Week #80 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good evening,

It’s so effing hot in my country right now and since most of us don’t own air conditioning because the heat was never so awful but now thanks to global warming we’re melting; it’s awful to the point where I’m so desperate to shower every ten minutes. Anyways I’m here to talk about the book I manage to read this week, they’re al stand alones and I hope you like them as much as I did.

First book was Serial Hottie by Kelly Oram.


tumblr_mxustmPwiL1s0t9k2o3_250Ellie is not your typical girl, not even your typical Detroit girl. She’s though, some might say aggressive and courageous besides being a stubborn hockey player. For all her life she’s being one of the boys and her older sister has been the girl everyone wants to date, until a mysterious and strange guy moves next door with his protective aunt. His name is Seth and he’s incredibly attracted towards Ellie though she doesn’t seem to understand why. Above all her inner feelings and the inexplicably tension Seth brings to her life, a serial killer has taken Saturday nights as favorite occasion to murder young girls that look a lot like Ellie the moment Seth moved. Is he guilty of murder or she’s just trying to not recognize her feelings for him?


I was so into this book because it kept me hanging waiting for another clue of who was the killer and about how Ellie was about giving into Seth’s romantic approaches. I even try to recur to my CSI/Criminal-Minds/Law-and-Order-EVU knowledge to trying figuring out this serial killer mystery, my money was on Dave but then this Pierce detective came in a mysterious way making a big deal of the girls staying alone at home that Saturday and I just knew it. Part of me still hoped Dave was the killer cuz of his closeness to Ellie and being also upset with creepy cat caller abusive moron whose name I don’t remember. But anyways, I enjoy the book and its romancy couple, and how I always loved and trusted nice Seth which makes me wonder many things about myself and my own weirdness.

giphy (1)

Next was The Siren by the easy going Kiera Cass.


What would life be like if you’d had to kill to survive? If your next blameless life would depend on those murders? Would the nightmarestumblr_o4lww6gewZ1txeyiao1_250 be enough to survive the guilt and the absence of love? Those questions are constantly made by Kehlen since she became a siren by the entity of Oceania, she has twenty years left to kill until her new life begins to live it free but fate says otherwise when she falls for a human risking not only her redemption but his future for breaking the rules of the sirens. Now she’ll have to succumb or deny herself the joy of love and passion, and both decisions could lead to terrible repercussions.


I thought I would be bored by this, idk I just believed it wouldn’t be so extreme or entertaining but then I remembered this was made by Kiera Cass so I gave it a huge shot. Thank God I read it! Such and emotional roller coaster because of all the sweet romance and the unfairness of Kehlen’s siren situation. And you know I’m down for every angsty fated couple so how could I resist to its fluflyness and all the tears it brought to my eyes because of Ocenia’s obsession with Kehlen cuz that was not love, that was an idea of that but not the feeling itself cuz there’s no way you love your daughter and make her suffer shit like that or threaten to kill the other like it was nothing. No no no missy. But anyways, I felt I was on cloud nine because of that sweet ending, so sugary.

date night after baby gif 11

The third book I read was Art Geeks and Prom Queens by Alyson Noël.


Thistumblr_nzq3jb7Sp21ua1nbgo2_r1_250 is the journey of Rio. Being the daughter of an ex almost super model and an absent lawyer was never easy but at least she had her friends to stand against all the world kept throwing at her because of her weird taste and peculiar way of being. Until she arrived LA and started taking her mother’s not so wise advices after an embarrassing heart break, she goes into a self destructive spiral where only her own morals and mind can get her out of.


It was obviously too cold, too rough, too realistic though it tried to portray an easy going YA flesh for the realistic bone structure. The book itself was good but there was not such a redemption, I didn’t feel she really changed, Rio had no personality more than saying “I love photography” instead of developing her inner self. She went from been such a geeky persona to an “I don’t care” sort of IT girl to a social pariah to a no personality who manage to sniff comes with no brain nor nostrils damage. Her journey was the typical teenage downfall that every soap opera seems to want to get access to, it had a great arc but how it was ended didn’t feel so conclusive as it should be. Besides I would’ve appreciated some more personality touches in all the characters.


The fourth book was Sneaking Candy by Lisa Burstein.


Candice is currently earning her master degree in Creative Writing with the help of her young and chases teacher. She’s everything he couldn’t eventumblr_mcvhy2Fk9u1r3stzgo5_250 look up to, since she’s become a self published author of erotic romance who goes under the name of Candy which has given her enough money to support herself for an entire year. She feels she needs something new in the form of a hot bartender that ends up being one of her students, but at least she can write more than usual in her Candy persona because of the inspiration their forbidden sexual tension involuntarily gives her.


As a young amateur author I considered this an inspiring/true/entertaining read, the journey of Candy was just lovely and it showed a realistic and less idealized idea of what really happens when the patriarchy tries to run one’s dreams. Because there exist teachers like Dylan that give Fitzgerald a bad name with their inner fears which they decide to portray in the shape of immature reactions like the one he had against Candy’s obvious success. So it was great that despite her probationary scholarship Candy managed to get rid of that egomaniac snob and keep the guy she actually likes, besides she now doesn’t have to feel she has to hide Candy from the world of Candice.


The following book was How (not) to find a boyfriend by Allyson Valentine.


Nora68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f50417a6e376d7230502d523456513d3d2d3332313538323736392e3134376439656261 was the unfriended know-it-all but now she has become a popular cheerleader by giving up on her AP classes and being considered dumb until Adam moves in town and he takes her breath away but there’s a little problem when she realizes she must be smart again to satisfy his interest and handle being a cheerleader with an overachiever captainbossing her around.

** spoiler alert ** THIS WAS SO SO GOOD.

When I started reading this I thought it was a little too narcissistic for my taste, after all I had had enough of dumb teenage girls making shitty decisions like I would have had if I had had the chance; so a part of me wasn’t sure if I’d eventually give in and find some redeemable feature until I found myself laughing about all the connections and fixed situations Nora had to handle to get Adam to notice she wasn’t the stupid girl she tried so hard the rest of the world think she was before. All those moments of awkwardness and unexpected surprises got me gaging my ass off like there was no tomorrow. Besides I felt attached to the whole “Joshie is too adorable to even” instants like when he wears his little cowboy pajamas and wants to show everyone his insect collection in his tiny sock, God! that kid is the epitome of cuteness. In the end this became a great story of self acceptance when Nora dealt with her scrambled choices thanks to Joshie’s advice of asking for forgiveness like a decent human being, and after talking with her dad. I found myself attached to Nora because of all that way of fixing her life which was sweet to commemorate in a place inside my book memory desk.

The next book was Shut Out by the incomparable Kodi Keplinger.
Lissa is damn tired of the constant fights between the soccer andtumblr_inline_mgdmlrg68f1r47jkb football teams which are ruining her perfect relationship with her patient yet dummy boyfriend so she decides to leave him without sex and other jocks’ girlfriend follow her lead with this new ultimatum to the boys as she struggles with the sexual tension between her and a former flame Cash. This battle of the sexes becomes more and more serious by the second, while Lissa accidentally turns it to a more personal level when she starts playing dirty.

I just loved all those moments thanks to Chloe’s sassy magical quotes saying how OK is for women to have the same rights as men, how slutshaming is a piece of shit and how we’re in the twenty first century and no longer in the dark sexist ages. Love that so much, it made me feel empowered and capable of saying shit like it is with no fear for repercussions. Besides there was the whole Lissa and Cash going flame, and I’m so thankful that dick of her ex boyfriend didn’t get a chance to get her back; their sweet/lustful moments were adorable and not forced at all which I always appreciate in a Kody Keplinger book. Therefore I ship them like my reaction gifs. No joke.

The last book was Confess by the mistress of emotions in literary shape Colleen Hoover.
Auburn’s life hasn’t been easy since the tragic passing of her first love at the tender age of fifteen. But she’s fighting to get her life back together and paying some lawyer, so she answers the most rare job offer she’s ever seen in the studio of Owen Gentry. He’s mysterious, oblivious and unexpectedly warm with her, but she must be careful cause all her efforts to be OK could be easily shattered if some of his secrets come out of the blue and she might not be willing to give up on everything for him.

I still have tears in my eyes, as once again Colleen Hoover broke my heart and repaired it in one sit. This story started a bit weak but interesting enough to kept me reading since I wanted to know about Owen’s secrets and his weird infatuation with Auburn until the book got amazingly better and I just needed to finish it. I’m not used to admiring the writing structure of a book but I can’t write this without mentioning how the style got me, how it was set and all the emotional surprises. Like I knew from the first moment it was mentioned that Auburn’s teen mom situation got me like a soap opera addict. And the romance, the angst, the desire of kicking the shit out of Lydia and her fucking son Trey! Then I was emotional about their (Auburn + Owen + AJ) reunion, and there was that flashback between Owen and Adam and I lost it!

Ps: for enjoyment purposes, one must read this while listening to Ed Sheeran’s new album. No joke. I mean it.

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