Week #79 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi y’all.

I wasn’t sure if I was gonna be able to post this on Saturday since I’ll be spending the weekend in my grandma’s house for my cousin’s sixteenth birthday and I don’t know if their Wi-Fi works fine. Anyhow, I managed to read 10 stories, quite an accomplishment, right?

The first one I read was a short story in The Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot, that goes by the title of Sweet Sixteen Princess.


Mia is finally turning sixteen, guess she’s no longer a child neither a woman yet but that’s not even at the top of her list of concerns since her grandmère is endeavoring to have her party thrown by no other than Mtv’s Sweet Sixteen tv special. Making her more of a freak show than she already is; as her anxiety and nervousness take over her mind once more.


How sweet and accurate was of Michael to make her secret wish a reality?! It turns out he’s not such a sex craving college iceberg but a man of details when it comes to romance. Now it’s clear for me that Lilly really wants to be in good terms with Mia after all her crazy behavior in book seven which as pretty psycho if you ask me. Anyways, saying “Thank you” is an obvious answer for a guy who is more interested in chatting with Mia more than his girlfriend.


The second was also another short story named Valentine Princess.


Princess Mia narrates how she spent hee first Valentines Day with Michael as her boyfriend. She only wanted everything a normal girl desires: heart shaped chocolates, a bouquet of roses, cheesy movies, cliché romantic demostrations and why not… A fantasy cute necklace. Anyways, that’s exactly what Lilly got from Boris and Michael just transferred his hatred for prom to the pagan ritual celebrated every 14th of February.


Again, couldn’t do anything more than laugh my ass off when the time came. Like when poor Boris got rejected once more by Lilly because he gave her that nice piece of fantasy jewelry (that his future girlfriend Tina wanted), how senior year Michael only reacted to Valentine’s Day when Kenny set up a competition for Mia’s gratitude over the pagan celebration’s gift he got her, and let’s not forget the one-sided affair going on in the Dr’s mind about him and grandmère, and how Mia could only compare him to Rasputin and the Romanov downfall.


BTW, nice touch of going back at time, Meg. And I’m just getting used to that play kinda text replacing some paragraphs of actual diary material.

The next one was number eight in the series, Princess on the Brink. (Or Royal Scandal)


All Mia ever wanted was a good year to spend writing in a more professionaltumblr_inline_nxmjh2bltq1tawpmr_500 class, going out with Michael more often and for her to have much more free time than when she was class president. But of course Lilly said otherwise nominating her again for the same position for which she feels useless, then Mrs Martinez decided she wasn’t good enough and sign her in Introduction to Creative Writing, finally Michael felt touched by grandmère’s dislike for him and he wants to travel to Japan to become worthy of Mia. This princess has no idea how to make things work and her solution ideas don’t seem as the most reasonable ones. There’s no question why her awkwardness and weirdness has gotten worst by the second!

** spoiler alert ** MY HEART ACHES.

Am I still upset about that break up? Yes, it hurts cuz I understood Mia’s reasoning, I mean I had it till I turn 19 I think but I also got her process of acceptance that despite it hurt her and she can’t change that feel it was not Michael’s fault (perhaps his choice of words wasn’t the most delicate neither), and the past is in the past. Am I so sure JP is the hyena he said Kenny was for giving Mia an open invite after just hours after breaking up with Michael? Hell yeah, but Mia is so oblivious and naive she doesn’t see it besides she totally broke girl code right there not because of the kiss but because she kept on talking with the guy who broke her now ex best friend’s heart.


This is so sad. And Philippe’s one true love was Helen!

The following one was the ninth in the series named Princess Mia. (Or Bad Heir Day)


Mia’s life hates her. Grandmère is currently forcing her to get her in an exclusive women’s club that Lana’s mom just invited her to attend andmckaley-miller-lvlten-magazine-2016-03-662x863 give an inspirational speech to all famous ladies like Rosie O’Donnell and beyond. All grandmère asked her was to not to read or take in consideration her old ancestress Amelie’s diary. Then is Michael breaking her heart and finally leaving an email saying goodbye to their relationship for good, besides Lilly keeps not talking to her and perhaps plotting some mischief to attack her former bff, anyways she hopes JP is continues with his sweet ways of cheering her up.


My pride for Mia’s growth has nothing to do with her getting curvy but because of her ultimate choice: the whole reelecting Amelie’s wishes thing, it was so brave and just precious because despite all the stuff she had gone through like not being with Michael and feeling like shit about it, being bossed around by Grandmère as usual, her sudden change of friends (Lana is actually nice), JP’s sudden love for her (I still have my concerns but if that gives her hope whatevs) and her own low self-esteem getting even more fucked up by bitch Lilly (I always knew she was just a jealous self absorbed crazy moron!); Mia got to see the end of the rainbow in her unstoppable storm and do the right thing. Besides no one can me with her cuz girl gain some confidence thanks to that old journal and the therapist!


The next one is the tenth in the series, Princess Forever. (Crowning Glory)


Michael is back! A whole years has passed and Mia is finally graduating frombailey_prom high school, she has a cuddly boyfriend who wants to spend an eternity with her so she shouldn’t be thinking about the incredible smell of her ex’s neck. Now Genovia is on the way to choosing its first Prime Minister in history and her dad is on the run competing with no other than cousin René of the ancient Italian royal family, everything is in stake and she cares about is whether she looks like a stalker as Michael gives speeches about his successful surgical arm. And he obviously doesn’t want to get back together with her, right? Right?!

** spoiler alert ** NICE “SORT OF” CONCLUSION.

I never actually thought the journey of Mia would teach me anything. I always thought the only book I could actually relate to would be Fangirl and the Stephanie Perkins’ Isla but I now understand that I’m just as weird and freak-out-ish as Mia. She taught me how to grow up, how to face one’s own immaturity with maturity and the fact we never loose our freakyness which is totally cool. In this book everything seemed to be taken to extremes in her life looking out for a future, an easy one but she finally made the choice to start facing her fears like when she talked to Lilly and accepted her harsh and painful truth in the ladies room at prom night. Then was also how she dealt with (bitch) JP in the most classy and polite way despite he deserved to be kicked in his greedy cruel and non talented nuts. Anyways, I love how all he high school years were seemed as some kind of Dante’s inferno because she started off hating it and she still did sometimes but in the end all the good memories were the ones she would most appreciate and recall. So thanks, Meg Cabot cuz this made me grow up in two weeks like I couldn’t do in four years.

Then we have an in between little story named Perfect Princess.
This goes through the povs of different collaborators in Mia’s “household” like grandmère, Lilly, Michael, Tina, hairdresser Paolo and her designer cousin Sebastiano, they all tell us why a great number of women should be princesses in their own right.

I must admit there were many inaccuracies when describing certain real life princesses and some important facts that weren’t mentioned (I’m a “history of monarchies” lover, what can I say?), I actually enjoyed the comments and each character’s view on each woman. And it made me remember why I love Elizabeth I so much, though I wish they had made a remark on Catherine of Aragon.

Ps: we’re all the lazy princess. Let’s be real.
After that comes the actual final book in the series named Royal Wedding.
Mia has grown in body and mind. She’s not the same overreacting girl shepremiereroadsideattractionsgodspeedpicturesnc2_ikvwxfol once was, OK maybe she still talks a lot with her psychologist and her dad just crashed (literally) his chances of becoming the Prime Minister of Genovia to avoid cousin Ivan’s dreadful wishes to become one misogynist himself, therefore the world hates her for association. Then there’s a secret her grandmère has been keeping for somme little time that includes his father and a 12 year old affair with a dead woman, finally there’s Michael her rock and safe fireman/allien/best-lover who’ll manage to keep her calm during these stressful times.
I had my doubts this was gonna be as awesome as all the high school books about Mia’s embarrassing adventures since I read a comment that wasn’t much flattering but the reviewer was so wrong cuz this was perfection since the second half of it. Everything that were 90’s clichés in sitcoms and literature happened and I was in such state of shock and joy. Like when she met little adorable Olivia and behaved in such a big-stisterly way, then when Phillips and Helen rekindled again their old flame, and of course her pregnancy (I first suspected it when the boob pains came but didn’t actually consider it as an actual fact) of twins! But this was also hilarious with Rocky’s obsession with farting, Lilly’s colorful language and her thing for Lars, then Boris becoming a pop star LOL, and Mia’s own mind machinations. Unforgettable. I’m satisfied with the product I read and now might consider reading the story of Olivia and will definitely read Mia’s historical romance novel.!
The other book I read was one I anticipated for a long time belonging to the Fallen series by Lauren Oliver, I’m talking about Unforgiven.
It’s time for Cam to reveal the story of his first and only love. And its lachrymose and inevitable ending. He thought she was lost forever in heaven but his surprise when he find out she wasn’t was what lead him to risk his new life and peaceful existence to get her back from Lucifer’s home. All he wants is to get his Lilith back but there’s a catch because she doesn’t remember him and if she somehow got to do it she would loath him. Will they get their happy ending?
** spoiler alert ** TOO MUCH OF AN OPEN FINALE.

The story itself was great from half of it till before the last two pages. It was heartbreaking to see the ancient love story of Cam and Lilith, and all their ups and downs in the smoking hell she lived in, though I want a continuation so I can rest in peace cuz that ending was so fucking open with both of them in like the reception of hell I mean are they ever going to leave eventually? or do they know how to leave?, and what about the other souls in “smoke town” like little Bruce and the guys at the band, are they ever going to abandon hell since there’s a reckoning going on down there? That would be cool. Anyhow, those we’re to many emotions to handle.

The next book belongs to a new duology by the same author, the name was Teardrop.
Eureka’s life has changed forever. She once was a sweet smiling girl with dreams of her own, the leader of the cross country team and the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Until her mother passed away in a mysterious accident from which she was left unharmed, she went from depressed to suicidal to cynical to heartless. All she remembers from her carefree mother in her childhood was never to cry, she didn’t understand why it was so important. Until she meets Ander and he does the same her mother would do,  avoid her tear from falling; he’s out of this world but with his appearance her world starts to corrupt and her best friend Brook is in stake when things take a turn to strange and murderous situations. Eureka’s life has one change left to make and there’s no time for second thoughts.

I couldn’t help myself and I Googled spoilers so I’m not happy and not sad neither because though the plot and the couple one’s given on a plate are attractive and really appealing, the way these items were developed wasn’t the most understandable besides how the main character spends her days depressed with an unfair life and a wicked stepmother, she also becomes pretty unrelatable and annoying when she doesn’t admit her jealousy towards Brook as her oblivious feelings towards Anter. Anyways, I was willing to give it a go, it wasn’t entirely satisfying but it was OK if it hadn’t felt like a million pages long. Other thing I didn’t like was the fact that there were many sorrounding descriptions but no more of Selene or even some clearness on Eureka’s emotions.

The final book I finished reading today is the first of the Science Squad new series by Kelly Oram, I’m talking about The Avery Shaw Experiment.
Avery’s heart was broken in a thousand little spiky pieces when her best-friend/crush decided he didn’t want to be her off anymore and that they should start seeing other people so she had an idea. Using the scientific method to prove that the stages of pain after a loved one dies are the same that are necessary to repair her broken heart, but she still needs a partners after her ex bff ditched her company in the science fair, so she looks for the engaging and dangerous/flirtatious big brother of the one in question: Grayson. No time will pass before their project becomes more a romantic extracurricular than anything in their lives.

After my angry previous review I find myself glad this book was such a success when it comes to my high romance standards where everything needs to be bubbly, relatable and with funny characters. The entire process and interactions Avery and Grayson had to go through to be on the same page was lovely, and pretty in the best way possible. It could have ended up being a little too cliché for my taste, but it ended up having the exact quantity of sweetness and realism any contemporary novel must have nowadays. It didn’t feel push, instead everything worked out pretty much effervescingly, with not much effort the couple found its place and tranquility.


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