Week #85 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good evening,

As I’m watching an old episode of one of my favorite series “What Not to Wear”, I just dyed pieces of my hair blue and green which surprisingly fits my eyes and foundation palette. By now I’ve read another six books by the awesome Charlaine Harris, and I hope that by Monday I’d have read the other two books in the series to finally finish it.

First book I read was Definitely Dead, with my least favorite cover of the series.

06 - Definitivamente Muerto

Sookie’s cousin Hadley wasn’t the best daughter, neither granddaughter tumblr_lz8kphnKnl1r4y3lj_largenor cousin but now she’s dead although she was already dead since her vampire girlfriend turn her into one but this time someone has really given her the true death and there are many suspects. After all her maker/lover wasn’t any random boodsucker but the one and only Queen of Louisiana whose new husband seems guilty as many other courtiers. All the Sookie wants is justice for her not so loving cousin as well as a chance to get to know certain shape shifting tiger in a more intimate level.


IDK about Mr Quinn but his romance with Sookie puts me off, it was just so sudden and out of nowhere that I couldn’t even feel remotely amused by it. Besides I was kind of expecting him to be a bad guy, like allied with king Peter or murdering Hadley, something to make him more than just the guy who turns into a not so soft tiger. On the other hand, my madness for Mr Northman grows by the second as Sookie keeps denying feeling a tingling sensation we all feel when we imagine his pic as Mr January. Anyways, I’m happy Sookie will have some company after that thing with Bill, now she’ll be sharing her house with Amelia and Bob (let’s just hope Bubba doesn’t eat him in one of his unexpected visits).


Next book I read was All Together Dead.


The vampire summit has arrived and Sookie is tired of everything. teresaAfter having her heart broken by Bill Compton’s secret task for the recently widowed Queen of Louisiana, she just wants to get away from all vampires and start living her affair with shape shifting tiger Quinn but this is not up to her and she’s forced to attend this celebration that includes two royal factions fighting in the court of vampire law as an impending thread reaches inhuman heights.


The most lovely moment while reading this was when Eric danced with Sookie at the ball and she was so into it that she believed they were flying, and then when everything was literally going to he’ll he actually managed to fly and get her out of the pyramid hotel. In the aftermath of this disaster by the Brotherhood, all I hope is that Arlene won’t become a crazy shit real member of that fucked up cult, that Sophie-Anne won’t marry the vampire hotel owned whose name I cannot recall and somehow recovers her legs, I also expect that vampires know what saint Quinn killed poor misunderstood Andre and by vampires I mean all Sophie-Anne’s court. I don’t know I feel wicked and bitchy now after the explosions and all that shit.


The third book I read was From Dead to Worse.


Katrina stroke and after the explosion in the summit things couldn’t be tumblr_mfzx7hbGlh1ql6xr4o1_r1_500more depressing for not only the humans but the supernatural community. Sookie knows that other kingdoms might plan on taking advantage of Queen Sophie-Anne’s new disability and economic weakness to invade and take over the entire area of Louisiana while some close shape shutters start being murdered.


I felt unattached to Alcide the most here, like he was rude and unapologetic besides I find those strange path rites of his kind quite strange, wild and too rough for my sensitive mind. Speaking of animal behavior wtf Jason and Crystal, those selfish motherfuckers fucked Sookie and Calvin the worst way possible with her infidelity and his manipulation skills, I wonder if the fetus is even his now. And Sookie has the protection of the animalistic Alcide pack, the entirety of the vampires in the states of Nevada and Louisiana; also she just discovered she has a little mind reading nephew (like her) and a fairy Prince for a great-grandfather.


The following book was Dead and Gone.


The vampire order in Louisiana has change as well as the local687474703a2f2f6d656469612e74756d626c722e636f6d2f74756d626c725f6d3130653676786d56423172353737746a2e676966 werewolf pack, Sookie is nervous and close to a raging war involving her newly discovered great grandfather the fairy Prince Niall. Now she not only shares a blood bond with Eric but faces the horrid fanatic murder of a close relative a wants to find out who did it after the great shape shifter revelation.


From the beginning to the end, this book was badass. It had it all, the intrigue, betrayal, revelations, shocking events, tearful deaths, annoying traits belonging to the main character (seriously, Sookie, you need to stop trusting humans just because they we’re good at pretending to be your friends before! Fuck Arlene and her needy ass!). Anyways, holy shit! The fairy war got the chills out of me, I was honestly frightened and when they killed Dawson I was so close to loose it because he was such a good guy. And I keep having this ambiguous feelings for hot Viking Eric, now for former traitor Bill, and always for dear old Sam Merlotte; everything is just so much fucked up for Sookie more than ever cause her feelings for Bill returned and she’s tied up to sexy Eric. Talk about complicated love triangles!


The fifth book I read was Dead in the Family.


The fairy war was not what Sookie expected, now she’s dealing with the tumblr_inline_okiosxO2LW1tywsvv_500traumatic aftermath of the many deaths and a long lost granduncle with doubtful intentions. All this while the gruesome maker of Eric arrives to Bon Temps, and he is not alone but with a pretty recognizable brother that will definitely cause some trouble in the peaceful small town. Sookie might realize that he bond with Eric is not that strong to help him go through the right path.


So… werewolves’ traditions are not as fucked up as vampires’ sire bonds, cuz there’s no way that constantly raping and enslaving Alexei Romanov for decades is better than having odd but consensual sex with your new alpha in front of the rest of the pack and friends. Now I can say I’ve seen it all, and that Eric is not my favorite love interest anymore because of his fucked up adoration for his pedophile maker besides he’s hot (like seriously, this guy is so hot that I could fry an egg as easily as in an Argentinian street during the summer) but he doesn’t show his softer side since he was amnesiac, however Sam has a sweet side that has me but then he’s jelly about all the guys Sookie dates but he’s so nice. It’s a pretty messy situation, oh and Bill got together with his vampire sister and I’m happy for him, weird right?.


The final book I read this week was Dead Reckoning.


tumblr_lz8iv5EeyD1r4y3ljSookie witnesses how Merlotte’s is bombed and she’s almost burned in the process, she has her suspects but none of them as deadly as a angry minor with animalistic tendencies and great hate for the blonde waitress. Besides this issue, Pam and Eric begin to plot the ultimate downfall of annoying Victor as they share a secret that could destroy all he has reached with his new vampire wife.


Sookie is definitely (and finally) realizing what it means to be so closely involved with an ancient power hungry vampire, she’s getting to know and understand the violent aspect as the lies around her relationship and the world she so desperately wanted to be part of in the past, and it’s heartbreaking besides a whole reality check for our dear blondie. It’s a new sight for her, she’s seeing the ugly edges that Bill and Eric respectively didn’t want her to see first hand; the ones she definitely doesn’t want to admit are there like Eric’s pending marriage with that other queen besides the fact that his feelings are not as humanly powerful as she once thought.



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