Week #81 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi y’all.

As not many of you may know I live in Peru and my country is suffering from floods and mud slides because of the heavy storms in the northern part of my country and everything I see in the news is depressing and really far from encouraging besides the water companies have cut it and I’m afraid/stressed as fuck. So reading has become my only relief and that’s why I’ve read all these lovely books.

The first book I read was It Ends With Us by the ever so talented Colleen Hoover.


Lilly is just starting to live after the death of her abusive father, after all every single decision she ever made was centered in getting away fromtumblr_mini9syqVl1qk01ceo7_250 him and the sad memories he brought into her life. So now she doesn’t know what to do next, until she meets Ryle and he’s everything she never asked for: he’s a hot doctor who only wants a no strings attached relationship with her, he’s intimidating and mysterious. Without noticing it they both are drawn to each other and cannot longer deny their feelings but when her past comes back to hunt her, his own will take over as well.


Colleen Hoover is a freaking genius. She somehow managed to transport me (an empowered feminist who apparently hates men) into a woman that know understands the pain and heartache that being in love with an abuser really is. From the moment Ryle became possessive and a bit aggressive when they were having rough sex I knew there was a chance of him becoming like that, the moment he first pushed her I knew he wasn’t going to recover from what he had done yet I believed in his apologies and the next time and the last time I knew she had to run or she would stay there forever. And I’m so glad Lilly took the decision hee mother didn’t because of her baby, she did it so the cycle would be broken for good. I’m so glad I got to read this book because of how it made me get what so many people refuse to understand, how a victim can be so blind in love that doesn’t seem to realise that what the other feels when he hits you is not love. How toxic it is for children to be there, and how one must stop thinking in one but at the same time keep thinking in one self because what is healthy for one and for our children is the best choice one can make.
Thanks Colleen.


The next book I read was the intense electrifying Unteacheable by Leah Raeder.


Maise O’Malley is an 18-year-old like no other, she admits she has serioustumblr_ns0sdjxnRf1up1uglo1_400 issues going through her head since her father abandoned her and her so called mother became a drug dealer, so now she’s only into older men and feels unapologetic about it. In one of her getaways she meets Evan a charming man in his late twenties or early thirties who intimidates her with his overwhelming kindness so she runs away from all that the moment he turns his head. But of course life couldn’t be easy for this Irish descendant hot headed girl, specially after he finds out hee new cinematography teacher is Evan, the man she left just after having sex.


I need a relief after Colleen so this came so in handy. it’s good, seriously because if you’re mad enough to not be intrigued by the plot then the writing style in prose is what will drive you in this direction. the poetical paragraphs filled with metaphors and beautiful synonyms. but the plot is even better, because it hits you and it hits you again until it finally caresses you with some unrealistic Hollywood threat. it’s definitely something else.


The third book I read was the raw and realistic Shameless by Nina Lemay.


Hannah knew the moment she told her parent of her career choice lifetumblr_static__640_v2 would be hard, but she never expected to be so sad and unfair. She had to become a stripper to survive and go to college in Montreal, there’s where for the first time a client seems to really not want her body not lying to her in any way, he didn’t even want the lap dance his friends pay for him so she became besotted until the next day she sees him in class as her new young and kind hearted teacher Emmanuel. They both let their feelings rule them and enter into a dangerous relationship where her nightlife and school life meet in between scandal and roughness.


It was a pretty rough and passionate tale of trust and danger that started behind the appearance of a cliché new adult novel but it finished like a crude independent essay/bio. it was different, a completely strange turn of events that began with Hannah not being insta in love with Emmanuel the moment she lap danced him, this was a relationship that set off like an attraction torpedo but finally landed like a sinking ship in the Canadian shore. There’s no question to why this was published, because it seduces the masses with it’s sinopis though it could have a complete opposite reaction, but once you read it till the end you see how this is so distant from what you immediately expected. It’s a hard read, it breaks the reader in many ways and it doesn’t stop. (*God! It still hurts!*)


The fourth book was the number one book in a trilogy by Paige Toon, named The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson.


Jessie is a fifteen year old teenager dealing with the tragic passing of her loving2bd2a35b3fb51e5375d3084ab35ee400 young mother who never had the courtesy of informing her about her father’s whereabouts so when her teacher/stepfather get most vulnerable she gets the truth out of him. Now her rebellious behavior makes sense and her singing voice seems logical, she’s the secret love child of the international rock star Johnny Jefferson when her mom was his first groupie but now his married with two little sons and perhaps she’s not so ready to invade his wild life.


I love this. It’s so close to become addictive, BTW I didn’t get she was from the UK at first but with the uniforms in school I knew she could be from a super Catholic small town in Detroit (obvi no!) or a preppy rich girl from the upper east side of NY (which didn’t seem likely) or she was from the UK. it was so confusing but then I had no problem with it. I liked this because of how easy was for me to get into this, the plot is not too relatable when it comes to have a superstar daddy you never knew about but after that it is pretty damn similar to my situation since I began crying when Jessie wasn’t feeling welcomed in Johnny’s house or when she felt like a stranger in his family. That was pure literary gold. Anyways, the character of Jessie wasn’t the most responsible nor mature little teen but she wasn’t annoying either, I found her funny and down to earth which was cool and now I feel like we could be friends. She’s just so right, she has the It factor.


The fifth book I read belongs to the same trilogy by the same author, I’m talking about I Knew You Were Trouble.


After spending the summer with her new family, Jessie still doesn’ttumblr_inline_mlkdgoJ6ZD1qz4rgp know how to react towards her dad being a rock star and her life no longer being hers but the paparazis. She thinks she managed to forget about Jack and his hot cockyness, and is now enjoying a sweet relationship with her hometown sweetheart. But when the media finds out about her identity she doesn’t know who to trust her new or old friends, her hometown or the city of angels she misses the most.


Literally, damn you vk. This was still so easy and comfy to get into, the troubles we’re realistic and still emotional without reaching the soap opera-ish factor. There was even a funny moment where I went back to be myself like I hadn’t been in a long time laughing and giggling like a blushed kid. But there we’re also instants of tears like whenever she remembered her mom or got complimented about her singing, the tears were real. I still like this rocky, real and lovely teenager.


The following book was Dark Wild Night by the steam maker Christina Lauren.


Lola and Oliver remained friends after both couples of their friends got married and they divorced immediately with no remorse. But after a while Lola realized she wanted more from him but for that’s unlikely since he didn’t want her first, while Oliver wants and loves her with a passion but he also thinks she doesn’t feel the same way. Besides they are both too worried about their friends like to screw it by trying a romance or a sexual relationship until the tension and emotional barrier are crossed and none of them is ready for the consequences.


I expected more, I mean the romance was good, the built up was to a relationship was insanely cute and hot but the development of heartbreak wasn’t as successful as with other books of Christina Lauren. I don’t know, I just felt disconnected to Lola’s lack of emotions or to Oliver’s smooth excess of them. The only character that got me liking him was Not-Joe which was kinda weird. I wanted some more, let’s just wait the next one is way better.


The last book I read was originally written by Princess Mia Thermopolis Renaldo but presented to the public by Meg Cabot, this historical fiction novel is Ransom My Heart.


Finnula is not your particular lady like English girl and she has no intention to become one, she doesn’t want a husband neither status, all she desires is to help her family and those in need for mercy and justice. She even dares to risk it all for her sister’s welfare by kidnapping a rich Knight in the middle of the rode to her small town but what she doesn’t even notice is that this man is no other the the high Lord of her town when an undeniable attraction between them both increases.


Reading this felt like winter afternoon or a rainy lunch, so calm yet pretty extroverted and innovative. To be quite hones I’ve never read an erotic historical fiction romance so this was interesting, though relatively long for my taste. One thing I liked the most we’re the characters that were like watching some of the Princess’s Diaries ones through an ancient looking glass because let’s admit Mellana was a lot like Grandmère and Lilly, Isabella was like Lana, Peter was a bit like JP, besides Jamie was a lot like Rocky and little Olivia, and how the rest of the town seem to view Finnula like she resembled how Mia sees herself: like an unnatural mess. But overall this characters we’re original and well set in time, besides Finnula was a bad as a female who in the end didn’t give up on her badass ancient leggings no matter what her hot headed husband thought. I would read it again like a guilty pleasure paying more attention to the details unlike this first read.


I’m so ready to watch CW’s The Originals season premiere! Any of you predicted Stefan dying on TVD’s finale, I didn’t and was kinda upset by it. Weird cuz I was not much a fan of him.

Coffee & books. 



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