Week #77 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hello, again.

Just so you know this has been a tough week for moi, I mean French Grammar classes were alright a bit harder than usual but I can deal with that, the problem focuses on my biological clock screwing with me by delaying my lunar business like a bitch and of course the fact that Shadowhunters is getting a bit hurtful putting Jace with that Seelie chick in a bed with an almost topless scene in front of poor Alex, then there’s the other thing that in Riverdale Archie is still an idiot pinning for Miss Grundy when she’s clearly a predator with Lolita heart sunglasses. Fucked up. But I’m not here to discuss my sudden anger but to inform you about certain books that I came to love pretty quickly, these books belong to a beloved series named The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot, and I know most people only saw the two movies but let me tell you that the books are so much better, they are 2000’s lit!

(BTW, I chose the UK new edition covers cuz they are contemporary and chick, and I don’t give a damn that they don’t have the original titles in them, they’re gorgeous and I love them) Anyways, enjoy.

The first book was of course, The Princess Diaries.


Fourteen year old Mia Thermopolis thought that her only obstacles in life were being flat chested, having triangular rat coloured hair, being68747470733a2f2f36362e6d656469612e74756d626c722e636f6d2f33653466636463646335623139646262643035626162383438333635656435662f74756d626c725f6d786b67637341715642317277647865696f315f3430302e676966 the one who remembers to buy toilet paper all the time and the fact her grandmother is some kind of plastic old monster destined to embarrass her. Her only hopes are that her mother doesn’t take that date with her algebra teacher too seriously, that her boobs grow at least a centimeter, and that she remains invisible from all eyes. Until her beloved yet absent father reveals his not a politician but the reigning Prince ruling the small European country of Genovia so that means Mia is a Princess who won’t succeed in her dream of saving the whales with Green Peace but holding a tiara and not only maintain her cat alive but an entire country in the future. Pretty fun, right?.


I expected it to be a little more explanatory but I understand this is supposed to be an actual diary so full descriptions of physical situations are meant to be so significant as how the writer sees them, through Mia’s writing we can get to know she’s quirky, not shallow, not aware of her not stunning but neither cero beauty, also quite honest with her diary and fiery when one needs to be fierce (like with grandmére, seriously I have a love/hate relationship with that woman). Mia’s this teen girl not listening to her own mature reasoning but to her adolescent motives, which is pretty realistic so there the author succeeded, Met Cabot managed to maintain my entertainment in the adventures of this awkward green peace teenager without even want to educate her so that was something to be praised for. Claps, and I hope to find the next one in no time.


Second book was Princess in the Spotlight. (Or A Royal Disaster)


After dancing with Michael, Mia knows her crush is back. She lied to herself by thinking that she loved Josh, he was an idiot anyways. Sotumblr_mzo2x8uczu1t6lgego2_250 her eternal craving for Michael is back and she has no idea of what to do about it! She can’t tell Lilly, obviously, besides she has to worry about her Grandmère forcing her to do an interview, her mom’s pregnancy that’ll bind her forever with Mr Gianini, and that she has a secret admirer! She better starts taking yoga lessons because anxiety is in the air.


There’s something about Meg Cabot’s writing that just has the IT factor that keeps everything entertaining and easy going. Mia stays the same awkward but hilarious character ever with her life full of uncomfortable meetings, secret admirers, secret crushes, discouraging revelations and encouraging realisations; she manages to swing this things like she had a baseball bat not always with the smoothest of solutions but she carries her strangeness like a unremovable badge of weirdness. And I can’t get enough of her adventures going through high school and her memorable little family and friends.


Third was Princess in Love. (Or Princess in the Middle)


So Mia is dating her secret admirer, it’s too bad that it’s not Michael astumblr_me4xlnwyud1r6m7gwo4_250 she once thought but Kenny. Unfortunately for him, she doesn’t want to be around him neither kiss him and after following her Grandmère’s advice she can’t break up with him during finals week cuz it’s not kind (and cuz she wants to pass bio, obviously!). On the other hand there’s still the fact that she loves Michael and he has this new girl around him like a fly, and finally her Grandmère is organising the wedding of her mom and Mr Gianini without their consent. Oh, and Lilly is most likely having an affair with Mia’s southern cousin.


The laughter kept going no matter what, besides there was some serious and realistic character development when it came to Grandmère and Mia (even Phillipe had it going), I enjoyed the introduction of Mia’s cousin Sebastiano who I already love (pretty talented) and her remote interaction with Ronnie “the transgender neighbour with a boyfriend”. Even though what I was absolutely more excited and giggly about was the teen romance, it’s so cute and realistic that I had forgotten how innocent and not so appreciated it truly is: we need more of this perfect little affairs going on in books, besides besties with strong and defined personalities like Lilly and Mia, and her love for FatLouie.


The fourth book was Princess in Waiting. (Or Royally Obssesed)


Ok, so Michael told her how much he loved her, but is it like a friend or more? I mean they’re kissing and everything but is it like friendstumblr_mbon7qaxna1r1guvio1_250 or more? That’s all in Mia’s mind, as her self-esteem grows smaller by the second but still Lilly thinks she has a motive to stay alive, that she has a public talent but Mia is so oblivious that she just doesn’t see it. I mean, she even carries her talent to people’s restrooms all the time she has the chance.! Nervousness and awkwardness be welcome.


Meg did again, perhaps not with the same troublesome plot of the last book, but definitely putting to use the obvious limited self-esteem Mia has, clearly this is an emotional problem that not even with her sarcasm could be erased from my reader mind. However that doesn’t stop her from being the most satirical and hysterical main character I’ve ever read of, besides she realised she can be an author for the lonf hours she spends writing in her diary to the point of carrying it to people’s bathrooms (which we appreciate) that we could think has a lot in common with youngsters taking their cellphones everywhere nowadays just that she writes her subnormal and awkward lifestyle while not taking selfies. Leaving that behind, god! The comparisons with her “movie” were to die for, the fact that Gubta was funny there and Lilly all the same. (LoLs for Meg Cabot, right there).


The fifth book I read was a companion one named Project Princess.


They’re in love and after Grandmère said she didn’t approved her to go to fix some houses of people in need next to her other classmates, mama Thermopolis said “hell yeah, I sign that permission”! Mia couldn’t be more excited to perhaps go to second base with the love of her life Michael, and fixing houses… Absolutely.


As this has some good spoilers but I don’t consider them like giving away too much so I’ll mention them no matter what. This book was fun in a more template way, but still with Mia’s awkwardness and the weird situations her friends get into got me laughing my ass off, like when Boris vomited all over the school bus they all moved to the back of it and how from now on Gubta will give him that drug everytime they travel by bus with this little guy guy, how Mia was so desperate to get to kiss Michael but the smell of Boris’s vomit in her hair just got them both turned off. It was peculiar that Grandmère was just there to help them with hotel showers and that Dr. Gonzáles seems interested in her (perhaps he could melt her frozen heart of steal).


The sixth book was number five named Princess in Pink. (Or Prom Princess)


All this Princess wanted was to get an invitation to the senior prom bytumblr_mxkh1juzrc1rwdxeio5_250 her senior boyfriend but it turns out he doesn’t like prom, then all she wanted was a nice meal in a expensive restaurant with her relatives but Grandmère had to ruin it by taking her OCD dog with her and provoking an scandal, then all she wanted was for Lilly to appreciate her boyfriend Boris and there she went having an illicit affair with the waiter Grandmère got fire unfairly after the dog incident. So this Princess will have to take matters in her own inexperienced hands.


This book was lit, as always I laughed at Mia’s life and FatLouie’s adventures while fighting that traumatized dog Gradmère owns after all those protests. Mia got some kinda of epiphany where she saw everything through a realist eyes: like Lilly’s lack of compassion and frightening resemblance to Grandmère, the fact that Grandmère was not in a room with Mussolini neither Hitler cuz she was like four back then, how Michael hates prom, how Tina and Boris might be a match made in heaven after all, and how she’s not weak. I loved this book cuz it made me see Mia a little bit more mature, I mean the girl is fifteen now but still she has grown.


The seventh book was number six (chronologically) named Princess in Training. (Or Royal Rebel)


Mia finally turned 15 and apparently Michael knows it since he wants to have sex with her eventually? Her reaction: “overreacting” istumblr_lsjm1odrkt1qlv12zo1_250 only the tip of the iceberg. But that’s not all, because Lilly just nominated her as class president to compete for the title against bitch Lana and her minions. Lana’s game is playing with her mind and bra, so Mia will have to up that with intelligence, honesty, and grace without vomiting but when even Larry King gets invited by Grandmère to their debate, well, let’s just hope things go right this time.


Who would say that Mia would show some balls and maturity again in such little time from touching a dead ancestor’s heart? Clearly not me. Her speech in the debate was just perfect, a little pretentious, just a bit but still so right! Down with the patriarchy and the unfairness that the popular class shows to the proletarian cliques! Down with Lana’s colorful extensions, and Michael’s weird joke about not waiting forever! In other things, I always knew Grandmère and Lilly would make a kick-ass pairing because of their sometimes needed bitch behaviour. (Down with Gubta’s obvious preferences and Martinez’s pretentiousness in the literary world!), then how hilarious was that Kenny lied about his imaginary girlfriend Heather, how Boris got hot but still breaths with his mouth, and of course despite Mia’s sudden boldness she’s still a bulge of nerves waiting to break which reminds me of my own fatalistic and catastrophic way of seeing life itself. Now I wonder how she’ll tell Lilly about her new like for her presidency.


Finally I read another companion book named Princess Present.


It’s Christmas in Genovia and in a weird turnout of events, her dad and Grandmère approved that Michael and Lilly could spend a week in the palace to celebrate with the Princess the holidays. She already is on eBay ready to pay for her gift to Michael and only expects some decency and politeness coming from Lilly but you know… Is Lilly the one we’re talking about right here, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.


It was good to see Mia being able to stand up to Lilly again, perhaps it happened in the beach with nobody around but she said what she believed and what she thinks Lilly doesn’t seem to get yet, like maybe “don’t play stripbowling in your best friend’s palace with underage Princes cuz it’s not classy neither nice”. And how awkward was it that both Mia and Michael bought need stuff for each other that would have made them both quite happy if it weren’t for the fact she still misses a figure to have the entire collection and he actually just got back the poster he used to own. Besides, there were cats! Cats everywhere! And Prince William taking incriminating pictures of a royal relative!


I wanted to say I’ll give it a pause, to the Princess Diaries series since I need a cheerful break to read the Privilege series by Kate Brian so just wait for Mia to return to my reviews in two or three weeks, just wait.

Coffee & books,



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