At the movies… Fifty Shades Darker


It has been a long time since I’ve made a post with this tag and it has been because I still can’t find Fallen in my language and I refuse to see the new Zoey Deusch movie (<– no idea why), but now I’m here to review a film adaptation I was excited for since 2015, I’m talking about Fifty Shades Darker by British author E. L. James. This time I went alone, yeah since my friends were busy with their English classes and full time jobs besides I have no boyfriend so… Yeah, I did bought my ticket and watch it just three days ago desperate to remember some things because it has been also a long time back in 2013 when I read the trilogy for the very first time.

So the movie was everything a teenager wants of life and of course this charismatic blogger as well: a hot boyfriend pinning for one self, the dream job to work at an editorial and throwing champagne to an old bitter troll. I was glad they included a bit more realism to fifty-shades-darker-02-99c84418-8f36-418c-9519-d620b54aaf10 the story like Ana’s reaction towards Christian’s stupid idea of bringing her to Mrs Robinson’s work place or how fucked Leila truly is inside that little submissive mind of hers; but of course this wouldn’t had been Fifty Shades if it weren’t for the unrealistic fast passes events like the helicopter crash and the on going desperate but more mature romance. Though I still wish we had had more sex scenes showing Jamie Dornan’s ass or Marcia Gay Harden calling Mrs Robinson a bitch, or perhaps more Mia (yeah she was hilarious though I still miss the time when Ana was the funny drunk), and why not? More screen time for PLL’s Noel Kahn cuz I don’t recall seeing him at all.


No need to say I still liked the soundtrack specially when Halsey played during that folded eyes sex scene! And the whole cliffhanger with shitty Jack Hyde watching the fireworks as well as the picture of the Grey family. This was such a good adaptation, perhaps a little rushed but it was fine and entertaining as always so definitely can’t wait for #FSF next year! I give this a 4.8 stars out of 5.



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