Week #78 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good morning, guess who had no electricity for 27 hours? You’re right! Me! It was so awful, I was so desperate for entertainment that I even dared to paint some angry birds with my four year old cousin, and I got to write part of a small scene of a new manuscript I’m working of starting off (BTW, I did it by hand cuz my tablet had literally 5% of energy for seven hours). Anyways, the good news are that I got an A- as my final score in my French Grammar course and I read seven books in a road!! (*congratulates herself*)

The first book I read was Privilege by Kate Brian, the book number one in her spinoff series that goes by the same name.


Ariana Osgood never thought she would ever end up in an asylum with 2017_02_18_16_45_26the worst and most negligent psychiatrist ever, and protecting her roommate (Kaitlyn) with fierceness, and all because of little Reed Brennan. After two years locked up, she makes the decision of getting out without leaving a trace behind so she fakes a suicide attempt, she manages to get the hell out without a crazy dog eating her face, she dies her hair and buys some green contacts, she takes the road to face the spoiled sixteen year old bitch (Briana Leigh) that got sweet Kaitlyn into that nuthouse unfairly and teach her how to behave. Before she realises, she will find herself questioning if Kaitlyn isn’t as innocent as she seems or if Briana Leigh is truly as dumb as she portrays herself to be. In the end one of them will be a traitor, and Ariana Osgood will have had disappeared for good.


Who would have thought that Ariana could make a good lead? I for sure didn’t. She’s really hard todo get attached to, she was SO murderous and crazy, and a psycho and I dont want to stop reading just because of hher blindness SO IM gonna give this series a go without they need of relating to they main character. And I just spoiled myself SO IM a bit conflicted right here. Let’s just see how this series progresses.


The second one was Beautiful Disaster by the same author.


“Ariana doesn’t exist anymore. Her body was found inside the lake near the asylum she planned her suicide in. She was cremated. The location of2017_02_18_21_12_45 her roommate who escaped after her first disappearance remains unknown.” – This is all ‘Briana Leigh Covington’ knows about her former life, she’s no longer that girl and she’s ready to start her new life as a Junior in the most prestigious academy in Washington DC (even better than Easton), where everyone is naive but secretive, where she immediately makes the right popular rich friends, where the new love of hee life seems to be and where her ticket to Princeton is definitely in. But her new life couldn’t be perfect, not if Kaitlyn speaks so her former friend starts blackmailing her asking for millions of dollars that she cannot access to but the clock is ticking and as crazy as Kaitlyn is, she’ll waste no time in revealing crimes and asylum stories.


OK. So Ariana is still an unreliable character to have her pov shown, she is still a murderer in her mind thinking the number one solution is killing the other. When I star pinning for her, she’s like “let’s kill my problems off”, it’s pretty surreal to be in her mind. There are some things you relate to and I love her evil self and overachiever aptitude but not exactly her psycho stuff.


The next one was Perfect Mistake by the same author. (BTW, I’m in love with Kaitlyn’s hairstyle in the cover)


She knew she shouldn’t have expected her to just quit on her chase. And as2017_02_20_14_50_07 she thought, Kaitlyn came to stay now under the fake persona of Lilly who seems friendly and nice to Ariana’s friends, but she knows this is nothing more than a cold blooded sociopath free on campus to play with her new young rich toys to hurt Ariana to the core. When both girls find themselves on the run to become the next member of the most privileged secret society in America, Kaitlyn threatens to kill one of her friends if Ariana doesn’t guarantee her spot in the final four. The stress if raising and as she tries to maintain her secret affair with the school’s golden boy, Arian will have to kill agaibor risk a friend.


Is it bad that I feel bad for Ariana cuz to a part of my brain that sounds insane. Anyways, omfg! Many many fucked up things happened here, mutilations, the always present blackmail, intrigue, backfire pranks and again the murder of an innocent (this one was even more than the previous one). God! I fucking hate Kayleight or however is spelled, she’s not in denial of her insanity like Ariana but totally nuts, willing killing naive girls like poor Brigit.

The following book I read was Sweet Deceit by the same author.


Is payback time, Ariana knows playing against Kaitlyn is hard but only by2017_02_20_20_58_56 using her psychopath mind she’ll get the key to get her so desired revenge for what happened to Brigit that tragic night. Everyone mourns her as the race to win a spot in the secret society gets shorter by the minute as her friends begin to realise of her affair as the secrecy about “Lilly”. Ariana knows she’ll have to be quick before another death ruins her school year again.

** spoiler alert ** MY WTF FACE IS STILL RIGHT HERE.

Holy fucking shit! Who could’ve seen that coming?! I was fine with Ariana killing Kaitlyn (I finally caugh her name, correctly) I mean the psycho bitch deserved to die in such a dramatic and twisted way, she loved mind tricks and she fell in one of the best, the fact she believed that Adriana would just stay by her side was ridiculous but she did so… Guess you weren’t that smart! Anyhow, the moment Kiran appeared I knew something fucked up was gonna happen, and unfortunately it did. Damn Ariana, I was beginning to side with you, cray bitch!


The fifth book was Pure Sin by the same author.


Her2017_02_21_16_32_12 torturer is finally buried underground and nobody can threaten her place as one of the new secret society members, besides she made new unexpected friends and is free to kiss her boyfriend in front of everyone with our fear of scandal. Unfortunately, not everything can be perfect since Lexa witnessed how Ariana killed “Lilly” in “self-defense” trying to save a friend’s life, then both buried her below her roses in Lexa’s backyard. And as a consequence the formerly stable and sane Lexa is loosing her mind dealing with post traumatic stress as the inability of sleeping well. Ariana knows she must keep an eye on her or her life will be destroyed.


At least, Briana Leigh had some fun before dying with her teacher. I seriously almost lost it just like Ariana did when he said that of the “bad girls” and I went all nuts saying “of shit he knows! How the fuck does he know?!!”. But above all this conflicted feelings Ana had about her tumultuous affair with Jasper, there was little “post traumatic stress disorder” known to others as Lexa, dude that girl’s totally loosing her shit seeing blood all around her in the wine and going all gaga to the point of needing Valium to recover. And that last instant where Ana saw Reed in the hospital! Oh my fucking God! Wtf is she even doing there?!!


The sixth book was Cruel Love by the same author, this is the last installment in this series.


All in Ariana’s life seems to be getting better with each change she2017_02_21_23_05_30 chooses: she is clearly the new It girl and has a boyfriend who she actually loves this time, she refuses to kill one more time and the death of Kiran Hayes is looked as an accident. Everything is fine and just as she had once planned until old enemies rise and her desperation takes over her life: in the end she’s left with one choice, to kill her problems and risk her happiness, or to not kill her obstacles and flee with her love to find a new life and horizons.


God. I still can’t believe I fucking cried while reading her death, despite I spoiled myself while checking out the series’ wikia page. Somehow I think that despite not being chosen by Noelle, she was chosen in so many other ways by other people like Jasper and the girls. They loved her, and even though she was fucking insane and I remote think her situation was stressing and undeniably sad for any person, that was the ending she deserved. From the moment she killed other in cold blood and stopped feeling any remorse about it, blaming Reed again for her own actions just crashed over her, until she finally lost control of anything she could still hang on. It as sad, cuz perhaps if she had had some better treatment with other psychiatrist she could’ve been saved, her brain wouldn’t have been so damaged as it was. The world is indefinitely filled with many “what ifs” and this book was no exception, for me at least.


The final book I read was the seventh in the Princess Diaries series, Party Princess by Meg Cabot.


Ismckaley32 Mia a party girl? Not even she can stand hearing that without laughing embarrassingly. But apparently Michael wants her to be that in his party at his parents apartment. But of course, that’s not her only issue because she has proven her management as new president was not the students’ at Albert Einstein best choice, specially when she chose an artist to handle the money and got the schools founds broke to the point she must be in a musical next to the rest if the staff to be able to get more money from the tickets her grandmère sells besides avoiding getting punched by the brown belt valedictorian of thus year’s senior class.


I never get tired of reading about Mia and her evil grandmère neither about the weird frenemie feelings Lilly always seem to feel for her. This was not different, I’m suddenly interested in more about what’s next. Specially with this JP guy who seems a bit nicer than Michael towards Mia’s unfair grandmère with that Musical thing she did, BTW copyright laws infringement right there princess dowager. I would literally kill to get one of those baby Rocky attacking FatLouie stories again.


I just can’t wait for March cuz there’ll be many good shows premiering like FX’s Feud and the CW’s The Originals new season. And I’ll be green to watch them until April arrives so I’m excited as f. 

Books & coffee, 



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