forge a future not only for them but for the scarred reboots and humans in the new cities.


* No doubt this was a joy to read.

Next book I read was a companion novel from one of my first reads for pleasure EVER! I’m talking about the Sweet Evil trilogy by the always lovely Wendy Higgins, and on Wednesday I started reading her newest addition to this love story: Sweet Temptation.


We know the tale about the demon spawn and the angel child who fell in love and save the world from damnation, we know how she never lost her faith in God, him, her fellow nephs and their cause. And we know how it all turned out from her perspective, she made us cry and laugh in the minefield that is falling in love but we never knew how things were for him. How was it to feel enamoured with Anna? How was life for Kaidan? Was his love an instant one? What happened with his heart and brain she he realised he was in love with the most dangerous girl his father’s desire could face? How his loyalties changed? This book tells it like it is, as raw and dirty as only Kaidan Rowe’s mind could describe the three books dealing with his insecurities, his contradictions, jealousy and final redemption thanks to a pretty young Southern girl named Anna.


So yeah. I was expecting that this was just a PoV version of the first book, so you can hardly imagine my reaction when I found out about having the entire trilogy in his tempting perspective. This companion novella was just glorious, emotional and filled with joy, it was a beautiful ride while I went through all those moments I hadn’t experienced in two years. It made me remember all the precious things that were in the books, I mean the fact that this managed to make me fall in love with the characters all over again was magnificent. Not every book has that, most of the times you fall in love with the pov character only not with the object of his love but this was a great exception. Such a fulfilling read, this wasn’t a light one but really really heavy and I couldn’t stop until I finished it. So if you finished the Sweet Evil trilogy, you should totally read this. I mean it.

Some SPOILERY details.
* As with the first book, Kaidan was perfect at being a dick, he had literally no competition in that area. I hated him like a mad person for many many pages but somehow he made me love him again, his sense of humor was immensely insulting but hilarious at the same time? If that makes any sense, it’s insanity, I know.


* The tears were flowing in three special occasions, when Ginger lost it and cried in Kaidan’s arms because Marna was pregnant and Blake was to get married to someone who wasn’t her, also the moment Patti died and she looked (I’m crying again, no joke) at Kaidan with motherly love and the other Nephs too, and finally when Kaidan accepted he was the father of that little girl and knew that was his family, that he would take care of his sweet daughter. It was too much for my mortal heart.


* I don’t regret reading this lovely book.

The final one I read was the end of a trilogy that made me laugh and scream the highest “awwww”s ever because of the OTP, I’m talking about Remember Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram.


April O’Neal has no idea of her past, since the great explosion she has find out about her powers and her runaway status thanks to her pushing boyfriend, Tony. They are both secluded in the middle of giphy-6nowhere to escape from the company that wants to use them as lab rats, but she’s desperate to know herself, to get her memories back. But after an argument that drove her to break up with Tony, she discovers that perhaps he’s not her friend but her enemie, that she was a runaway but a lost girl, that she had a boyfriend that loved her but wasn’t the one she thought, and that her name is definitely not April but Jamie. Her memories are not meant to return ever but a group of powerful people like her might want her to know the truth about the surreal life of Jamie Baker.


This was a fun and warming final book. Though I had some issues adjusting to the topic, and who was who since I read Jamie Baker exactly a year ago and many things made me forget some things, but this problem was actually pretty helpful since I was in the same page as Jamie Baker with the exception of my instant liking for Ryan and my hatred towards Teodoro (I volunteer to kick his telekinetic ass), I merged with her and I wasn’t upset with her cuz somehow i put myself in her badass amnesiac shoes. Making this ride even better, I suffered and I laughed and that’s what these kind of books are supposed to be like, so… challenge achieve. It was not only a physical journey to destroy that fucked up experiments but an emotional one as well since Jamie had to face betrayal, impotence and her past self. It was the hard though satisfying ride of her lifetime, and it was surely worth reading.

* I needed to mention this. I fell for Ryan all over again, he was just so effing cute, and nice, and flirty, and respectful, and cherishing, and lovable like the sweetest of puppies. BTW his jokes were fantastic, cuz he doesn’t conform with being hot and a good guy: he also has to be quirky as hell.


* I have a place in my heart for Teodoro… And it’s full of hate and disgust, seriously from moment one I knew he was a manipulative bitch with his twisted idea of love. He was just a disgusting person to me, so I couldn’t understand how Jamie wasn’t able to see through the pitty she felt for him and see him for the creepy sociopath he truly was. Thank God she did in the end.


* Everything was happiness in the final chapter because Natalia will be her little sister now and this sweetie healed her brain therefore Jamie’s got her memories of Ryan again and they’re gonna a get married and consummate their love, and fluff fluff. I’ve lost the ability to even.


Hi! I wanted to share some inner thoughts so… Omg, Sebastian was casted in Feeeform’s Shadowhunters and I’ve already seen his perfect ass in GoT!, also I wonder how they’re going to bring Jocelyn back to life without going too much in a TVD direction, finally the CW’s Riverdale has become my newest TV addiction!

Ps: Yeah, I know I picked Willa Holland for both Charley and Jamie but blame my eighteen year old brain for it, I guess. However, I picked the O. C. Willa for Jamie and Arrow Willa for Charley.

Coffee and green tea,



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