Week #76 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good morning, fellow readers.

Seriously, that was the most formal I can get, other than sending “greetings”. It’s probably because I’m in happy/anxious state of mind since I got my third grade in my French Grammar classes and i passed again with an A- I must prepare upper hard to be perfect in my final exam and oral project so I’m not getting nervous about that second grade which was an unfortunate C+ so I’m trembling as usual; but I’m not here to explain my fears nor the fact that my manuscript is officially lost after a New Year’s Eve pre-party where I literally got the worst first kiss ever, and just to clarify I’m not a teen, I’m a 20 year old woman that had the worst first kiss ever with the brother of the guy she actually likes. Ok this feels like a diary, so I’ll start talking books before I write two more paragraphs of my disastrous social life.

The first was the third and final book in the Rebel Belle trilogy by Rachel Hawkins, Lady Renegades.


David’s gone but he’s not been having a picnic but an involuntary Dr Frankenstein complex creating paladins without trying and sending 475ea12d1bf9635f4bd83bb2f8ef9ad8his worst fears to them telepathically like the most concerning reason why he left Harper that threatens with turning him in an on-going cycle of self-destruction. So when Harper starts getting attacked as she tries to forget her heartbreak pain and she refuses to let thar awful prophecy become true with her sassy aptitude and killing moves, if it wasn’t for a little inconvenient: as David gets further and further away from his original paladins, both Bee and Harper start having intermittent access to their super strength and fear they might loose all their powers before they even reach him. With strange allies and destroying betrayals, Harper must hurry to help the guy she loves once again even if it costs their love.


Yeah, I kinda quoted Harper on that, her inability to admit she said the effe word was out of this world in that whole paragraph. But not only that was one of the things I looked up to, I also must praise the stubbornness that she portrayed so beautifully, her emotions were on point right in the time of need. It showed her strength and capability to fight others without killing and making the thoughest choices ever.


Other thing I felt connected with was the true redemption storyline a certain character brought to the picture and how thanks to smart and quick decisions this story had a unorthodox but joyful happy ending.

The next book I read was the second book of the Cahill Witch Chronicles trilogy by Jessica Spotswood, Star cursed.


All Cate is to keep the people she loves safe and avoid being sent to an asylum or worst, burned for being a witch. So she chooses the easiest way out of her problems and after being threatened by her former governess she decides to go to the weirdest convent ever tumblr_msin8mhalu1rq7vq8o1_500where there are no nuns but witches learning magic and the history of their predecessors besides waiting for the arrival of the new oracle that has being said will be one of three sisters, other of hose sisters will kill the one that’s left. Everyone thinks is Cate but as she becomes homesick missing his sister’s and Finn after their last tearful meeting, she understands the true danger hunting not only her fellow witches but all the women in the towns run by the Brotherhood; now she will have to choose between violence and repeating history, or justice and new century’s ideas. Whatever she chooses must be done quickly, the clock is ticking and she’s running out of time.


I wasn’t expecting to become so eagerly engaged to this sequel cuz I had a hard time getting used to Born Wicked when I read it a long time ago but with this… Lord, with this! It was such a different experience, I don’t know if it was the passing or the fact I could relate to the characters’inner thoughts a lot more since chapter five, it felt like a 90’s girl emerging from the ashes of the 1950’s which was so relatable in many ways, like need I begin to say Women’s Rights? The story itself was compelling due the characters choices and words were sharp and indulgent in some occasions while in others they were reasonable and just. This showed a great contrast between three factions: one the tries its best to save the witches’ survival in a meal way, the other spits in what’s easy and fair a burns justice and peace to the ground, and the final one takes the best features of both savage and naive parties to become the best choice when it comes to a better world for humans with or without magic pledging to mercy and rigtfulness. This is definitely a must read to anyone interested in the Salem executions and the inexistence of women’s rights, besides the dangerous supremacy of eclesisastic figures.

SPOILERS everywhere.
* I hate Maura with a passion, I mean I remembered I despised her in book one for being a spoiled little stupid brat but now she outdid herself on that specific matter. I swear to god she made me remember ‘Vera’ from V. C. Andrews’s “My Sweet Audrina”, such a hateful little creature. Shameless and proud of her wickedness and not because she’s a witch but because she’s a jealous peacock trying to ruin everything she touched with her stupidity since I don’t think that’s naiveness, that’s just being an idiotic at a great scale. She’s so selfish she even erased Finn’s memories of his love story with Cate just to please her spiteful dark heart, she broke all the ties that bound her to the right side and she has nobody left to blame but her fucking self.


* I became really into Tess and Cate even more, I mean that little oracle surely has some wits and a mind of her own so she’ll be no dough for Inez to shape; and when it comes to the eldest Cahill sister she might be a bit indecisive (alright a huge huge humongous bit indecisive), but she thinks and rethinks before putting more lives in danger and truly has a soul of gold and kindness. Besides now that she told Maura the truth, her villainess smile gave me he chills in he best way possible. I hope she gives more mental slaps to that bitch of a sister she owns.


The following book is the third book in The 100 series by Kass Morgan, Homecoming. (I love the Brazilian covers, the one with the tv show on it’s just deplorable!)


Glass has just arrived and Earth is not the green peaceful place she olivia-holt-carry-on-music-videoavyaudvexpected to see, instead just got her mom’s blood in her shirt, she landed in a destroyed ship where bloody bodies are around her and violence doesn’t stop everywhere she looks. All she ever wanted was a calm happy life with Luke away from everyone else that reminded her of her former flaws and her losts, but once she gets it she might think it twice and learn the hard way to survive like the rest of the 100. As with Clarke and the crew, they try their best to help and support the newcomers but when a power struggle strikes in the shape of the Vice Counselor’s iron fist when he sentences Bellamy to death, as Wells still doesn’t trusts in his management and Clarke becomes homicidal because of the injustice and the possibility she might have talked to her parents. The new Earthling colony is just starting and it already seems tyrannic and hopeless in the new planet Earth.


The passing was fine, I was used to it. To everything happening in a matter of a couple of weeks, so cheers for that. Here the story never crumbled because there was no personality alteration and the character’s reaction of their situations felt legit and raw and like a wound. They felt like actual humans and like you could relate to hem despite the fact that this is set like million years in the future. No doubt why I loved it, I felt intrigued, shocked, bubbly, annoyed, depressed and after all that I made amends and got to the conclusion that Kass Morgan is one of those authors the world should be looking after. Though I wish we had seen a bit more Glass’ like drama, just an statement.

* The tears were flowing down my cheekbones, I kind guess that Sasha wasn’t going to live longer when she said goodbye to Wells, was it predictable? Yeah, but that didn’t stop me from feeling amazed and melancholic because of it. The pain for her loss truly affected Wells and I just hope he can get through it, he can overcome and find love again in the future.


* Great conclusion to see Rhodes as a rodent being so afraid of the things he was warned of before, and giving power to Bellamy and Wells, these guys truly deserved it. A colony ruled by them shall be easy to carry in peace.


The next one is the second book in the Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy, The Mistake.


Grace must not be the first virgin in College, right? But she knows why, she’s an over-talking little mess, she doesn’t have much giphyconfidence and can be a bit overwhelming but when John Logan approaches her after a random encounter, it all ends up with him giving her a finger and her giving him a hand. He becomes desperate when she doesn’t reach the fullest pleasure so he makes a promise to give her back what she gave to him and with it there’s a chance of him forgetting about Hannah for good. Their cbbaa97197c9643b546c5559499606befriend-/sexual relationship seems to be on air as he doesn’t want to play with her longer as a coin to get over someone he loves, but that’s not something she might have in mind when she is ready to give him her virginity and he refuses her leaving her humiliated and without a backstabbing best friend. Right there he discovers he has actually never wanted Hannah but only his Grace, but now it’s too late but he’s ready to fix his mistake by every embarrasing mean she makes him go through.

IT WAS SO SO SO FUCKING GOOD. (read in a LA chick voice)

As always Elle manages to make me feel so teenagery, she’s a genius at that. In a long time I hadn’t felt this sweet funny feeling that only certain characters can make someone experiment, it’s when you no longer need to raise your guard up anymore, when you trust the character enough and then your heart is not broken, it feels awesome a childish but still wonderful. That’s how Johnny made us feel, I think, and that was such a relieve. The entire relationship was set in constant mistrust, which was understable to be honest from her side and his as well, of not being able to succeed their own fearful expectations but once their heart was open everything fell into place with a tender happy ending which was predictable and I love that fact about Elle’s books.


* Ps: the funny bits were to die for. I gaged like crazy.

The final book I read was the third one in the same series by he same author, The Score.


All Allie wanted was to not give in and forgive Sean once again so tumblr_o8dtbgwijc1vwifzao3_250she went to spent the weekend in his best friend’s boyfriend’s house with his two roommates but one of them was gone unexpectedly and the other is a classic man whore so she knows she won’t fall that low. After a bottle of tequila and some spliffs, she finds herself in Dean’s bed remembering what happened, how she tied him up and how good everything was but she’s not once of the girls who enjoys adominic1 sexual affair so she seems desperate to forget it even happened. However Dean won’t let her in the time being when he becomes obssesed with her to the point of need, he needs to only have sex with her as she tries to feeling sorry for Sean and herself. When they ultimately get into a sexual sort of friends with benefits secret affair since non of them can’t get off each other and are eager to repeat the night of tequila, it’s unexpected but they’ve might have found their match.


It was such a good book, I was expecting it but I was so sure this male protagonist was gonna make me hurt and cry for betrayals and heartbreaks but he actually succeeded in bringing confidence, trust, unexpected love and tremendous comfort. Which let the book in a great direction, his interactions with kind-hearted and kinky Allie were amazeballs, there’s no doubt about that. The romance itself was slight and almost non-detectable until things just clicked and one realises that that’s how love must really be, when one doesn’t even notice about the tingly emotions or the deep attachments. Besides the jokes made me blush like a thirteen year old watching HBO for the first time. Seriously. A definite must read for any NA fan out there.


Just to clear out, I wanted to read the fourth one and I’m in pain since I lost the fucking e-book so I’ll have to wait till Christmas or something. (Insert sad face) Anyways I’ll be reading a teen classic next week, so get ready for funny angsty unbelievable 90’s contemporary.

Books and coffee,



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